Wednesday, April 29, 2009


For this week's Writer's Workshop Wednesday, I am choosing option number....

Is plastic surgery an option? Without being vulgar, write about the body part still attached to you that you would most like to dis-attach and replace with a better one.

IS plastic surgery an option?




It would be even more of an option if I had the whole independently wealthy thing going on!
Why couldn't I be a trust fund baby or golddigger?

Which part?

This really should say which partSSSSS!

Let's see I would do some lipo from the second chin down to.......oh let's say the cankles making sure to spend plenty of needed time in the butt and thigh region of my body! I am a mother of two so let's also go with a breast lift so that they no longer sit on my stomach and throw in some implants to address the deflation while you are there. I would like to remove some scars while I am at that possible?!?! Since I will be adding more scars from the whole breast issue this could minimize the road map look I currrently sport on my stomach left from pregnancy stretch marks, surgery to remove my gallbladder, appendectomy, surgery to remove an ovary and a tumor PLUS two c-sections. I call my belly "mapquest" with several pitstops left by children and doctors. Needless to say even if I was small I would not be wearing a bikini! Well.....ok......I should be completely honest. I would clean the house, do laundry, cook, blog and dance around in front of the mirror in a bikini just to see my hot self but not in public. Last and certainly NOT least, I want a tummy tuck! I tell ya all those surgeries, being overweight and let us NOT forget two c-sections makes the abdomen from the belly button down NOT. A. PRETTY. SIGHT. Disgusting, in fact!! I've seen Moms who weren't even fat to begin with and lost their pregnancy weight still posess the "flap". UGH! I truly believe the post c-section flap will NEVER EVER EVER go away without a tummy tuck. I know someone will write and say that is wrong BUT I just don't believe it since I haven't seen anyone get a c-section and not have some "baggage" there! If I only could have one of my options, it would definitely be the tummy tuck! FOR SURE!!! Donations will be accepted until all of my belongings are sold to pay for the surgery!! Thank you!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


If you are unable to find a certain seven yr old boy, then look in any nearby trees! He climbs this tree daily and that is no joke!

Avani finally learned how to get up but then needed help down. Needless to say I was not to pleased when I took her out and my hands were in her sweaty armpits, but not realizing it was sweat I smelled my hand! *gag*gag*gag

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Last week......wait.....maybe it was the week before......they are all running together nowadays.....anywhoochie(See Shan I could use it daily!)......Isaiah's class did their spring program at school. They do the program for two days in a row since some children don't go everyday. The first day I completely forgot was unable to attend but trust me I heard ALL about it! Apparently, Isaiah and Nick had quite the conversation that was the laugh of the hour. It went a little something like this: Nick said something to which Isaiah said, "Are you talking to me?" said with a Different Strokes type accent then they both kept saying it back and forth since all the parents thought it was hilarious! So glad sad I wasn't there!!

The second day had its moments but much better! Every time Zay has a program it just reminds me of all the differences between him and Elijah. When Elijah went there, he would either just sit there OR do the motions but yawn instead of sing! Nice! So proud! I swear people thought he never went to bed. Isaiah on the other hand is quite the ham ~ imagine that! He loves to be the center of attention and he LOVES music, dancing and playing instruments! Every thing started out good......

He performed his Michael Jackson impression!

Just kidding!
The glove was for some ladybug song which he sang and did all the motions to.....woohoo!

He showed the crowd that he has some "hops" during the bunny song!


.........see the little boy sitting next to him? This is his fellow troublemaker Nick. They have a love/hate relationship. They love playing with each other but hate when the other gets more attention. They are great friends and they crack us parents and teacher up. Right before this photo the class was singing a song and smashing plastic plates together which was extremely loud and scared the crap out of a bunch of adults to the beat of the music. They were supposed to walk in a circle one behind the other.


Did they really expect Nick and Zay to do this without some trouble? I am a true believer that the entire program should be a sit and sing occasion! They were running around in and out of line of children walking in the circle then ran around in the middle of the circle. My reaction, "Whose kid is that?" and hid. The teacher finally stood and put them in line then proceeded to stand in the middle to make sure it didn't start again. They went back to sit on the taped line where Nick and Zay ended up sitting by each other.


I thought, "oh this isn't good!"

Isaiah fell to the ground and said, "Oh Nick pushed me!"

Nick replied with, "No I didn't! You pushed me!"

They went back and forth as I am gave him THE LOOK and mouthed for him to zip it!

Then Nick said, "You have no self control Zay!"

His Mom gave him the look and then we had to smile!

It was another POT MEET KETTLE moment!!

Monday, April 27, 2009


This is a creative writing project I saw on One More Fairy Tale . I don't remember how I found her blog but she is funny, real and talented. I thought I would give this project a try. If you would like to try, then click HERE for the template!

I am from a quilt of many colors from a reunion years ago,
from Snickers with a Pepsi
and entrepreneurs.

I am from the house of many colors and full of love
I am from the magnolia tree,
with the beautiful ivory blooming flowers.

I am from a family purposely squinting our eyes at a decorated Christmas tree to make the lights gleam,
where sarcasm, laughter and blue eyes are the majority,
from Gary
and Jean
and Bryan.

I am from the outgoing
and humorous.
From being funny
and nicknamed runt for my small childhood stature and being the youngest of four.
I am from the Church of the Nazarene
and brought up by Christian parents.

I'm from Iowa, Illinois, Missouri and Oklahoma,
steak and potatoes are top on our list and specials of won tons, Korean potato salad and bogogi.

From the 5 acres with a yellow house, a barn, a pond and tons of animals,
the secret hideout in the woods where we got lice from the homeless man who reside there when we were not playing,
and the wood choppers, dog breeders and pet store owners.

I am from a drawer, a box and a trunk of pictures, news clipping, awards, yearbooks and scrapbooks.
These are priceless and besides the humans, the first to evacuate in a disaster.


This is from last week at Isaiah's first dentist appt. He look at the tech like she was crazy when she said this huge machine was going to take a picture of his teeth!! He just stared at himself in the mirror totally still for fear it was going to take his head off! I couldn't believe he did it so well!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Just moments after my "Dear New Neighbors" post the drama really began! I told the boys we needed to go inside. Elijah had to go down the street since the "new" boy had taken his bicycles pegs for his own bike and I was busy telling Isaiah to get his camera (toy ~ starting him young) from the "new" four yr old girl. Did I mention that everything in that post happened in the past 6 days? Wow! SO......the girl would not give Zay his camera and I told her she had to give it back b/c we were going inside for the night. Elijah couldn't find his pegs since the boy had left his bike at another neighbor's house. Then some other drama with the "old" trouble maker neighbor kids, their mother (and I use that term very very loosely since she only has custody of her latest two kids and the prior 4 are with her Grandmother and Sister) and the "nice boys" parents drew quite a scene. Apparently, the "nice boys" dog bite the youngest of the troublemakers who then ripped her hand away from the dog tearing the skin off of her finger. The trouble makers Grandmother and Mother went storming, yelling and screaming about calling the pound, the dog having rabies and the dog being put down. The "nice boys" parents trying to explain the situation. My question is why was THAT 4 yr old girl in their house to begin with when the kids were in front of my house. Sadly, the girl probably did something to provoke the bite but I was not there so I don't really know! She is the youngest of the "trouble makers" so your guess is as good as mine! I finally get the boys and all of their toys into the house. Then after pulling a tick off of Elijah (I really wish I could keep him out of all the trees) and all the drama that brought, I took them in for a shower when low and behold the "new" 4 yr old girl is using our bathroom. Freaking stalker!! Why she was in MY house ALONE I'll never know?

Showers done, tick burned and pajamas on!
Beating on the front starts!
Imagine that since usually they don't even knock!

They ask to come in. I politely say no since the boys are ready for bed about to eat and going to bed. They ask if they can come out and sit on the porch. Again, I politely say no. The little girl says, "Why?" in an extremely rude manner. I said, "Well because I am their Mom, they are in for the night and I said NO!" while trying to keep my cool!

Hubs finally makes it home after a long work day since it is his on-call week. I was laying on my bed talking on the phone to my Mother. I was enjoying the quiet as the boys told Daddy about their day. Suddenly, I started to hear noises either on the roof or on the side of the house. I asked Martez to see if someone was on the roof or on the side and he quickly said no as if I was crazy. I went out front to look when I could hear the dogs freaking out on the side of the house. I peak through the fence to see the "new" boy teasing the dogs. The dogs were freaking out and I thought Moose was going to have a heart attack. WAIT........did I mention in the first post that "somehow" Moose started spontaneously bleeding earlier when the boy was in the backyard? If not, well that happened earlier in the evening but no one knows why. Sounds a little fishy to me! Did I also mention that the new boy gave Moose two 4 qt bowls of water? You don't give Moose large quantities of water b/c he will drink it down to the last drop in minutes. Weeellllll, Moose drank all 8 qts then proceeded to walk into the house and vomit! NICE! Anywhoochie, (like that Shan I used your word) I told the boy to stop teasing the dogs and to go home. He proceeded to argue with me at which point I said, "Stop teasing him before he bites you!" He quit! I walked in and asked why they were in the yard. Hubs said, "They asked to come in when I was walking in and I said sure." I said sternly, "They NEED TO GO HOME! I have been dealing with them all afternoon and evening and I am done! They need to leave before someone gets hurt! I told them NO three times so why did they even ask you!"

I felt sorry for Hubs since at the time he had no clue about the "drama" and proceeded to go back out front to cool off! While getting off the phone with my Mother all of the sudden the boy appears and starts to run. He had climbed our fence and jumped the gate to get out. I told him to not climb our fence or jump our gate again because he could get hurt at which time we both hear "I'm hurt" screams and I told him to get his little sister and go home. Take into account this conversation just lasted seconds. NOW Elijah KNOWS not to climb the gate or fence but he did. Once the kid got over he then tried to scare Elijah and pushed Elijah who then fell and busted a tooth, his top lip, bottom lip, skinned his knee and cut his hand. Now I completely understand Elijah made the decision to climb the fence on his own but I am 100% sure he did not plan on getting pushed and this is probably the reason the boy was trying to run home so fast! I was ticked! We have an 8 foot fence and Elijah could have been seriously injured!

After calming Elijah down and tending to wounds, I proceeded to tell Martez everything that had happened today. I was saying this, that and the other when Isaiah chimed in with, "Yeah and when Shelby was in my woom. She told me to take my pants down!" Instantly, we both said WHAT! My insides turned and my heart was racing but I tried to repeat in my head "kids that age are curious, kids that age are curious". He proceeded with his little story........"yea she said, "take your pants down" and I said, "No!" She said, "Take your pants down!" and I said "No I will get in trouble and that will make my Mommy mad!" Then she said, "Take your pants down so I can take your picture!"

Even typing this makes me want to puke! Ugh! We then proceeded to calmly ask him questions. Apparently he did not take his pants down and neither did she BUT........ugh! Earlier in the evening while they were in the room, I caught her peeking around the corner and asked what she was doing even though I could see into about half of the room at the time. She said, "nothing!" then proceeded to go into the room and shut the door. I quickly said, "Open the door! We don't shut the doors!" A minute or two later they were going into the closet and I was uncomfortable with her need to hide since hiding often means trouble so I said we all needed to go outside.

Back to the story........Isaiah asked if he was in trouble and I said, "NO but you don't take your pants down for anyone! If it isn't Mommy, Daddy, Meme or Papa, then your pants should not be down. Your teachers, family and Mommy and Daddy's friends can button your pants after you go potty but they shouldn't need to take your pants down. Never ever let anyone touch you or take your picture naked! If someone asks you to or tries to, then you need to scream and tell Mommy and Daddy! How do you explain this to an almost four year old little boy? I tried my best. My heart was racing. My palms were sweating and I felt like I could puke. I went to find his camera and found nothing except she did climb their dresser. I called my Mom all shaking and upset who then said I needed to call someone. Then Shan and Chai called and they both said the same thing. I KNOW kids are curious at that age even though that makes me uncomfortable at times. BUT why would a four year old little girl tell him to take his pants down SO SHE COULD TAKE A PICTURE!!! What does she know about that? Why would she want a picture? On his camera? Why? To me unless she has experienced a nude photo then there is NO reason and that is beyond curiosity!!! For a four year old to actually say, "Take your pants down so I can take your picture", in my mind, says that someone has said that same thing to them. What do I do? Do I talk to the parents? Would that cause more trouble for the kids? Would they say he is lying? Would she change the story? Am I making too much of this? We in ABSOLUTELY NO way brought anything of this topic up. He interrupted our story to tell us his and he had no idea how troubling it would be for us. This story would never have crossed my mind. I should not have to explain things like this to him yet! I don't live in a bad neighborhood and I don't subject my children to questionable people so why do I have to explain this now! I know that it doesn't have to be a stranger and in fact it is normally someone they are close to but again why do I have to explain this now!?!?!?!? Do I call CPS? DHS? Police? Save her? Mistakenly accuse the family of things that may not be happening? Maybe she saw it on TV? Why would she be watching something like that? Well they are irresponsible parents after all! Is it my job to tell? Would I be saving her or tearing apart a family with a false accusation? In my mind, something has happened to her or why would she even want to take a nude photo? Can this backfire somehow? I need to move! My mind just won't stop! That house has been for sale for well over a year ~ why did they have to buy it??


Dear New Neighbors,

I am finding it really hard not to come talk to you in person by beating down your door and flipping out. You moved in almost two weeks ago and I have noticed some irresponsible parenting on your part and it is driving me nuts. I thought it was odd the first couple of times I saw your four year old daughter roaming the streets but now I am beyond annoyed. First she was playing in your next door neighbors yard ~ not a problem ~ BUT now she roams the street and the storms in houses that she has NO business storming into. You are NEVER outside checking on her. The other evening some of the older boys (the other neighbor children that are major trouble makers ~ you know the ones with the overbearing grandmother) pushed your four yr old daughter. When she landed in the street, I went to make sure she was okay only to find her arm scrapped from elbow to wrist and bleeding. I picked her up and carried her 4 houses down and across the street to where you reside. I find it hard to believe that you did not hear her screaming since several other neighbors stepped outside to see what was wrong. Upon arriving a friend of yours opened the door at which point I tried to explain what had happened thinking she was the girl's mother. She cut me off when I tried to introduce myself saying you and your husband were upstairs. First of all, she was not bothered at all that the four year old girl was hurt and that a complete stranger was carrying her home. Now granted the injury was in no way life threatening but again she is only four so in her eyes the arm might as well fell off. I walked back home when within twenty minutes the girl was on my entry sidewalk screaming at the top of her lungs, "He hit me! He freaking hit me!" Apparently one of the trouble makers hit her and I asked them all to just go home!

The next evening my three year old came in crying three separate times saying she had hit him. I was not outside; however, his fifteen yr old brother said she hit him because she wanted to "drive" his car that he was playing with at the time. She is bossy and rude! Now I am all for sharing but she does not need to be hitting my child when she doesn't get her way. He is stubborn, ornery and can be flat out mean at times but she does not need to hit him because she wants what he is playing with at the time. I must say I was amused the next time she tried to hit him and he went and poured a glass of water over her head. Even though it amused me I told him this was wrong and made him apologize then asked her to go home if they couldn't play nicely.

The following night at 8:00PM while I was washing the boys hair in the shower, in popped your FOUR YEAR OLD GIRL! IN. MY. HOUSE! Are you kidding me? First of all, why is she roaming the streets at 8pm ALONE! Second of all, what makes her think she can just walk (right now as I am typing she just walked in again! Seriously!) into my house then into the bathroom where my children are naked in the shower. This child needs a serious lesson on boundaries! I told her she needed to go home and not walk in without knocking first. Little good that did since she just did it again! Apparently, she has been doing this at several houses on the street. I thought you were introducing yourself to the neighbors the other night when I saw you knocking on five different houses. I thought maybe there was hope for you yet, BUT I later found out you were just looking for your daughter!

Now several days later I asked her nicely to stop walking around the flowerbeds that surround my trees in the front. She managed to listen to my request for about five minutes then proceeded to walk in them again! Ugh! She teases my three year old constantly and I am tired of it. Do you ever know where she is? Today my sons were playing with their nice friends from the end of the street and asked if their friends could play in the backyard with them. I probably should have asked "What friends?" before agreeing but I thought they were just playing with those two boys. My sons, the two nice boys and your little girl then proceed to walk through the house and into the backyard. Alrighty then! No biggie! She has now been here for almost an hour and a half without you even wondering where she has been! As I was unloading the dishwasher, your older son (probably 10) who I didn't even know existed comes through my house to go into the backyard too with nothing more than a hi! No knock! No asking permission! No introduction! This is the FIRST TIME I'VE EVER SEEN HIM and he was walking through my house! Then they all come in for drinks at which point I gave them all a glass of water. At this time, your daughter asks for a snack. I gave her goldfish crackers then stewed in my annoyed state. She did say thank you when she put the bowl in my sink which surprised me. I then thought I shouldn't have given her a snack since I do not know her or if she has food allergies. In the past, I would not have even thought twice but Avani is allergic to everything so I have to watch what she eats while she is here.

What kind of parents allow their four year old girl to roam the street of a house they JUST moved into?
What kind of parents don't know where their four year old child is?
Does it not bother you that she is around COMPLETE strangers...ALONE?
What kind of parents allow said child out alone at 8pm?
What parent of a four year old lets them dart across the street?
She NEVER looks before crossing the street and often times she will run through our yard then straight into the street without even slowing down let alone looking both ways.
You do not know us and we do not know you!
You have made NO attempts to introduce yourself which would not be a problem normally BUT YOUR CHILD KEEPS WALKING INTO MY HOUSE UNINVITED! If she had lived here all her life, this would probably not be a big deal but she doesn't even know my name! I would NEVER EVER purposely hurt a child but YOU don't know that! You don't know me, my husband or our children ~ crap you don't even know our first names or probably which house is ours. You don't even know the people of the five houses you knocked on trying to find her earlier in the week. This is getting a little ridiculous! I've tried to bear with her need for boundaries because simply put "it isn't the child's fault" but then I got to thinking. You do not know us and we do not know you! She could easily lie and say we did something to her at which point I am sure you would believe her since yet again YOU DON'T KNOW ME! For this reason, she will not be allowed into our home until a proper introduction is made and her intrusion into our home will no longer be tolerated. I am sending her home now because of this reason alone! I am not trying to be mean to her by not letting her in my home but instead being a responsible adult and parent by keeping mine safe......maybe you should try it! This all boils to the two of you being irresponsible parents and I truly feel sorry for your children.
By the way, you now are the proud owners of the largest house on the block which is even more apparent now with your new, bright, bold paint job! I don't like it but since you don't know me that minor fact should not be cause for concern much like your children! Wow does it stand out! Oh well! I do like the trim color though!
Angela but since you don't know my name consider me the concerned neighbor/parent who doesn't like the new paint job except the trim color!

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Update: I fixed the link!

I am still in the America's Next Top Blogger contest over at Momdot and I need your help now more than ever. I am up for eviction and I need you all to go vote for anyone other than me!

HERE is the link to the vote!

Please go only have until noon!

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Angela's Adventures

Time for Friday High Five!

Come join in the fun....please!

Make a list of 5 things ~ ANY five things you want! 5 favorite things, Top 5 Vacation spots, 5 most embarrassing moments, 5 favorite pics, 5 reasons to not pick your nose......A LIST OF ANYTHING YOU WANT IT TO BE!

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5 funny things said to me this week
5. Isaiah dresses himself each morning and other than occasionally putting his shirt on backwards he does a good job. One particular morning his shirt was on backwards AND inside out; however, in a time crunch I decided to fix it once we got to my Mom's house. We got to my Mom's and she noticed his shirt and helped him fix it. About thirty minutes later, he gave all of his good bye kisses and starting running towards the door when I noticed his pants were on backwards. I started laughing and helped him turn them around while asking how he zipped his zipper. Apparently, he didn't unzip or unbutton the pants and just pulled them on. Upon taking his pants off I noticed his underwear were also on backwards. I said, "Is this backwards day at school and Mommy didn't know it?" He said, "No silly I just wanted Lightning Matween on my underwear in the front instead of the back and I wanted the pockets of my shorts in the front!" Ok....and I'm the silly one! Well at least he has a method to his madness.

4. Allergies have taken over my head once again. I swear I can only breathe through my nose about two weeks out of every month.

Two weeks ~ I'm fine!
Two weeks ~ Head is going to explode!
Complaining about my near death due to spontaneous combustion of my head, Hubs says, "Did you take your Walitin?" I reply with, "What?" He looks at me as if I am insane and says, "Your medicine! Walitin or Walitin D!" I said, "You mean Claritin-D?" His answer was concise, "NO YOUR WALITIN-D!" Instantly he went to my little medicine box and pulled out a box of Walgreen's generic Claritin-D appropriately named Walitin-D and says, "See sometimes I know what I am talking about!" My answer, "Yes, you are unless you are talking about your anatomy! So how is your thyroid by the way??"
If you don't get it, then read THIS post!!
3. While dropping Elijah and Avani off at school, I said, "I love you guys! Have a good day!" Avani and Elijah say in unison, "Love you too!" Isaiah who is never to be outdone says, "Well I love you five Mommy and three and four!"
2. While having a phone conversation with his Mother, I hear him say, "Well I would not put up with that and I would say something to them. Why should she have to deal with their ignorance and rudeness?" The conversation continues and I am a bit intrigued to find out what he is talking about. After the call, he proceeds to tell me about his Aunt and how her boyfriends family treats her like crap b/c they don't like her. He goes on and on and on and on and on.......all the while I start laughing. He says, "She should not have to put up with that and if I were her I would say something to call them all out!" My response, "I'll remember that next time your Aunt B, Aunt M, Uncle J, Aunt T, Grandfather, Mother and any one of your million cousins says something to me!" He says, "I don't know why you think they don't like you?" He only sees it IF they say something in FRONT of him which they try not to do; however, if said in front of him or to him, he will defend our honor......well now!! I begin to laugh harder and say, "Are you freaking kidding me? They hate me, treat me and our children like complete strangers and if that is their way of expressing love then the boys and I can most certainly live without their love!" For some odd reason, he believes they all love me (I actually believe he knows the truth but it is denial since it hurts him too) but calling me "the great white hope", telling me I am a real "fata**", asking why I am there and who the h-e- double hockey sticks I am, telling me I married into the wrong family and not coming to my wedding so as not "to see a member of my family marry a white woman b/c you only keep them on the side" and acting like OUR children do not not a way of expressing love! So you have it sisters I officially have permission to "no longer put up with it" and "go off"! I'll remember that when he flips out over my expression to his family using my psychosis! Yeah right! Get real! Are you freaking kidding me? Again I say POT MEET KETTLE!
Hubs lost my license. Long story so just go with it!! So after about 6 weeks and tearing our room completely apart and never putting it back together I came to the resolution that I am going to have to go get a new license. UGH! This reminds me I think I posted about this last year........let me go check.........ok I did way back in April of 2007 but it is funny if I do say so myself so if you want to read it is HERE!
Now onto this story and the funny thing that was said or I guess I should say asked! I had to take my birth certificate in and wait for the lady to look me up. She says, "Ok is all the information still the same?"
I answer, "Yes!"
She says, "Are you still at (insert my address)?"
I answer, "Yes!"
She says, "Let me see.....eyes blue....yes......five foot six.......ummm....yes.......weight (insert number too large to reveal on the internet but yet way way less than what I actually weigh),........"
"so do you still weigh (insert weight smaller than even my pre 2 children weight)?"
My thought, "Seriously! You know I don't weigh that so why are you asking me other than too call me a big fat liar! I could so squash you!"
My spoken answer, "YES!"
I get the glance then she says, "oooookkkkkk smile at the camera!"

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Angela's Adventures

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Kelly at My Voice, My View tagged me for an 8 things meme!!
Here is goes:
8 Things That I'm Looking Forward To
  1. Finding a job........well maybe!
  2. Isaiah to be well
  3. Eating chocolate chip pancakes with my Uncle, my Cousin and her new baby
  4. Taking lots of photos of her new baby Reagan
  5. Football season
  6. Skate night Friday with Elijah's school ~ that should be hilarious!!!
  7. Being independently wealthy ~ although currently this is not on the horizon I am looking forward to that day
  8. Spring weather to stay for more than a few days

8 Things I Did Yesterday
  1. Took the kids to school except Isaiah who is a sickie right now
  2. went home to work on the "store" computer to finalize some things
  3. dropped off things at the accountant for the store......wait nevermind I was supposed to do that yesterday but forgot and actually did it today.....BUT remember it is the thought that counts so I'm keeping it
  4. Made roast with potatoes and carrots!! WOW did my house smell delicious! It was so so so good!
  5. Picked kids up from school
  6. Took Tez AND Isaiah to the dentist
  7. Went to my niece's soccer game
  8. Got lost going to said soccer game

8 Things I Wish I Could Do

  1. Stop worrying about money due to my recent unemployment
  2. Sign the kids up for a million different camps this summer
  3. Find a stay at home gig that will make me independently wealthy, allow me to do fun summer things with the boys and sleep in EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING!
  4. Find a cure for IBS, diabetes, cancer, HLHS.........this should definitely help the independently wealthy situation
  5. Travel the world
  6. Help my Dad to not be so depressed about all these recent changes
  7. Stop cheating spouses everywhere by shocking them with a tasar once they take that final leap then telling them that is just 1/100,000,000th of the pain they will cause their spouse, family and friends......NO MY spouse is not cheating......well at least not that I know of.....he's still alive isn't he!!
  8. Box with my MIL....bwahahaha!!

8 Shows I Watch

  1. Amazing Race
  2. Greek ~ I know I'm not in college anymore but it cracks me up!
  3. ABC soaps ~ this is actually three but listing them as one makes the list seem shorter
  4. Criminal Minds
  5. America's Next Top Model ~ It amazes me out when they can make some horrindously ugly girl look so good in her photos! Tyra gets on my last nerve though!
  6. Brothers & Sisters
  7. Desperate Housewives
  8. Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice ~ since these are spinoffs they are also being listed as one!

8 People I Tag

  1. ♥Kathy.......come out, come out wherever you are
  2. Kristin
  3. Shandolynne
  4. Janelle
  5. Mikala
  6. Becca
  7. Amy
  8. Dani


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Sunday, April 19, 2009


This week is self-portrait week over at I heart faces. Even though pictures of me that I like are rare, the few I do like are pictures that I took myself so finding a self-portrait was not too hard since they are about the only pictures of me that I don't delete. I absolutely hate having my picture taken plus I am normally the photographer. This particular picture is from Mother's Day 2007 and I was in the car waiting playing with my new high tech (for me) camera while waiting on the family. Of course, I went to my handy friend Picknik and played around tonight but here is my finished product. I keep looking at this picture and think "I was definitely smaller then!!"

Friday, April 17, 2009


6 animals (domestic, wild, or exotic)
you think would be fun to own as pets
  1. Elephant ~ I have loved elephants since I was a little girl! Gentle, awe inspiring giants of beauty!
  2. Siberian Tiger
  3. Chimpanzee only if it would use the toilet since I do not want to start the whole diapering issue again
  4. Killer Whale
  5. Giraffe
  6. Another Great Dane because I really miss Daisy!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


So I totally forgot to dye eggs!
I bought all of the stuff but totally forgot!
Maybe there is some merit to me losing my mind ~ ha!
Stop laughing!
Then I totally forgot to put out the Easter basket loot the evening before. I wondered why the kids were asking "if" they could get out of bed as if they've ever asked besides on Christmas morning! I said yes and they came screaming out of the room then I heard them say, "MOM the Easter Bunny didn't come!"

My answer, "Well give him time! He had to deal with all of this rain." They scampered off to play and I filled the baskets. Now by fill I mean overload. In the Easter bunny's defense, Easter basket items were bought CHEAP and over a period of time so he/she must've forgotten things that he/she had bought! It is a lot BUT a lot of it is dollar store stuff! Let's see there were kites, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, drawing pads, learning workbooks, bug houses, jump rope, eco-friendly pencils and crayons, temp tattoos, notepads.....blah blah blah........oh and lets not forget the SOLID CHOCOLATE BUNNY for Elijah!
Silly Rabbit, Elijah HATES chocolate!
You would think he/she would learn this little fact and stop getting him a SOLID CHOCOLATE BUNNY

It is almost as though it is planned!


Elijah really said, "Wow I can't believe the Easter Bunny came in all of this rain! Did you see him Mom? Why does he always get me a chocolate bunny?"

My answer, "Well son I just don't know! I guess I will have to eat it again this year!" (For more about the history of this little trick, read here!)

My last mistake and probably the worst was I set the alarm for PM instead of AM! I thought it was odd that the boys were up before me but I didn't realize it until all the "bunny" hoopla was over that my alarm never went off and we were going to miss church. I set the alarm for PM instead of AM ~ yet another clue I AM losing my mind! So we got ready to go to my parents' house!

It just doesn't get better than this!

He is so handsome I want to cry!

They are too cute! No bias and I have my mind in this thought!!

Two of my nephews ~ Nehemiah and Noah somehow I don't have a pic of the other nephews and nieces unless they were asleep!

Since it rained all day and even when it didn't rain the ground was soaked, we had our annual Easter Egg Hunt indoors. My parents own a large home BUT not when there are a bunch of kids running around!!
We hid them really well...see:

The boys with all their loot! Too bad Elijah does NOT eat candy!

Now we all know what everyone does after a big meal, fun and plenty of dessert!


PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek


According to Holiday Insights Bizarre and Unique Holiday list, TODAY is national High Five day SO in honor of that I am posting this evening!!

Angela's Adventures

Time for Friday High Five!

Come join in the fun....please!

Make a list of 5 things ~ ANY five things you want! 5 favorite things, Top 5 Vacation spots, 5 most embarrassing moments, 5 favorite pics, 5 reasons to not pick your nose......A LIST OF ANYTHING YOU WANT IT TO BE!

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Sounds complicated but it isn't too bad! If you need help, let me know in the comment section!

Go view all the other High Five posts and comment away!

Have fun!

5 signs you might need to lose weight

5. You weigh the same as you did when you gave birth but it has been years since then!

4. Your clothes in the closet no longer fit you and you are on a strict t-shirt and jeans wardrobe simply b/c that is all that fits you! Your belly button is hurting from the button on your favorite pair of jeans!

3. Jiggling ~ enough said!

2. Having to count your chins! Any number higher than ONE is a sure sign!


Trying on clothes brings on bouts of depression and you cry on the way home!

While in the dressing room trying on a cute dress for Easter, you realize you can't get the dress off! It went on so easily, actually doesn't look bad and fits but it won't come off! You begin to panic and wonder if you need to buy the dress and tell the clerk you must wear it out for an event! You finally find a hidden zipper and breathe a sigh of relief only to find it is about two inches long and doesn't help a bit when unzipped! Tears well up in your eyes and you are in between crying, anger and laughter! It is a pure act of God that you finally get the dress over your head in one piece then quickly leave before the tears flow!

P.S. While looking through my blog, I found a few Friday High Fives you all might enjoy and probably haven't read since I had like NO followers back then! They are here and here!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


1.) If I sent you four hundred dollars today what is ONE thing you would spend it on and why. ps I want my change!
I would pay my son's daycare or my car payment because I don't have a job right now and donations by you would be wonderful and I could email you my address in about .2 seconds! And sorry there would not be any change!

2.) What are your kids talking about?

Currently they are talking about who has more noodles in their bowl!
It is a constant competition with these kids!

3.) Tell us about a local news story that's all the buzz right now in your neck of the woods.

Not necessarily all the buzz but my parents' 24 year business closing was on the 6 o'clock news yesterday! Just made me sad all over again! Apparently customers were calling the news station wondering what happened so they called my Dad for an interview and did a story.

4.) Share some blogging advice.
Link your email to your blog so when people comment you can answer them through your email or people can answer you when you comment! That annoys me when I try to talk to a commenter and it says "no reply blogger"! Ugh! Just set up a gmail account strictly for your blog. It is so easy to do. If you need help, I think Mama Kat has a post about it. Oh and turn those stupid word verification things OFF! I hate those!

5.) Tell us about that time at the playground when that thing happened

Well every time my Mom takes the boys to the park Isaiah has to pee. Normally she would have him pee behind a tree but with the weather being nicer there is a much larger crowd. Recently she took a water bottle and taught him how to pee in it in the car. Now he thinks he needs a water bottle in the car to pee in whenever it is needed and can't understand why my Mom won't pee in it when she needs to go!
Head on over to MamaKat's for more WWW posts!
You know you want to!


When Dad closed the business, I was not the only one left unemployed. My Uncle, my dad and I along with about 13 other employees were all officially out of work. Now ME.......I know I am bored, sad and ready for a job to just hop in my lap but I thought it would take Dad a little longer to feel that way. You might want to write this down ~ I was wrong!! Although Dad is sad about the store closing, he was looking forward to rest ~ needless to say I think he is rested now and has a severe case of boredom.


You eat three desserts Easter Sunday ignoring your diabetes!

Then when you are bored and in your own little world, you find fun in balancing your cane on your glasses. You may think no one is watching BUT in fact I was taking pictures!

When you have the first cane balancing act perfected, you must move onto more difficult tricks. For instance, balancing the cane vertically on your forehead should be harder who says this isn't "work"!

After all that exercise and massive quanities of sugar, it must be nap time!

Very very bored!
For more ATWT posts, go visit Jen by clicking on the image below


So we are like totally trying to save the Earth here in our house and are totally into it like for sure! It's a rad thing to do! This morning I totally put the recycle bins out ....ok wait that is a lie.....I told Hubs to like put them out since I was totally asleep and ya'll know I totally love my sleep like for sure! Well I was so on my computer trying to get my taxes done since nothing like waiting until like the very last minute ~ for sure!! Low and behold the what I thought was like a nice recycle picker upper man and all shows up. This was nice since last month he totally only picked up our recycles once instead of twice a month ~ dude! I totally complained since I am like totally paying for this service I feel like I have that right! Besides the recycled goods piled up totally fast dude and I had no where to put them. Overflowing for sure! So this morning the dude totally shows up LATE, empties my recycles into his trailer then totally THROWS my recycle bin in the middle of the yard. He totally like sees me step outside then I think I totally scared him since he picked it up and put it at the curb. On my way out to get the bin, he totally like takes out the plastic wally world bags and throws them around my yard yelling "WE DON'T TAKE THESE!" I don't think he realizes I am a newly-unemployed-not-the-SAHM-type-going-insane-dying-of-boredom-to-the-exponential woman and that I could totally like blow my top at any moment and kill him!! Needless to say I will for sure be calling to complain and you can like bet on that TOTALLY! For sure dude!

UPDATE: No I have NOT lost my mind! Wait....maybe partially! This was for a game/contest I am in over at Momdot and I had to write this post in Valley Girl tongue this afternoon in order to try and save myself from eviction! They thought it would be even funnier if we weren't allowed to tell you why we were talking that way at least until later. I must admit it was funny torture! Yes the post was completely true and I did want to strangle the recycle picker upper man! I planned on posting about it anyway but I do NOT talk like that! If you guys are followers and have read prior posts about proper speaking, then you know that almost killed me!! All in fun though!


Before handing Isaiah a container of chalk, remember to specify you are handing him SIDEWALK chalk to play with!!!

Our front door:

The side of our house:

The rocks on the outside of the house:

And I didn't even take pictures of the line down the entire hallway wall after he got caught and was on his way to his room!

Oh the joys of motherhood!

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Monday, April 13, 2009



Angela's Adventures


Angela's Adventures



Since my boys, especially Elijah, love dinosaurs and we never turn down a chance for new books, I decided to go ahead with this post. They asked if my boys like dinosaurs ~ HA! Do they like them? NO! They are obsessed with them! There are about 100 lying around for the dogs to chew and for me to step on in the middle of the night. We own about 50 books JUST about dinosaurs. We went to see Walking with the Dinosaurs! They own dinosaur t-shirts, DVDs, underwear.......need I say more! I also feel very strongly about reading to my boys and Momdot is having a Dinosaur book giveaway so go take a look!
(click on the above photo if you want to enter)


This week's theme over at I ♥ Faces is Easter/Spring photos!
I ♥ Easter photos!
I dug around my kazillion pictures on the computer and came across this oldie that I love! I played around quite a bit on Picnik and here it is! Did I do good? Honestly, I haven't a clue BUT I had fun!

Easter 2006
Isaiah was a few months shy of one and totally unsure why I sat in IN THE GRASS and put plastic eggs around him. Clueless and not impressed!