Monday, September 29, 2008


Today I had to pick up Elijah early for a dentist appt. While waiting for him to come from music, I went to his class to get his backpack. I was talking to his teacher when she told me of a conversation the two of them had. While talking about how Johnny Appleseed befriended the Indians, Elijah had something to tell her it goes a little something like this:

"Mrs. Edmonson, I was going to be Indian but somehow I just came out like this," pointing to himself.

Mrs. Edmonson questions, "What's this?

Elijah replies with, "just brown, you see although I am brown like an Indian I am not in fact Indian just a brown boy."

We laughed then in the car on our way to the dentist Elijah says, "Oh Mom now I remember what I was trying to tell Mrs. Mom is white and my Dad is black so that makes me a muchaco!" I thought I was going to choke from laughing so hard and he still seriously says, "What's so funny about me being muchaco?" I said, "Son you are MULATTO not muchaco. A muchaco is what Mommy orders from Taco Bueno!" He still didn't see the humor! I do and I still laugh just thinking about it! I've been trying to teach Elijah the politically correct name for his race, mulatto, but I guess I am not too good at it since he thinks he is a muchaco!


Time for Minor Obsessions Monday which includes my not so "minor" obsession of scrapbooking my millions of photos of the kiddos. The new blogs that I LOVE this week are Jills Paper Jems who also posts on A Little Birdie Told Me. She is a fellow scrapbooker with some AMAZING layouts that she sells on ebay. I thought about scraplifting them however with time restraints I decided to simply buy them off of ebay besides the fact that I have no clue how she does the bears!! Go ahead take a looksie but DON'T GO TO EBAY AND OUTBID ME! LOL

Sunday, September 28, 2008


My newest (actually finished) project

I finished one of my many planned craft projects today. Luckily it only took about twenty minutes and it was cute. I was needing a paint can for another project I have planned for the boys but I had to buy a 3pk of cans. Not knowing what to do with the other two, I decided to make one of the projects pictured on the label. I did it for my friend Chaitra who will be having her second girl Addison in a few weeks. What exactly she will do with it, I am unsure! Hair bow container maybe but I did it in brown and pink to match her room. Since I don't have girls and have a love of pink, whenever I can use pink for "my" girls Avani, Quinlynne and Addison I will!


Right side "A" for Addison


Left side


Up close and personal!

Five years ago on September 27th, I married the love of my life! I would say he changed me but I truly believe our love changed US to be better people and better parents! We have grown SO much since we met it is unreal!

In Dec we will have been together for 8 yrs. The first year and a half was ROCKY to say the least but we both made a decision to either split apart or work it out for good and that is exactly what we did - we worked it out. He makes me so happy not to say he never aggravates me but he loves me FOR WHO I TRULY AM and a lot of people can't say that. I realize how lucky I am to have a husband who helps with the kids, works two jobs (b/c HE wants to provide more), coaches his son's football team and still has time for the cop a feel moments! lol He still makes me laugh, smile and can talk about nothing into the wee hours if I can't sleep (not so say he doesn't fall asleep while I am talking) AND I appreciate him for it!! Even if I complain to my friends who are mostly single moms about stuff he doesn't do, they are quick to defend HIM b/c of all they know he DOES for me AND the kids - even for THEIR kids - w/o being asked! I never thought I would find a "keeper" that my friends AND family would love too! Trust me my family loves him like he is their own and he loves them too! (Sometimes I wonder if they may even love HIM more! ha well ok not ha!)

For the most part we really don't fight at least not like other couples we know. WELL unless HE is driving! lol Yes we disagree and racial issues will bring about a heated discussion but he then understands I am always right and won't allow racial issues as a cop out (sp?)! lol Just kidding but honestly we discuss our differences and sometimes we just have to agree to disagree b/c no two people will ever agree on EVERYTHING 100%. We have only slept apart two nights in almost eight years except when I've been in the hospital for childbirth and other random surgeries. Yes sometimes I wish we had more alone time but that is a bridge I think every parent wants to cross. He is an amazing father AND daddy to our boys and I love every time Isaiah (Daddy's boy) says, "Daddy I missed you and I wuv you buncha bunches! You my best Daddy evo!" and then Martez gets the biggest grin and repeats it back to him. It is moments like that that make each bad day seem not so bad.

My three loves!
Tonight the boys went to spend the night with Meme and Papa while we went to the Riverwalk. We went to eat at Outback - oh how I love Outback steaks! Then we went to the Riverwalk, watched a movie and then walked around. I must say I thought the Riverwalk was going to be a lot more than it was. Maybe once there is more it will appeal to us more. Then Martez wanted to go to the casino and even though I didn't really want to, I obliged. We walked in and he said, "Do you want to go to the high stakes room?" My answer was "Baby WE aren't high stakes" but again I obliged. I sat down at a five dollar wheel of fortune machine, put in ten dollars and with four pokes of a button and thirty seconds later I was up $600! I guess I am high stakes after all! I wasn't sure if I had actually won that money so I cashed out to check and just stared at the voucher in disbelief as I read "six hundred ten dollars and no cents". I quickly decided not to push my luck and called it quits. We left happy with our winnings and went home to get lucky again! (wink wink) You know you are old when you are at home in bed on a child free night at 10:30pm! At least I didn't say we were "asleep" at 10:30pm! TMI I KNOW! I love you baby!


Well they've done it again. Our boys just amaze us more and more each week. The way they tackle has changed night and day since that first week of practice. Before they used to hesitate, stop and a hug war would take them to the ground, now they run full blast charging into their opponents - no holds bar! It is fun to watch and to see their faces full of pride with each game they win! I cringe with every hard hitting tackle Elijah does, hoping they are actually sounds of helmets and pads and NOT bones breaking. I pray to God to keep all the boys safe with each practice, scrimmage and game. The Mom in me feels sorry for the little boys who cry after Elijah tackles them but HIS Mom is glad he is safe and not the one crying in pain. I didn't realize football was such a rough sport. However, I cheer louder than most and ring my cowbell with each touchdown! Elijah wanted to play tackle football this year and he is enjoying it so I will support him however I can. At least I enjoy watching the games now even though I do not understand the game of football yet. There are many times when I am on the sidelines asking what just happened. Sad but true! I have come to love my new picture vantage point on the sidelines and follow the boys from one end of the field to the other not knowing anything more than they are winning and I am getting some cool sports pics! My boy has become a force to be reckoned with on the field along with his teammates. Most of all I love his good sportsmanship and love for his team and those who lead it! We have a good thing going here let's keep it up boys! Today we played the Claremore Zebras they were one of the two teams we were worried about. Claremore and Wagoner have some pretty good sized kiddos on their teams - corn fed farm raised boys! lol It was a harder game for them but they won 25 - 0! Now another week of practice leading up to the only other team we've worried about - Wagoner Bulldogs. I hope Tigers also eat Bulldogs! The boys decided they won because Tigers eat Zebras and they took their stripes today! Good job BA Gold!

Good teamwork wins games!

Good job Ryan and Elijah!

Uh oh, Elijah injured someone!

He must know the rule of thumb for dressing in stripes!

Is it helping though?!?! Sorry just had to say it!


Maddox is still critical. They are needing to take him off of one of his medications; however, it must be done slowly and each time they attempt to take him off he codes. He coded three times on Monday, four times Tuesday then again on Wednesday and after that I am not really sure what has happened. He is still really swollen. He attempted to wake up at one point but they immediately sedated him again because of his thrashing around. Brandi went down there for three days and was saddened that she didn't even recognize her little nephew. The doctors are frustrated with Tammi and are telling her there isn't anything they can do short of a transplant and Tammi is very frustrated with the doctors for wanting to give up on her baby boy and unwilling to let go of the hope she regained when he tried to wake up and squeezed her finger when she talked to him. Keep this family in your prayers!

On another note Tammi went to the ob/gyn and found out she is having a baby girl that is perfectly fine - no heart defects present!! What a relief!! However, she ended up in the ER this weekend with contractions. They believe it is do to too much stress, dehydration, kidney stones and an infection they are now treating. I wish there was something/anything I could do for this young family but all I can do at this point is put their story out there and ask for prayer and support!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Top 5 places I would love to travel
I had the chance to tour parts of Europe after high school and LOVED it! We went to France, England, Switzerland and Italy. Out of all the countries I loved Italy the most but I have a passion for travel. Right now I am limited to the states but some day I would love to travel abroad again and let my hubby travel the world with me!
  1. Australia/New Zealand (Elijah would love to take this trip with me to see "Steve Irwin's Zoo"
  2. Africa
  3. Alaska
  4. Germany/Austria/Greece (put them all together b/c of proximity maybe it could be done in one trip)
  5. Russia
  6. Have to add a sixth - I would like to see the Eastern United States during the fall

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Why is enough never good enough? When is enough enough? Do you just give up or hang on until there is absolutely nothing left to hang on to?


10 things I have never done but would like to:
  1. Be a Mom to a little girl - Oh how I would love dress up, dolls, tea parties and fixing her curly long hair! Not gonna happen!
  2. Natural child birth - One emergency and one scheduled c-section for me - well I would want as natural as it could be with an epidural :)
  3. Finish college
  4. Wear a bikini - Nope never been small enough to be comfortable in one! If only I had the body! Lucky for everyone else I am not a big girl who would blind onlookers with my white jiggly fat in a bikini b/c I don't like the rubberband around a pillow look!! You all know you've seen that look and thought "I know it's good to have confidence but it is also good to own a mirror and have some pride in your discretion!"
  5. Vacation somewhere tropical in that bikini body I want
  6. Drive a race car....oooohhhh.....that sounds fun!!
  7. I have never been totally caught up on my scrapbooks. Wow that would be a relief!
  8. Never been snowskiing but always wanted to (funny since my family in Iowa has had a ski resort since before I was even born!)
  9. Love my job - it would be easier for me to work everyday if I was doing something I loved or for that matter even slightly enjoyed!
  10. Lose the weight I want to lose AND keep it off longer than my average year


I thought I had the morning madness cured last year but the little trick I would use on Elijah is not working anymore. Elijah is a bear in the mornings no matter what time he goes to bed. He HAS to wake up on his OWN and then he is fine but ever since he was a baby everyone knows NOT to WAKE Elijah up. Mornings are awful with him and I am so tired of it. I am not a morning person either but I am not grouchy. I just don't like getting up. I believe this is payback for my younger years; however, I will not admit this to my Father. You all probably already read I am an insomniac and my parents say I've been like that since birth. I apparently got my days and nights mixed up and still have not been fixed! lol When I was younger I would get in trouble almost every morning. My Dad would lay on me (wow he is big!), sing in my ear, tickle me (still hate to this day), trap me under the covers (I can still freak out just having covers between me and my hubby b/c I hate tight covers), poor water on me......................this list could go on forever. He would always say, "Get up!" and I would say, "I am up!" and his answer was always, "You aren't up until your feet hit the floor!" at which point one sleepy foot would plop onto the ground and I would say, "There I'm up!" Needless to say I ruined mornings for my parents as well and now I am getting my punishment! They would stick pins onto the snooze button of my alarm and place it across the room so I would HAVE to get UP but somehow when I woke up the pins would be gone and it would be right beside the bed with the correct time programmed. I never remembered doing any of this but I must be very productive while sleeping! lol On the other hand I remember very well going into the bathroom, turning on the shower and making a pallet on the floor to go back to sleep. It was amazing how the sound of my parents door unlocking could wake me and I'd quickly jump into the shower. My Dad would say, "Hurry up Angie!" My response, "I'm about to get out!" then I would QUICKLY lather and shampoo and get out!! Now regrettably I have many of the same morning scenarios with Elijah and cringe when my Dad's words creep out of my mouth!! Ugh don't you just hate that!

I say, "get up", he says, "I am!" UGH! He cries about being SO tired then I say, "go to bed when I tell you to go to bed!" That one sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me every time it spews out of my mouth. I HATED it when my Dad said that b/c he never understood how someone could go to bed and not fall asleep like me......hello insomnia! I CAN'T JUST FALL ASLEEP! Once I am asleep I am OUT but it takes me forever to fall asleep and Elijah is doing the same things I did. Things that make you go hmmmmm.....................

This morning Isaiah decided to help me out and said "E-I-Jah don't make me tount!......Otay! Onnnne, twooooo, fourrrr, fivvvvve, sixxxx, sevvvvennn..................Mommy what number do I stop at?" He is too funny! Tez and Isaiah are like their Daddy in the mornings. They just pop up and get ready to start the day....Thank God I don't think I could handle another MORNING ME since I already have two! Oh the joys of motherhood!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Another update came to work yesterday from Tammi's mom who is in Houston. Apparently Manny slept with Maddox and woke up to alarms going off and saw his legs purple and he wasn't breathing. Doctors started compressions and different meds to bring him back several times unfortunately even though they could get his heart started they could not get it to keep beating. After 3 hours of working, Maddox was put on medication to paralyze his body, then life support and some other machine. They had the family come in and called the priest however Tammi wasn't having any of that insisting there was no reason for any of this b/c her son was not going to die. I can't imagine their pain! Their only hope right now is the paralyzing meds will give his body a rest and that the swelling in the heart will go down in which case they will try to take him off the machines slowly to see how his heart will react. Later last night Tammi sent out a bulletin that read:

Unfortunately, Maddox is not doing well at all. He developed an infection in his blood from his central line. He coded yesterday in his hospital room with me and Manny present. The doctors came in and started chest compressions and tons of drugs to try and stabilize him. He is still very very sick and is on complete support in the CVICU. The doctors say it is touch and go at this point in time. He is very very sick. Please say a prayer for him


I've been especially bad this past week!! I have become an avid reader of many blogs this week. If you read my blog, then you have heard about Maddox. I was checking up on my counter and seeing where my readers were coming from when I saw someone had googled HLHS and been led to my site. I then decided to check out the other blogs it had listed. I guess I never expected to see that many. Like most people I know, I had not even heard of HLHS until Maddox was diagnosed while Tammi was pregnant. I didn't realize there were so many out there like him. Of course, I had to look at each blog and then read its ENTIRETY! I just cry, smile, clinch my jaw, shake my head and stare in awe at these tiny little lives and their families. All affected by heart defects and the amazing yet dangerous surgeries to fix them AND the babies are smiling, calm, happy, loved, peaceful and stronger than most adults I know. I feel for the all parents of children affected by heart defects and often wonder if I would be strong enough to handle it without breaking. They have to COMPLETELY trust the Doctors and the abilities that God has given them. I don't know if I could just sit and wait for most of the day wondering if my baby was still alive, I know deep down THAT is just what a parent does b/c it isn't like they have a choice but I think I would need to be sedated. Wow it is so overwhelming! And then there is Trisomy 18 which before now I had never even heard of and WOW you'll just have to read it will change you! Anyway here you go with the Minor Obsessions Monday blog list:

  1. The Stanfield Journey
  2. Lily's Angel Heart
  3. Michael James Sheehan Irwin
  4. Milnes
  5. Baby's Journey Home
  6. These Nine Months has some good HLHS links and last but not least her husband's blog Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. Brooks the husband blogged during the hospital stay and initial surgery in August and it was nice to see a man's view and he is a great writer full of emotion

I am sure there are many more out there but these are the new blogs I have been reading this week! It was nice to see some babies with heart defects doing well. I will continue to keep Maddox in my thoughts and prayers but now I will include Faith, Emma Kate, Mick, Lily, Bela, "Baby" and the many others that I don't yet know about.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Today after the game we went to eat with my Sister and Logan. Logan wanted to spend the night so we obliged. The boys love playing with "Yogan" as Isaiah says his name. Leaving the restaurant to go get Tez from an Xbox tournament we got to listen to Elijah and Logan's conversations. I love listening to little kid's converse when they think no one is listening! It went a little something like this:

Elijah says, "Ok 1 +1 is 2, 2 + 2 is 4 and 10 + 10 is 20."
Logan soaks in the new knowledge and repeats each equation.
Elijah says, "20 + 20 is 40 and 100 + 100 is 200"
Logan then says very seriously, "Wow I am going to have to hang around you more often! You are really good at this stuff! (math) Now when someone asks me what 2 + 2 is, I will say 4."
This continued for a while and it was so cute!

We get home and they played my old Playstation 1 games for awhile. I don't like it when kids are addicted to videogames and it is very addictive but you can't get rid of Pac Man World, Frogger, Asteroids, Wheel of Fortune, Spyro, Mrs. Pac Man, Tarzan and more for this reason: you get to play the old time games WITH them - to teach them how of course!! It was then time to watch the instructional karate video which was a funny thing to watch!

They then decided to play dress up! Ha, yes boys can play however instead of princess dresses and fine jewels they are monsters, heroes or cowboys! They had so much fun! Spiderman and the Ninja Turtle wrestled for power of the house!

Can you see Logan's mohawk peeking over the mask?

Isaiah started to feel left out and threw on his pirate costume from last year but I somehow deleted that picture. OOPS! Then Logan and I were talking about something (can't remember what) when he said, "Wow Gigi you are REALLY smart!" With this comment I just had to call Lisa to tell her deep down I think he thinks he lives with idiots and we are really making them look bad! His comments about me and Elijah being so smart just cracked me up b/c he was SO serious! Finally after many hours of wrestling, jumping, running with Samson, video games, cars, playing board games, jumping on the bed (no no), Logan getting his leg seriously stuck between the slat and headboard of the bed (from said no no) and thinking I was going to have to amputate or break out the butter, Mommy decided it was definately movie time (bedtime). Knowing they were exhausted I just needed them to sit still for at least....hmmm....two minutes! lol Movie in, kids FAST asleep and of course all three of them wanted to sleep in one bed.......

This morning I woke up to Logan playing the guitar on FULL volume and Isaiah playing the keyboard with them both singing very loudly. Oh the joys of motherhood and being an aunt!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Yes it is yet another football post! We had a game this morning against Skiatook and we won 42 - 7! How awesome is that!! It was such a good game by every player in fact 6 different kids got touchdowns. Coach told Elijah they were going to do a pass play and Elijah said, "but what if I don't catch it?" Coach's response, "you will don't worry!" I had decided I was going to take pictures from the sidelines (great vantage point for pics) and even took pics from the endzone mainly to redeem myself from last week's missed "perfect scrapbooking photo opt"!! I REDEEMED MYSELF FOR SURE! I got pictures of his ONE HANDED CATCH, RUN AND TOUCHDOWN THEN EVEN HIS EXTRA POINT!!! I loved every minute of it and I am so proud of our boys! I took TONS of pics so decided just to make a slideshow and here it is:

Friday, September 19, 2008


It's time for Friday High Five!
Five things I want my kids to know....
  1. They made me realize how to truly love UNCONDITIONALLY! I even love them enough to clean up vomit and pick their stuffy baby noses! lol No but really I didn't realize how much parents love their kids until I became one!
  2. I would do anything in the world to protect my kids but I still will allow them to make mistakes so they can learn from them
  3. I love them enough to tell them NO when they needed it even though I had to endure the booboo lips, crying and them hating me for it in the moment!
  4. I love them enough to listen to the same story "just one more time" after I've already heard it a million times over!
  5. I love them enough to give up my wants for their needs but I love them so much that I don't lose myself in them and still find time to for myself so I can be a balanced Mom! (At least I think I do!)


Today was my day OFF and the first Friday I have done something for myself and by myself in a VERY long time. Although exhausting, it was nice!! Normally I take Tez to school then go to my Mom's to drop Zay off and sit for 30 aka finish getting ready before taking Elijah to school then going to work. Last week on Friday instead of going to Mom's I took the boys to Daylight Donuts to eat INSIDE and they loved it. I decided instead of going to my Mom's on Fridays since I take Zay to school Friday I would give her a break from us and start "Breakfast with the Boys" on Fridays. I will take them to eat breakfast aka probably weekly trip to the donut shop each Friday. However, my mom called still wondering where we were for the second Friday in a row so I guess she wasn't too bothered by us coming by when we didn't really need to!! Have I ever mentioned I just LOVE my Mom!! Anyway I took Elijah to school then went to Big Lots to waste time before Zay had to be at school. Bad idea and good idea! Good idea b/c I bought some of the stuff needed to complete the many projects I plan to do from being addicted to certain blogs! Bad idea b/c we ended up wandering and he was 30 minutes late for school ~ oops! I took Zay to school then unfortunately I heard the sad cry from Hobby Lobby ~ why does it have to be SO close to his school ~ wondering why I hadn't been there in forever. Yet another hour, maybe more, spent wandering getting more supplies for said projects when the darn scrapbook aisle SCREAMED my name! Sad sad day! Then I ran home to rescue my debit card from yesterday's jeans (Thank God I had cash on hand for my Hobby Lobby venture) and ran other errands - two party supply stores to look at Halloween costumes for the boys and baby shower decor for Chai's shower on Monday - when low and behold my car drove to Scrapbooks Galore n' More. Actually I HAD (called my sister and invited her) to meet my sister to give her a guided tour before she becomes an addict after she starts cropping with me! I just love her too! Then onto my two hour journey picking up 3 boys from 3 schools at 3 different sporadic times (not enough time in between to go home but far too long to sit around waiting in a hot car with current gas prices) - ugh! I am glad I only have to do the pick up routine once a week! It is daunting, however, we are going to have a chat about that since I spend almost 4 hrs on my day OFF just doing the drop off AND pick up routine when I don't have to!! Wow! Next I went home, fell asleep then went to eat with Chai and my boys! Yummy! Then a Wal-mart trip that only reminded me of WHY I DON'T TAKE MY BOYS TO GET GROCERIES!! Then onto looking at my current hopeful home on the internet and falling madly in love. Next, of course, you guessed it onto BLOGGER! More about the hopeful home after I see it this weekend!!!! Well I need to go to tomorrow....


Tammi finally had a chance to update us on Maddox and here is what she said:

The cardiologist performed a heart cath on Tuesday to try and determine the pressures and function of Maddox's heart. During the procedure they discovered the three main problems he is having are

1.His tricuspid valve is severely leaking
2.Only 1/3 of his blood flow is going to his lungs ( it should be at least 2/3 )
3. His heart is extremely dilated (large) and it takes up over 2/3 of his chest from being overworked.

There is a surgery called the Fontan that would fix these problems. However, Maddox wasn't supposed to have this surgery for another 2 years. The surgeons think it would be too high risk to perform this surgery just 5 months after the last heart surgery and with his heart in this condition. Therefore, we met with the transplant team on Wednesday. They are doing all of the blood work and paper work now to get Maddox placed on the transplant list.

As I'm sure you can imagine this is all very scary for me, Manuel and all of our family. We will have to move to Houston and live within one hour of the hospital and carry a pager at all times. This is in case a heart becomes available we would have to be close enough to the hospital to get here in time for the organ. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. He has made it through so much already and I know his time isn't done here on earth. However, it is deeply saddening to know that another child will have to lose his life for my son to live. I ask that you not only pray for Maddox and our family but for all the families that are going through the same thing we are. I will update you as we know more.

Thursday, September 18, 2008



  1. Loose teeth and the pulling of loose teeth - ugh, ack! *gag*gag - seriously loose teeth freak me out!! I didn't mind as a child in fact like most children I sat wiggling them around with my tongue but now that I am an adult I can't stand it. I hate to see them wiggle, feel them wiggle and the mere thought of pulling them makes me want to vomit! Why? I don't have a clue but it was a serious gagfest as I tried to take pictures when my hubby pulled Elijah's first tooth! I am fine once they are out but the wiggling is *gag* creepy!
  2. SPIDERS!! I hate spiders! All spiders! Big, small, tiny, red, brown, black and hairy! I do not discriminate I will kill them without regret but I would much rather someone else kill them for me. I especially hate momma wolf spiders with hundreds of babies riding on their back......okay I am getting the willies! You will just have to read a few of prior blogs to understand that part. Read them in this order - Creepy Crawlies, Not Again and then My Panic Attack - apparently everyone besides me thinks they are funny. I think you all should know now b/c of our apparent colony of harmless yet aggressive, large and horny Wolf spiders and my immense fear of them, we now have a contract with an exterminator to get sprayed every 2 months!!!
  3. Walking into spiders webs b/c of number 2!!
  4. Roaches and large groups of ants - roaches should be self explanatory to most but they just disgust me and they are so fast. Sadly the rent house we lived in prior to buying our home was infested. I had exterminators out there many times but unfortunately the neighbors were fine with the nasty little visitors b/c they would never spray. One time the exterminator showed me a long line of roaches crawling to our house from their outside trash (they were some nasty people) and needless to say we gave our notice the next day b/c I could NOT live there. Ants, I know they are tiny, but large groups of ants give me the willies. Really people I am not a bug freak but not much else scares me!
  5. Touching anything in public restrooms! This one is next to impossible for me to avoid and I am fine as long as I don't think about it. The door handle, the door lock, the toilet handle (thank God for automatic flushing toilets!), my pants touching the floor, the sink handles, the paper towel I am glad I didn't live in olden days! I would personally like to thank the person who invented automatic flushing toilets, sinks and paper towel dispensers - YOU ROCK!! Now if someone would just be smart enough to put an automatic DOOR on bathrooms that would be amazing!!
  6. Loogies - enough said! This can make me puke!
  7. Cleaning vomit with Qtips from tiny areas in car seats
  8. Smelling crap from other adults
  9. Mystery pieces of meat while eating at new Chinese restaurants my Dad wants to try. What can I say - I'm a texture girl! I finally told him I am fine with our "normal" Chinese restaurants but I will not EXPERIMENT again. He laughed until the last place where I TOTALLY lost control and had a laughing fit while HE got a taste of some mystery meat that looked like intestines from some kind of small animal!! The mere thought of that moment still makes me laugh!!
  10. The sound of my Dad rubbing his squeaky eye. I can't really explain this one but if you could hear it you get the heebie-geebies too! Right Melanie!


Yesterday the cardiologists came to tell Tammi this: the good news is his heart doesn't have anything that NEEDS to be fixed and the bad news is his heart doesn't have anything that we CAN fix. Maddox will remain on his current medication and he will be placed on the transplant list with no earthly idea how long he will wait or if he will make it that long. Another issue that was not told to Tammi and Manny is now that Maddox is on THIS medication he can NOT be taken off of it and he can NOT leave the hospital while he is on it. Short story: he will be living at the hospital until his transplant. How in the world?? His little friend is a 6yr old transplant recipient that waited 5 yrs for a heart and b/c she too was on this medication, she lived in the hospital for 5yrs. 1) what kind of life is that and 2) how exactly does that work? Tammi is 6mos pregnant so how will she take care of the newborn at home and still be with Maddox at the hospital. I am clueless at this point. I understand many people have probably lived this way but it is beyond my realm of understanding. Please keep them in your prayers! No parent should have to endure this and stories like this just make me appreciate my life and my 2 healthy boys even more. Sometimes we take those things for granted until the story of someone else's life wakes us up! I am awake now! I can't imagine pain like that and hope I never will! I have to believe in the power of prayer and yet another miracle for Maddox, the walking, talking Miracle boy!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


FYI: There will be a BIGFOOT FESTIVAL AND CONVENTION near Talihina in October!!
Oh how I laughed at this one! Then I decided to research it a little and in fact there is a Bigfoot Festival and apparently Bigfoot lives in SE Oklahoma in the Kiamichi Mountains. Wow who knew!! LoOLOLOLoL!!!! The Honobia Bigfoot Organization will be hosting the 2nd Annual Honobia Bigfoot Festival on October 3 - 4th. How funny is that! They even have their own blog ...not much to it but still they have a freaking blog!! Wow! I read on just to see what exactly they do at a Bigfoot Festival and well I guess you can read it yourself here. How about those barrel train rides, covered wagon rides, cloggers, 4wheeler bigfoot hunts with the live entertainment and art shows running all day...hehehe.....then of course there is nightly bingo, a bigfoot walk of fame contest and storytelling time to tell tall tales. My favorite has to be the Tomahawk throwing lessons and a rock throwing contest!! Hey I should check into the prize for the rock throwing contest.....I might just take the boys for that! They are rock throwing pros! Doesn't it make you kinda want to go just to see "who really" goes to this thing!?!?

This reminds me of when I was looking at the calendar of events for the Convention Center last spring. I had decided we were going to try to go to all kinds of shows, festivals, town fairs and so on like I did when I was little. I couldn't wait for the Porter Peach Festival and the Stillwell Strawberry Festival and then somehow I missed both - go figure! Anyway I wanted to see what they would have at the convention center when I came across THE Oklahoma Funeral Home Directors Association Convention held annually in April. As soon as I came across this I thought, "Wow I bet they are a LIVELY bunch!" at the time I didn't realize how funny the thought was! Really what do you do at a Funeral Home Directors Convention look at new casket models, talk about new embalming techniques, cremation stories or just sit around talking about the deceased. Wow what a bundle of fun! I sure want to go there EVERY year. Bet it will take your mood 6ft under real quick! I know someone has to do that job but really how could you WANT that job!

Monday, September 15, 2008


My new blog for this week is Life as only we know it... Of course it through a friend of a friend of a friend plus a little curiosity that brought me to this blog. It is a woman who blogs about her life (imagine that?) Anyway I took a glance and ended up reading all the way to the beginning within two days. I will only tell you they will be leaving for Russia soon with their adopted son and hopefully they will be returning with their other son whom they have been waiting for almost 4yrs. I hope and pray they get to bring this little boy home soon so they can finally be the family they've been wanting to be for almost 4 yrs. Good luck guys my thoughts are with you!! (They are probably like - hey who is this chick!?@#? my answer just a fellow blogging mom who's a sucker for a good story!!) If you don't want to read her whole blog at least check out two of my favs: Aug 7th titled "Ah, chit...." (if you know about my Target in India calls you will laugh like I did!) AND the Aug 1st entry titled "Phew, I feel so much better!" those letters crack me up especially the one to "Dear Doctor Mytimeisworthmorethanyours,"! I bet everyone would love to send that letter out!! Read on...until next time America........


If you read my blog you know about baby Maddox and the drama surrounding the family. Well to top it all off...listen to this! Tammi, Manny, Maddox and both of his Grandmas were in the hospital in Houston this weekend. They evacuated everyone that wasn't medical staff or patients due to the impending hurricane. Tammi is 6mos pregnant with their second child and she was also kicked out. They went to a nearby hotel for Saturday night but were kicked out of the hotel Sunday morning for two reasons..1) all the windows in the hotel were broken except for the room they stayed in (miracle) and 2) they had used all their cash onhand to pay for the first night and the hotel couldn't run a credit card for the second night. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I would be raising some major hell if I was 6mos pregnant with my baby in the hospital not knowing if he would live or die alone AND they kick them out into the flooded streets. The water was up to their knees so they couldn't drive anywhere so they walked or I guess waded 5 freaking blocks back to the hospital. The hospital STILL wouldn't let anyone in until 6pm Sunday evening SO they waited and waded outside the hospital until 6pm - cold, wet, stressed and pregnant! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FREAKING KIDDING ME! HAVE A HEART HOUSTON! They made it through the storm and Maddox is still listed as critical. They are trying a new medication which if it works for now he will still probably need a heart transplant and would be on the medication for the rest of his life!! Please keep them in your prayers! I wish you guys could meet the little walking miracle b/c no matter how bad you would feel for him HE would make YOU smile!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Today was an awesome day even with a 5:45am wake-up, an hour drive to the game and rain ALL DAY!l! We played in Locust Grove with the e-coli epidemic and all. No food or drink was purchased anywhere close to Locust Grove - lol! Our boys did AWESOME! Go Tigers!!! All the boys had great plays! My baby caused a fumble, recovered the ball and ran for like 50 - 60 yds until he was tackled right before the goal line! He also scored an extra point and did some great tackles!! By far his best game yet - by far the best our team as a whole has done! In fact for some odd reason the home team turned off the scored board after half time (that depressed I guess!).

Because we had a good lead at halftime 25 - 0, Coach Hinesley experimented with them playing different positions and they did well. Elijah is normally running back and corner but today he also got to play quarterback and defensive line! Not so good as the quarterback but great job as defensive lineman! It was really exciting when he was running the fumble return (not sure if that is the techincal term) b/c I happened to be walking around to the opposite side of the field and was right by the end zone when I heard everyone screaming. I looked up to see my boy running towards me as fast as his little legs could go so I dropped the umbrella tried to take what I thought would be an awesome picture all the while screaming "COME ON BABY! GO BABY GO!" Still fiddling with the camera wondering why I can't see him when I realize the camera lens cover was still on and by the time I figured it out he got tackled right before the goal line! Boo hoo! It was the PERFECT picture opt with the PERFECT ANGLE and I MISSED IT!!! Don't think I am not kicking myself over and over for that one - seriously the perfect scrapbook moment!! It rained most of the game and we had to sit in the opposing sides bleachers in order to see and I must say they did not like that at all and they were rude! I bet they would not have been as rude if they only had a chance!! WE WHOOPED SOME LOCUST GROVE PIRATE BUTT!! We won 37 - 0! How awesome is that!!!! On the ride home the boys and the parents were pumped and I said, "Elijah baby you sent those pirates back out to sea!" He said, "Yep those pirates need to walk the plank! We took their ship! Aaarrgghh!" How cute is that!

I love this shirt Mindy made for Ellie! This is the back & so true - her 3 big brothers play for BA

I had to include this pic b/c the Locust Grove coaches attire cracked me up!!

One has on a "wife beater" (I hate that name!) and the other is wearing overalls!
After we finally arrived home we decided to go to my nephew Nehemiah's game since we were already wet anyway. My Mom, Sister and Logan came too! Needless to say I didn't even try to speak to my brother after the game since he was the not-so-happy Coach after losing 34 - 0! I sure wouldn't want to be his team this week at practice!! In their defense it took three or four of their guys to take down any player on the opposing team and that gets old after awhile. It was shocking to me to see my brother as a Coach - he is a yeller and not really his nice self! After leaving Nehemiah's game, our friends Tammy and Jessie called to see if we wanted to go eat at Indigo Joe's a sports bar and grill. The plan was to eat, let the men watch football while Tammy and I went to get a pedicure! What? Who says no to that??!!?? It was nice to finally get a pedicure WITH a girlfriend and just relax and chat. Next came home for rainy day activities aka hubby watches football on TV, kids complain of being bored while I blog, download pictures and return to kicking myself over the lost perfect picture moment! Now if I could just keep my head from exploding that would be terrific! Did I mention I am getting sick and allergies are kicking my butt!?!?

Friday, September 12, 2008


I would like to introduce all of you to Maddox and ask for some major prayers. Tammi, Maddox's mom, is the younger sister of a girl I have worked with for many years. In the fall of 2006, Tammi was told while 6 months pregnant that her baby had HLHS, hypoplastic left heart syndrome and to terminate the pregnancy. She was told the baby would need an immediate heart transplant if born alive and most of the time hearts are not available so the baby would die shortly after birth. Tammi was very depressed and was giving up so I searched every end of the internet to find her some hope. I printed off everything I could to give to her hoping she could find someone to help her and the baby. The next morning she called Michigan University or maybe it was the University of Michigan anyway she left the next day to go see a specialist. They told her he had a version of the defect and they could help but because of insurance reasons they could not legally help her. If she didn't have insurance then they could have helped her. After months of searching for help she found it. In February 2007, Maddox was born. Immediately he was taken and hooked up to different machines and she was unable to hold him until he was 20 days old. I can't imagine her pain! Maddox went through many medical procedures and two or three open heart surgeries. They have been told countless times that he would not make it and to say their goodbyes. His heart stopped many times during different procedures but they always managed to bring him back. He has even been placed on life support and come out of it. Doctors and nurses have even screwed things up a time or two and he still survives! I am so proud of Tammi and Manny. They are young parents but they are strong! I can't believe how strong they are and Maddox is just a little soldier. I call him a walking, talking, ornery miracle!! He just makes it through everything. You would never know he is even sick because besides taking medicine daily and being small for his age he has no physical indications of his problems. All of his surgery scars are hidden by his shirt! They relocated to Texas to be closer to his cardiologist and now Tammi is 6 mos pregnant with her second child. She is so scared to go to her doctor appts for fear they will tell her the new baby also has the heart defect. His most recent major surgery was in the spring of 2008 and they were told he wouldn't need another surgery until he was three maybe four years old. Wednesday the call came that Maddox is in major heart failure and more than likely he will need a heart transplant. The entire family is devestated and all the while Maddox gets on the phone with his Aunt Brandi and says, "Heeey baaby! Wassup!". I think Tammi is understandably at her lowest. Honestly your 19month old ball of energy might need a transplant to survive but how do you pray and hope for a new heart knowing that someone else's baby will have to die for your child to live! I am just praying that some different medicine will help and it will not come to that point! No parent should have to go through this. They are young parents, only 21 and 22, but they are resilient and stronger than many parents I know but they need everyone's prayer because now more than ever before they understand how much the power of prayer has helped their little boy! Here is a copy of the bulletin she sent out:

Unfortunately, Maddox is back in the hospital! I took Maddox to the pediatrician on Tuesday to get him checked out. He had played with a little girl on Sunday who wound up in the hospital with pneumonia and strep throat. Maddox hadn't really been acting sick, although I had noticed he seemed to be having more difficulty breathing. Anyhow, when we were at the pediatrician Maddox's oxygen was only 63%. The pediatrician called for an ambulance and they transported us to the ER. Once in the ER they did several blood tests and a chest xray. One of the tests they ran was a BNP this is used to determine heart function. Maddox's BNP was 1140. 0-99 is normal. With the results from that test they then transported us by ambulance back to Houston. Last night they re-did the BNP and Maddox's levels had risen to over 3000. The doctors said his heart function is now considered severe. They are trying to switch medications to help improve his heart. However, it is up in the air as to whether that will be enough for him. If the meds do not work they will move us to ICU place him on a drug called milrinone and consider heart transplantation. All of this being said I believe in the power of prayer. I believe that there is no possible way god will take my sweet angel from me. So I am asking everyone to pray and keep him in your hearts. I will update everyone when I know more.

Maddox playing with crawfish


We scrimmaged another BA team last night. I must say this other team AND the parents need a serious lesson in good sportsmanship. That is all I am going to say about that b/c I would go off on yet another story but I got some good pics so of course I am going to share whether you like it or not!! lol

Some of the boys went to check on Carson who was having cramps. It was a sweet candid moment. They walked up put their hands on him and said, "Are you okay buddy?"

Take 'em down baby!

Garrett looks so much like my cousin Brandon at this age it is almost creepy!

Somebody got in trouble!

I love this picture as my boy is about to tackle him! Look at that face!


In honor of Friday High Five here are My Top Five Reasons to be glad summer is over and fall is on its way:
  1. Kids are back in school so therefore my Fridays off are now ALL MINE AGAIN! EXCEPT for this Friday.......why again are my kids home?......why do they need a professional day so soon after Labor Day?.....well at least I got to sleep in for ONE Friday and didn't have to take kids to school or sports or run one million errands!!!
  2. MUCH COOLER temperatures SO soon no sweat will roll down my back or into my eyes at outdoor events!! Hey I hate OK's 100 degree weather so much that I am LOVING the 80s right now and even the lower 90s don't seem so bad! I must admit though THIS summer did not seem as hot as normal and the 100s didn't last long
  3. Warm comfort foods like beef stew, cobblers, chili and hot chocolate will return soon along with sweatshirts and pajama pants curled up by the fireplace!!
  4. I will have NO reason to wear my bathing suit!
  5. Piles of leaves and pictures of my boys having fun in them!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today marks the 7th Anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 tragedy in New York and Washington. Can you believe it? Wow! This morning while dropping off Zay at my parents I caught a little of the televised memorial in Washington. It was odd how only seeing a couple of minutes of a Scottish man in a kilt playing the bag pipes could bring me to tears and give me goosebumps. I could just cry right now. It is sad how much our country has changed since that day! So many lives are still being affected b/c of it. The children, the widows, the parents, the brothers and sisters, the grandparents, the aunts and uncles, the co-workers, the rescue workers, the survivors, the soldiers at war and their family's left behind are all trying to adjust to life without someone that they hold so dear, start a new life, still hold tight to the good memories and some are praying that theirs will soon be home! The one common thread that all of these people have with the rest of America is they all know where they were, what they were doing and they can still see the pictures in their mind. I was almost 6mos pregnant with Elijah and fast asleep when Martez came yelling into the room that the US had been bombed! I flew out of bed to get the real tragic story and couldn't believe my eyes! I hadn't seen pictures anywhere close to that it since the OKC bombing and I remember where I was then also. I was in one of my college classes which they then released early and everyone ran to the dorms to watch the footage and call home! It is times like these that brings family closer together and true appreciation is finally revealed! I don't know what I would've done if any of my family was in either of those buildings! I can't even begin to imagine the pain the victims and their loved ones experienced and I hope I never will. It was hard enough listening to my cousin's stories about his deployment to Iraq and to watch my uncle wonder each day if his son would come home. Thankfully he made it home safely but it all just makes me stop, think and appreciate everything and everybody I have!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So Monday was Isaiah's school carnival. Since Martez was at football with Elijah I decided to go ahead and take Isaiah just to be out of the house. He started WEE as a tiny 3month old and now my tee tiny baby is in the 3yr old class. Hold please.......ok! He started just one or two days a week to give my Mom a little break while I worked but now he goes all 4 days. For those few of you who are panicking about my child in daycare don't worry! WEE is actually more of a mother's day out program than a "daycare" facility and my boys have always LOVED it!!! Anyway he had a good time and got to see his friends.................

He rode the ponies!

Jumped in the Jupiter Jump

Ran & flipped through the obstacle course then played games for candy & prizes

Got his face painted (it's a kite)

THEN CAME THE NEWS...............................HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE NEXT BLOG!!!


In addition to Minor Obsessions Monday I am contemplating other weekly blogs like Tackle It Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday, Thoughtful Thursday, Thursday's Ten, Friday High Five, Food for Thought Friday and Fun Fact Friday. Not sure what I am doing!!

I decided on the career note that I no longer like my job well I have never "liked" my job but I get the family perks and I have misplaced guilt for leaving the family business. VERY long issue for me and I am not going to get started but I will say one good thing about working for my family - if my kid needs to go to the doctor, I can get off. If my kid has a class party, I can go! Basically it lets me make money and still allows me the extra time off when I need to be with the kids so....I am stuck! Gonna stop that topic now to say I finally decided what I want to be when I grow up! Lol A weather girl! You can screw up all the time and never get fired b/c weather prediction in Oklahoma is apparently a very difficult job to do correctly! Ugh....

I am really enjoying blogging and just reading blogs from random people. I am finding so many things I want to teach and do with the boys. I am finding ideas and motivation so it (the addiction) can't be too bad, right?!?! I think the worst part for me is once I get started on a really good blog I find myself trying to read it all the way to the beginning and end up reading for a couple of hours before deciding I better sleep at least a little!! I blogged on myspace, in fact all of the blogs from before June of 2008 are transferred over from my myspace page (wow that was a challenge!) and I must say at least on myspace I had comments and a RELIABLE counter to at least KNOW people were reading my blogs!

I am SO not political BUT for some odd reason I have this sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach and I don't want EITHER candidate to be the next President! I have good AND bad feelings about both of them. I have definite views that I might share later but for now I am thinking the only reason to vote for Obama is he is not McCain and the only reason to vote for McCain is he is not Obama. I am telling you guys my intuition tells me something bad is happening and I am scared! Seriously this could "change" my kids lives for forever! ackk.....don't want to talk about that anymore either.....

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Elijah's football team had their 2nd game today against Pryor. It was a home game so of course it wasn't until 11am! That crap just irritates me! All home games are scheduledfor late morning or early afternoon but ALL away games at least 1 hr away and we have to be their an hour before the game are scheduled for 8 or 9am! HELLO!!!! But I am quite sure you all are sick of reading my complaints over that issue so let's move on.............. OK the home games are really cool b/c well first of all at least we have bleachers (lol) no really....we have announcers! It is the cutest thing! The announcers say the kids' names and narrate plays which is so freaking cool EXCEPT the first time he was talking about Elijah he pronounced our last name wrong.....completely wrong...nothing really like it....included letters that weren't even there and our name is NOT hard so OF COURSE I had to yell up to him the correct pronunciation really slow so he could catch it! Hey if my kid is trying his best AND getting recognized for it at least get the name close to right! The next time he said his last name really slow and gave me a thumbs up! The rest of the time he got it right! Baby did good today and had several good tackles that the announcer liked and played up so that made it even more fun!!! He is trying really hard and loving it! They ended the game in a tie 13 - 13 but Martez insists we won b/c we had 2 more touchdowns that they called back and the REFS were arguing over the call. One ref said it was a touchdown and he says the penalty called on the quarterback isn't even possible but they just quarreled and still took the touchdown back. Hey DON'T ask me b/c remember I am not "footbally" and I have no clue! I was ready for overtime but apparently they do not allow overtimes at this age. I don't think the kids would mind but oh well no overtime and the game ends in a tie!! Later on today I caught Elijah watching football on TV.............a very sad thing for me!! Normally when the hubby is watching football I would either scrapbook or go watch TV with Elijah since he didn't watch football either BUT now I guess they will both be watching football and I'll be alone....scrapbooking OR blogging! lol

Monday, September 08, 2008


I saw this on Life as only we know it and I had to share MY results to the blog addiction questionnaire she posted:

Answer YES or NO to the following 25 warning signs. You know you're addicted to blogging when:
  1. You eat all three meals in front of the laptop, so you don't miss a post. - No only b/c I don't have a laptop
  2. When you can't sleep you no longer count sheep -you count blog buddies. - Yep I am an insomniac so I will pop up at all hours and start some new blog, get hooked and read months and months worth of blogs.
  3. You have been late for work at least once a week because you're reading blogs. - No BUT I have had to rush out the door to get kids to school on time b/c I lost track of time and had to finish getting ready for work at my Mom's when I dropped Zay off!
  4. Checking your site every ten minutes has become a reflex. - Yes, sad but true
  5. You've googled "how to cure blog addiction" - No but I would read a blog about it!! lol
  6. The proverbial cigarette afterwards, has been replaced by a quick blog check. - Sure
  7. You've seriously considered purchasing a shirt with “Certified Blogger” blazoned across the front. - No
  8. You spend hours doing it, then feel guilty and vow to quit. Then spend even more time doing it the next day. - Yes and no - I feel guilty but never guilty enough to quit!!
  9. You do it in the office - even risking doing it while the boss is around. - Yes! I work for my Dad who has no computer knowledge so when he asks me about it I just say I am emailing!!
  10. You're no longer invited out on girl's night with your friends because of all the things you blogged about them. - "Girl's night" what's that!
  11. When you see the word "MeMe" in the grandmother section of greeting Cards, you immediately think Daily Meme - NO I think of my mom! I don't really get the daily Meme deal yet. I am a newbie coming over from myspace.
  12. You check your stats counter every 2 hours and then immediately look up any domain/IP addresses of visitors you don't recognize. - Yes and this is the funny part. I had one counter that was not working at all - don't know why! I got a new counter that my friend recommended. After believing I was all of the sudden getting a bunch of hits and getting excited, I discovered I was the one raising the count every time I viewed my blog or refreshed the page!!! Sad I know! So I am about to spend more "work" time looking for a new counter!
  13. During meetings you keep your RSS newsreader open and hit "refresh" every 5 minutes. - No but I refresh my dashboard frequently so that probably counts!
  14. You make travel decisions based solely on whether they will make good blog posts. - No not solely on the blog aspect I include the factor of good pictures for my scrapbooks too!
  15. You blog rather than eat lunch (or dinner) (or breakfast) - YES - could this be a new diet!!
  16. A cup of warm milk at 2:00 when you can't sleep has been replaced with blogging. - I blog or read blogs way into the wee morning hours, remember insomnia! Warm milk? Gross
  17. You keep your laptop in stand-by and keep it centrally located so that you can check it every time you walk by it! - Again I don't own a laptop but I keep the computer on standby so anytime I have to go into my room to fold laundry, go potty, etc, I can check it quickly! Wow that is sad! So I guess it is a yes!
  18. You sneak the laptop into the bathroom when you have company over, so you can check your blogs without appearing rude. - Again no laptop but I would have to walk right by my computer in the bedroom to use my bathroom! How convenient!
  19. You make pointless comments such as ‘nice blog’ on random blogs, in the hope of getting a click on your own blog. - No not yet but don't think I haven't thought about doing it! I just want to know if ANYONE is even reading my blog!
  20. When you’re asked what you have been up to, your standard answer has become "Blogging". - Yep!
  21. Blogging is listed on your resume as a hobby. - Not yet
  22. You lie about blogging, and instead, tell your SO you spent the evening making a list of household chores you are going to accomplish the following week. - That's me - good thing his is not computer literate either
  23. You checked at least one other blog because you were afraid you'd missed something important, while taking this test. (Counts as 2 Yes answers) Sadly yes and even found a new counter that hopefully will work ALL of this AND I am at work! So so sad! That probably worth like 4 yes answers! lol
  24. You no longer email or phone friends - you blog comments back and forth. - Well not yet but we either text or get on myspace
  25. If someone on your bloglist hasn't posted in a week, you're tempted to call the police to check in on them. - Well I probably wouldn't call the police but I would definately wonder what's going on!!

Scoring; If you answer YES to:
0-2 Relax, you're fine. Go read another blog.
3 - 6 Further testing will be necessary to make a conclusive diagnosis, however, you show definite signs of addiction.7-10 You are definetly addicted. I suggest you talk to a close friend or relative and ask for help.

Hey, you, I said NOW! YOU ARE A FULL BLOWN ADDICT. Why are you still poking around on my list of Blog Buddies??

So does anyone know of a good therapist for blogging addicts b/c I guess I am addicted if this little quiz is a predictor!! Or maybe a therapist who blogs about blogging addicts would be better since I can't help myself!!!

Sunday, September 07, 2008


My husband decides we were going on a date last night - fine with me! However we needed a sitter so he decides to call his mom. This panicked me a little b/c the kids don't really know her. They know WHO she is but she doesn't treat them like her other grandchildren and doesn't try to spend time with them. She has watched Elijah twice in 6 yrs and Isaiah once. I knew they would be fine once they were there playing with her 4 adopted kids but if I found out she whipped MY children with her precious flyswatter I was going to shove it down her throat. She may think that is okay for her children but not ours especially by HER! Anyway the day went on and on and it was getting later so I assumed for some reason we weren't going which made me sad and happy!! He finally says well are you ready I am going to take a quick shower. My reply well its late now. Then he says, "well they can just spend the night!" WHOA NELLY! This was NEVER discussed! A couple of hours is one thing, spending the night is quite another!!!!!!!!!! I said, "honestly I don't think Isaiah will spend the night with her." He replies with, "well they spend the night with your mom and they will just have to get used to it!" No not okay! First of all Isaiah wakes up every time he spends the night at my Mom's b/c he isn't in his own bed and he is over there every day. Since my Dad hasn't been able to sleep in the bed b/c of his neck surgery 3 yrs ago, Isaiah just crawls in bed with her. I don't think crawling in bed with "Grandma" Francie will help him out. "Getting used" to Martez's mom should involve going over there to visit a few times and THEN spend the night not just spending the night the first time!! Oh I could feel the panic. He calls his mom says we'll be there in a little bit then runs to get the boys something to eat. In the meantime I tell Elijah to just go ahead and put his PJs on. With a panicked look on his face and tears in his eyes he says "can we just go to Meme and Papa's house instead?" My answer, "No Daddy made plans for you to go to Grandma Francie's house and Meme & Papa are still in Branson." Holding back his tears he then asks to go to his Aunt Lisa's house and then asks to go to Aunt Karen's house. I say feeling so sorry for him, "No Daddy already made plans so you can spend time with your other Grandma and play with her kids and I need you to be a big boy and help with Isaiah." I just can't seem to get it through my husband's head that they only really know her as HIS Mom and not a Grandma and they don't just love her simply b/c she is YOUR Mom. Any opportunity she has to spend time with them she squanders. For example, their birthday parties IF she shows up she only shows up for about 20 or 30 minutes of the party and then doesn't really acknowledge them. She will come by the house and stand outside to chit chat with Martez every now and then but then only comes in to say hi and bye to them. If she does come in, she is too busy trying to control her kids to do anything more than ask what they are doing and ask for a hug goodbye. She talks to Martez every day on the phone and doesn't ask to speak to the kids. Yes she will ask how they are doing but THEY don't know that! My list of grievances against her as a Grandma to OUR kids could go on for forever. It really hurts me and Martez to see her with her other grandchildren that she just adores. Don't get me wrong I would love for her to be involved but ONLY if SHE wants to and can learn to love our kids without prejudice. I will not push our kids to love someone who doesn't show love in return and in fact treats them as less. Someone who treats them like strangers and not family! I know people show love in different ways but her way is just too strange for me! I don't speak ill of her to them or in front of them b/c I don't ever want to be the blame for them not having a relationship with her but I am not going to sing her praises either. ANYHOW he calls her when we are about to leave (about twenty min later) and finds out she has left to go to a fish fry in North Tulsa. I said, "does she have enough car seats?" knowing full well she wouldn't. He then finds out that it was a "family" affair and she had also taken his sister and her two kids with her. Somehow she thought it would be okay for her to take home herself, her adult daughter, her four kids and four Grandchildren with just one car seat and three 3yr olds. BUT she KNEW we wouldn't go for that. This was not okay with us since we are sticklers about car seats! Needless to say he was not happy with his Mother since she knew we were bringing the kids over there and she "all of the sudden" had to go out North for a "spur of the moment" fish fry for about 30 people. Sounds a little fishy to me!! lol My guess is she didn't really want to watch our kids so she just left to go to her sister's for a fish fry!! FINE WITH ME! We decided we will go on a date next weekend.....we'll see if I have some other arrangements for the kids made before then. Gonna call my sister to see if she "wants" them to come over next weekend.

My final statement: Hey woman if you don't want to watch my kids then say so don't make other last minute plans b/c I can't force you to love my kids and I don't need to b/c my entire family and our friends love them willingly, unconditionally and abundantly! It is your choice to have a relationship with them and from now on it is ALL up to YOU! You just have NO clue what you are missing out on - my kids are amazing!!!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


At the last minute my Dad informs me he has two hotel certificates that had to be used by the 31st and asked if we wanted them. Hmm....let's think there is no football game this weekend so do we want another vacation......YES! My parents and my oldest brother Rob and his family were all going to be there. We went to Celebration City, Whitewater Bay(free - thanks to a generous lady who overheard my conversation w/my sis-in-law!), the Landings to go to Ridemakerz, the fish hatchery(free!) and the outlets (not so free!) then we left on Monday and stopped by Mikala and Josh's house in Joplin to visit for a bit before going home! I must say we really enjoyed this trip. We got to spend time with my brother and his family even though they were actually there with friends and as all of our trips to Branson we got to spend time with my parents. In all the times we've been to Branson this was our first time to visit Celebration City and Whitewater Bay. We like Celebration City better than Silver Dollar City. It is definately more kid friendly and not as spread out!! The kids just loved both places. I must also say Whitewater Bay was unplanned but an unexpected good time considering I spent the day in a bathing suit and got really burnt. Seriously, there is red, burnt and then my situation which was beyond burnt or burnt to a crisp!! Whitewater Bay was way way better than Big Splash could even dream of being. We also finally made it to Ridemakerz. That place is awesome for little boys who love cars - my boys!! It is basically a Build-a-Bear for boys. They get to actually build the car and pick the parts they want to use (I liked the free ones the best!) I also didn't realize how old Joplin is now. It had been years since I had been there and it is OLD and run down! I'm done now April!!