Monday, September 08, 2008


I saw this on Life as only we know it and I had to share MY results to the blog addiction questionnaire she posted:

Answer YES or NO to the following 25 warning signs. You know you're addicted to blogging when:
  1. You eat all three meals in front of the laptop, so you don't miss a post. - No only b/c I don't have a laptop
  2. When you can't sleep you no longer count sheep -you count blog buddies. - Yep I am an insomniac so I will pop up at all hours and start some new blog, get hooked and read months and months worth of blogs.
  3. You have been late for work at least once a week because you're reading blogs. - No BUT I have had to rush out the door to get kids to school on time b/c I lost track of time and had to finish getting ready for work at my Mom's when I dropped Zay off!
  4. Checking your site every ten minutes has become a reflex. - Yes, sad but true
  5. You've googled "how to cure blog addiction" - No but I would read a blog about it!! lol
  6. The proverbial cigarette afterwards, has been replaced by a quick blog check. - Sure
  7. You've seriously considered purchasing a shirt with “Certified Blogger” blazoned across the front. - No
  8. You spend hours doing it, then feel guilty and vow to quit. Then spend even more time doing it the next day. - Yes and no - I feel guilty but never guilty enough to quit!!
  9. You do it in the office - even risking doing it while the boss is around. - Yes! I work for my Dad who has no computer knowledge so when he asks me about it I just say I am emailing!!
  10. You're no longer invited out on girl's night with your friends because of all the things you blogged about them. - "Girl's night" what's that!
  11. When you see the word "MeMe" in the grandmother section of greeting Cards, you immediately think Daily Meme - NO I think of my mom! I don't really get the daily Meme deal yet. I am a newbie coming over from myspace.
  12. You check your stats counter every 2 hours and then immediately look up any domain/IP addresses of visitors you don't recognize. - Yes and this is the funny part. I had one counter that was not working at all - don't know why! I got a new counter that my friend recommended. After believing I was all of the sudden getting a bunch of hits and getting excited, I discovered I was the one raising the count every time I viewed my blog or refreshed the page!!! Sad I know! So I am about to spend more "work" time looking for a new counter!
  13. During meetings you keep your RSS newsreader open and hit "refresh" every 5 minutes. - No but I refresh my dashboard frequently so that probably counts!
  14. You make travel decisions based solely on whether they will make good blog posts. - No not solely on the blog aspect I include the factor of good pictures for my scrapbooks too!
  15. You blog rather than eat lunch (or dinner) (or breakfast) - YES - could this be a new diet!!
  16. A cup of warm milk at 2:00 when you can't sleep has been replaced with blogging. - I blog or read blogs way into the wee morning hours, remember insomnia! Warm milk? Gross
  17. You keep your laptop in stand-by and keep it centrally located so that you can check it every time you walk by it! - Again I don't own a laptop but I keep the computer on standby so anytime I have to go into my room to fold laundry, go potty, etc, I can check it quickly! Wow that is sad! So I guess it is a yes!
  18. You sneak the laptop into the bathroom when you have company over, so you can check your blogs without appearing rude. - Again no laptop but I would have to walk right by my computer in the bedroom to use my bathroom! How convenient!
  19. You make pointless comments such as ‘nice blog’ on random blogs, in the hope of getting a click on your own blog. - No not yet but don't think I haven't thought about doing it! I just want to know if ANYONE is even reading my blog!
  20. When you’re asked what you have been up to, your standard answer has become "Blogging". - Yep!
  21. Blogging is listed on your resume as a hobby. - Not yet
  22. You lie about blogging, and instead, tell your SO you spent the evening making a list of household chores you are going to accomplish the following week. - That's me - good thing his is not computer literate either
  23. You checked at least one other blog because you were afraid you'd missed something important, while taking this test. (Counts as 2 Yes answers) Sadly yes and even found a new counter that hopefully will work ALL of this AND I am at work! So so sad! That probably worth like 4 yes answers! lol
  24. You no longer email or phone friends - you blog comments back and forth. - Well not yet but we either text or get on myspace
  25. If someone on your bloglist hasn't posted in a week, you're tempted to call the police to check in on them. - Well I probably wouldn't call the police but I would definately wonder what's going on!!

Scoring; If you answer YES to:
0-2 Relax, you're fine. Go read another blog.
3 - 6 Further testing will be necessary to make a conclusive diagnosis, however, you show definite signs of addiction.7-10 You are definetly addicted. I suggest you talk to a close friend or relative and ask for help.

Hey, you, I said NOW! YOU ARE A FULL BLOWN ADDICT. Why are you still poking around on my list of Blog Buddies??

So does anyone know of a good therapist for blogging addicts b/c I guess I am addicted if this little quiz is a predictor!! Or maybe a therapist who blogs about blogging addicts would be better since I can't help myself!!!

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