Saturday, September 29, 2007


My boy is on fire! Last weeks game was for the most part uneventful except for a few flags but this week he was back on track!! FOUR TOUCHDOWNS AND SIX FLAGS THIS MORNING!!!

He was hot! So proud! He was juking, running and diving like a little pro. I guess Martez taught him how to juke this week and he is really good at it. He was the star today well at least in our eyes. One of the parents not realizing we were Elijah's parents said they need to stop letting him run the ball the other kids can't catch up and who taught him how to juke and stiffarm (oops that is illegal) and Martez proudly spoke up - Me, that's my boy! Another parent commented on how fast he was and I proudly said he gets it from me! HA!

I hate football but watching him play and enjoy it makes me so proud to be his mom. Well we have to go now to go to his second game today - a makeup game. He is aiming for six next time!

Our cheerleaders - how cute is that!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I had to go to Neighborhood Wal-Mart tonight to get a few groceries and was verbally attacked and loved every minute of it!!!! Weird I know but you will understand why in a sec. I was on the bread aisle and stopped to get a loaf but stopped since a couple was about to walk in front of me. She stopped but when I went to reach across her to grab the bread she started to walk again. I said, "Oh I am sorry I thought you stopped." OK so I apologized but she was not happy. She says, "You better watch where you are going you stupid skinny white bitch!" WHAT SKINNY YES!!!! I reply with "Thank you I do believe that was the nicest insult I have ever received!" She said "What?" with a go to hell look. So I answered with "I've been called a bitch. I don't think I've been called stupid but I KNOW I've never in my life been called skinny so thank you that was sweet!" Seriously it was like skinny was all that mattered. I don't think in my entire life I've been called skinny but since she was easily about 400lbs I guess I was skinny to her. Normally I wouldn't let that crap fly and would flip out but since she called me skinny and she could've easily kicked my ass if she didn't weeble wobble down the aisle first after my attempt I let it all go and smiled!!! Don't get me wrong I don't have physical altercations at the Neighborhood Wal-mart but you don't talk to me that way and not get an earful in return! I think my reply really threw her off because then she said "Ok grab your bread pretty girl. Sorry about that but you are too funny to be mad at!" Gotta love neighborhood Wal-Mart!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


For years Martez has been wanting to go to an OU football game since he has never been. Our anniversary is Sept 27 so I decide to surprise him a little early with OU/TU tickets, I have been to OU games before when I was little but I am NOT much of a football fan unless it is my boy playing but I sucked it up and bought him tickets. That's the way love goes....are you singing?! It was really cute Friday when I gave him an OU shirt with the tickets he said, "Are they real?" No I thought I would get you a shirt and some fake tickets silly! Well we get to the game and discover our seats suck and there is no entry/exit aisle near our seats so we had to climb over about 30 people to get to our seats. Sadly this also meant we would have to climb over those same people to use the restroom or get a drink. Needless to say we didn't pee or drink the entire game and I thought I could died by the 4th quarter! The game went on and on and on.........! Never again will I go to a televised football game! They stop everything for commercial breaks and you sit there. I guess I should've been happy since that was the only time we got to sit. Man was that irritating! Standing for almost 4 hours elbow to elbow is not fun especially if you have plantar fasciitis!! I don't get it why can't they sit down to watch the game. I know our seats sucked but really you can see from anywhere until that one row of people stands and slowly but surely EVERYONE behind stands up row after row. THEN I think the man behind me had something wrong with him like maybe tourettes and I tried not to get annoyed since he couldn't help it I don't think but after the first hour my sympathy wore VERY thin! You can't even imagine how I was after 4 hours!! He would just shout any and all random football words which normally had nothing to do with the current plays. Then he just started yelling things that other people were talking about. One man talking to his friend said the refs needed to go back to Oregon so he yelled "GO BACK TO OREGON!" Then some lady said "what was that" so he yelled "WHAT WAS THAT?!?!?" Take into consideration these people were some of the few not yelling but he made sure to yell out there random personal conversations. Then for hours he yelled "HEY TU YOU ARE LOSING!" Finally I said, "I think they probably know that and they can't hear you anyway no matter how loud and often you yell." This of course didn't stop anything and I wish I could say he was drunk but he wasn't drinking nor did he smell of alcohol since I think I would've been drunk off his breath since he was so close to me. I started feeling like I could hear him even when he wasn't yelling like his voice was stuck inside my head. He hit me in the back of the head about 6 million times and the guy beside him got mad about a call and karate chopped my shoulder and brought tears to my eyes. Martez was not real happy about that but I asked him not to say or do anything since I didn't want to be crushed by an angry mob if a fight ensued especially since we had no exit aisle. But you gotta love when your man would fight for you, I guess! Anyway I tried to enjoy or at least pretend to enjoy the game for Martez's sake but I can't say I wasn't ecstatic when he said we could leave when there was ten minutes left!! YIPPEE! Afterwards we went to the bar where we met about 7 years ago. We haven't been there in almost 6.5 years but have been together ever since so don't say anything about meeting people in bars. Needless to say the bar much like ourselves has had a total overhaul! It was nothing like it was then. They knocked out walls, rearranged and added on a room which now hosts live bands. The live band was hardcore rock 'n roll playing hits from today and all the back to the 80s. We aren't really rock 'n roll/metal people but the 15 people who were there were really nice. They asked what brought us there. When we told them we met there 7 years ago and now we are married with two children but we just wanted to reminisce a little, I got a free beer, woohoo! We stayed about 45 min then went home! All in all we had a great night because we were together without children for once!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


One of my biggest pet peeves is stupid or repetitive questions and I just so happen to have an example. Today at work I was remerchandising an entire twenty four foot aisle of merchandise. Stuff everywhere, replacing hooks, moving labels.....the list could go on and on basically creating a huge mess to make the aisle look better!! A customer comes up to me and asks, "Do you work here?" Seriously! My answer was "yes how can I help you?". My thoughts were "No you freaking idiot I am just a loyal customer who thought this entire aisle needed a change so I volunteered. Yes I work here but I refuse to help people who ask obviously stupid questions!!" Man that crap gets on my nerves. Can we say common sense??? Or I ask an employee to price some stuff and she asks how. Okay let's see you've worked her for almost a year - call me crazy but my guess would be a price gun!!!! Bad few weeks at work obviously so everything is annoying the crap out of me!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Elijah had his first flag football game this morning and it was hilarious and he did SO good! He is playing flag this year to see if he even likes football then he will do tackle next year if he wants. Well the first time he got the ball he ran half way down the field with no one even near him then STOPPED! I do mean completely stopped and stood there! The whole crowd was shouting and laughing "RUN RUN RUN!" It was like Forrest Gump all over again! His reply, "Wait they need to catch up!" Freaking hilarious sometimes I think he may be too nice! I would like to credit his TWO touchdowns afterwards to me because he only learned to run that fast because of running with me far behind him when he is in trouble! HAHA! Two touchdowns in his first game simply amazing and that's MY boy!!! He is a fast little runner! I always thought I was just really slow but he was really fast like Flash was his response! I guess he channeled Flash's running powers! Both touchdowns were great no one was even close to him! Good thing, here he comes NFL (well if he wants to) pay him well so he can take care of Momma. Can you imagine NFL salaries by the time he would play? Dream on Angela dream on! I don't think football overpowers his dream to be the next Steve Irwin, a zookeeper or whale trainer at Sea World yet!

Friday, September 14, 2007


Elijah started kindergarten and has way more homework than I ever imagined. I didn't even expect daily homework let alone projects every weekend. I mean it is like I told my friend I didn't have homework at his age and I turned out to be a genius so what's the deal!! At first I thought maybe Elijah wasn't completing his work in class so I asked the teacher who replied with no he is doing great in class that is assigned homework for all of my students. My friend's daughter is in the class across the hall from Elijah and she has homework but as of now not as much as him. What the crap - he is five!! They are going to burn him out before first grade and it is only the first month! I need to start Isaiah on reading and writing now at age 2 because when he starts he'll be doing book reports on the first week! Ugh!! Anyway so tonight at football practice one of Elijah's friends is on the team so I was talking to his mom and a mom who I know from his soccer team who is a kindergarten teacher and they both said he has way too much! The teacher said yes she assigns homework unlike many of her fellow teachers who do not but she only does it 2 days a week and it's something like write your name 5 times or color something. The other mom said Avery who is also in kindergarten hasn't even had homework yet. WHAT! Hasn't had homework! She also said the books he has been coming home with to learn how to read in two days are the same books her daughter got in first grade! So far Elijah has been able to handle the load as long as I break it up instead of making him do it in one sitting but I really don't want him to hate school and burn out now! Little boys don't want to sit and write their name 50 times after being in school all day - get real!! This is the first weekend out of the past four that he hasn't had a weekend project thank you God! He has handwriting homework for two nights which right now consists of tracing his name 25 times then writing it on his own 25 times, a rhyming maze and coloring worksheet twice a week, a book to learn how to read for two nights amidst the other projects and papers we have had to do! I am worn out so I can't imagine how he feels! I realized at one point I would have to deal with the homework issue but I NEVER ever thought it would be now in kindergarten at age 5!


So tonight Elijah wanted to play board games and decided he wanted to learn how to play checkers!! YES - I love checkers since playing with my dad for hours when I was younger! However he wanted to play with daddy! :( Oh well I watched in amusement the longest game of checkers EVER!!!!! Martez tried and tried to make Elijah understand you can only move on certain squares in certain directions and he tried to teach him to jump but Elijah wouldn't pick up the checkers he jumped instead picking up random checkers. Well after the neverending first game Martez said he could play again so I jumped in to "help" Elijah aka take over the game and woop Martez's butt!! I kept telling Elijah where to move and wouldn't allow him to move certain men because we had 8 kings left and Martez had 5 which were all trapped by "my" oops Elijah's men. And how dare Elijah try to destroy my unique and crafty trapping skills. Martez had absolutely no where to go unless Elijah moved the wrong man. THEN IT HAPPENED DO DO DO DO! Elijah spewed the words I loathed and cut to the core: Mommy can I play by myself now without your "help"! Oh the pain it was like a stab in the back and my response was: No I am too invested in this game now to quit! You always have to finish what you start son! Very mature I know so quit thinking it! I coordinated another move and again I get "Please I just want to play daddy!" Way to hit below the belt! As he is saying this he moves the wrong man and gets triple jumped and I gave up not being able to handle the rejection and loss that was about to occur from his inexperience and unwillingness to cooperate with my "help"! Anyone up for a game of checkers with the queen!

Saturday, September 08, 2007


We went to Branson over Labor Day weekend. We really like going to Branson. I know I know some of you doubters are thinking isn't it all country.....NO! There is so much to do there. We go about twice a year and still haven't even seen probably a quarter of what they have to offer and we have yet to see anything country. There is something for every age a Branson. It is close and family friendly. Helpful hint though if you go get a good map with the back road shortcuts called Yellow Route, Blue Route and Red Route. It will save you a ton of time b/c the main strip HW76 can get VERY busy!! Anyway let's see......this time we played Pirate Golf, went to Silver Dollar City, went go-carting, went to the Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Exhibit, rode the ducks over Table Rock Lake, went to the Landings and went to two Outlet Malls (my favorite part always!) We have so much fun everytime we go! Let's see just a few helpful tips for anyone interested.....hmmmm....I already told you about the shortcut routes.......if you go to Silver Dollar City, go on a weekday if possible this includes Friday. The lines for the rides are cut by about 75% on weekdays. Riding the Ducks is actually fun and educational. We've been many times and never rode them but finally we did and loved it. Go in the cooler part of the day. If you have kids, at some point on the lake the captain of the Duck will turn it onto auto pilot and allow the kids to sit in the seat so you can have a picture of them driving the boat and then after the ride you get a free Captain's License (cool if you scrapbook like me). The Landings is the new downtown area of Branson. It is all new condos, hotels, and shopping with a lot of the mall type stores on the river or lake or whatever it is down there. They do a water/light show like the Bellagio in Vegas in the evening and then they will also have street musicians for entertainment. The Butterfly and Rainforest Exhibit is cool. They actually have 3 shopping centers with outlets but like all outlets you should know just b/c a store says outlet doesn't mean it is cheaper. The Children's Place outlet has great deals. You need to watch Old Navy b/c a lot of it isn't outlet pricing. The Tommy Kids store has good clearance along with the Levi outlet, Gymboree, Coach usually ends up being half of half (woohoo if you like Coach), Carter's and Osh Kosh normally have some good deals.....and I am going to stop there to put in my slide show.............sorry I rambled