Friday, September 19, 2008


It's time for Friday High Five!
Five things I want my kids to know....
  1. They made me realize how to truly love UNCONDITIONALLY! I even love them enough to clean up vomit and pick their stuffy baby noses! lol No but really I didn't realize how much parents love their kids until I became one!
  2. I would do anything in the world to protect my kids but I still will allow them to make mistakes so they can learn from them
  3. I love them enough to tell them NO when they needed it even though I had to endure the booboo lips, crying and them hating me for it in the moment!
  4. I love them enough to listen to the same story "just one more time" after I've already heard it a million times over!
  5. I love them enough to give up my wants for their needs but I love them so much that I don't lose myself in them and still find time to for myself so I can be a balanced Mom! (At least I think I do!)

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