Saturday, April 25, 2009


Just moments after my "Dear New Neighbors" post the drama really began! I told the boys we needed to go inside. Elijah had to go down the street since the "new" boy had taken his bicycles pegs for his own bike and I was busy telling Isaiah to get his camera (toy ~ starting him young) from the "new" four yr old girl. Did I mention that everything in that post happened in the past 6 days? Wow! SO......the girl would not give Zay his camera and I told her she had to give it back b/c we were going inside for the night. Elijah couldn't find his pegs since the boy had left his bike at another neighbor's house. Then some other drama with the "old" trouble maker neighbor kids, their mother (and I use that term very very loosely since she only has custody of her latest two kids and the prior 4 are with her Grandmother and Sister) and the "nice boys" parents drew quite a scene. Apparently, the "nice boys" dog bite the youngest of the troublemakers who then ripped her hand away from the dog tearing the skin off of her finger. The trouble makers Grandmother and Mother went storming, yelling and screaming about calling the pound, the dog having rabies and the dog being put down. The "nice boys" parents trying to explain the situation. My question is why was THAT 4 yr old girl in their house to begin with when the kids were in front of my house. Sadly, the girl probably did something to provoke the bite but I was not there so I don't really know! She is the youngest of the "trouble makers" so your guess is as good as mine! I finally get the boys and all of their toys into the house. Then after pulling a tick off of Elijah (I really wish I could keep him out of all the trees) and all the drama that brought, I took them in for a shower when low and behold the "new" 4 yr old girl is using our bathroom. Freaking stalker!! Why she was in MY house ALONE I'll never know?

Showers done, tick burned and pajamas on!
Beating on the front starts!
Imagine that since usually they don't even knock!

They ask to come in. I politely say no since the boys are ready for bed about to eat and going to bed. They ask if they can come out and sit on the porch. Again, I politely say no. The little girl says, "Why?" in an extremely rude manner. I said, "Well because I am their Mom, they are in for the night and I said NO!" while trying to keep my cool!

Hubs finally makes it home after a long work day since it is his on-call week. I was laying on my bed talking on the phone to my Mother. I was enjoying the quiet as the boys told Daddy about their day. Suddenly, I started to hear noises either on the roof or on the side of the house. I asked Martez to see if someone was on the roof or on the side and he quickly said no as if I was crazy. I went out front to look when I could hear the dogs freaking out on the side of the house. I peak through the fence to see the "new" boy teasing the dogs. The dogs were freaking out and I thought Moose was going to have a heart attack. WAIT........did I mention in the first post that "somehow" Moose started spontaneously bleeding earlier when the boy was in the backyard? If not, well that happened earlier in the evening but no one knows why. Sounds a little fishy to me! Did I also mention that the new boy gave Moose two 4 qt bowls of water? You don't give Moose large quantities of water b/c he will drink it down to the last drop in minutes. Weeellllll, Moose drank all 8 qts then proceeded to walk into the house and vomit! NICE! Anywhoochie, (like that Shan I used your word) I told the boy to stop teasing the dogs and to go home. He proceeded to argue with me at which point I said, "Stop teasing him before he bites you!" He quit! I walked in and asked why they were in the yard. Hubs said, "They asked to come in when I was walking in and I said sure." I said sternly, "They NEED TO GO HOME! I have been dealing with them all afternoon and evening and I am done! They need to leave before someone gets hurt! I told them NO three times so why did they even ask you!"

I felt sorry for Hubs since at the time he had no clue about the "drama" and proceeded to go back out front to cool off! While getting off the phone with my Mother all of the sudden the boy appears and starts to run. He had climbed our fence and jumped the gate to get out. I told him to not climb our fence or jump our gate again because he could get hurt at which time we both hear "I'm hurt" screams and I told him to get his little sister and go home. Take into account this conversation just lasted seconds. NOW Elijah KNOWS not to climb the gate or fence but he did. Once the kid got over he then tried to scare Elijah and pushed Elijah who then fell and busted a tooth, his top lip, bottom lip, skinned his knee and cut his hand. Now I completely understand Elijah made the decision to climb the fence on his own but I am 100% sure he did not plan on getting pushed and this is probably the reason the boy was trying to run home so fast! I was ticked! We have an 8 foot fence and Elijah could have been seriously injured!

After calming Elijah down and tending to wounds, I proceeded to tell Martez everything that had happened today. I was saying this, that and the other when Isaiah chimed in with, "Yeah and when Shelby was in my woom. She told me to take my pants down!" Instantly, we both said WHAT! My insides turned and my heart was racing but I tried to repeat in my head "kids that age are curious, kids that age are curious". He proceeded with his little story........"yea she said, "take your pants down" and I said, "No!" She said, "Take your pants down!" and I said "No I will get in trouble and that will make my Mommy mad!" Then she said, "Take your pants down so I can take your picture!"

Even typing this makes me want to puke! Ugh! We then proceeded to calmly ask him questions. Apparently he did not take his pants down and neither did she BUT........ugh! Earlier in the evening while they were in the room, I caught her peeking around the corner and asked what she was doing even though I could see into about half of the room at the time. She said, "nothing!" then proceeded to go into the room and shut the door. I quickly said, "Open the door! We don't shut the doors!" A minute or two later they were going into the closet and I was uncomfortable with her need to hide since hiding often means trouble so I said we all needed to go outside.

Back to the story........Isaiah asked if he was in trouble and I said, "NO but you don't take your pants down for anyone! If it isn't Mommy, Daddy, Meme or Papa, then your pants should not be down. Your teachers, family and Mommy and Daddy's friends can button your pants after you go potty but they shouldn't need to take your pants down. Never ever let anyone touch you or take your picture naked! If someone asks you to or tries to, then you need to scream and tell Mommy and Daddy! How do you explain this to an almost four year old little boy? I tried my best. My heart was racing. My palms were sweating and I felt like I could puke. I went to find his camera and found nothing except she did climb their dresser. I called my Mom all shaking and upset who then said I needed to call someone. Then Shan and Chai called and they both said the same thing. I KNOW kids are curious at that age even though that makes me uncomfortable at times. BUT why would a four year old little girl tell him to take his pants down SO SHE COULD TAKE A PICTURE!!! What does she know about that? Why would she want a picture? On his camera? Why? To me unless she has experienced a nude photo then there is NO reason and that is beyond curiosity!!! For a four year old to actually say, "Take your pants down so I can take your picture", in my mind, says that someone has said that same thing to them. What do I do? Do I talk to the parents? Would that cause more trouble for the kids? Would they say he is lying? Would she change the story? Am I making too much of this? We in ABSOLUTELY NO way brought anything of this topic up. He interrupted our story to tell us his and he had no idea how troubling it would be for us. This story would never have crossed my mind. I should not have to explain things like this to him yet! I don't live in a bad neighborhood and I don't subject my children to questionable people so why do I have to explain this now! I know that it doesn't have to be a stranger and in fact it is normally someone they are close to but again why do I have to explain this now!?!?!?!? Do I call CPS? DHS? Police? Save her? Mistakenly accuse the family of things that may not be happening? Maybe she saw it on TV? Why would she be watching something like that? Well they are irresponsible parents after all! Is it my job to tell? Would I be saving her or tearing apart a family with a false accusation? In my mind, something has happened to her or why would she even want to take a nude photo? Can this backfire somehow? I need to move! My mind just won't stop! That house has been for sale for well over a year ~ why did they have to buy it??


  1. Angela..I really think ALL these issues need to addressed before it gets worst. Those kids obviously have no boundaries, and their actions are already hurting other people.

    Seriously, talk to someone about how to handle this. It's not normal at all!!!

    And the deal w/ the pants and picture..I'm sorry, that is NOT NORMAL BEHAVIOR FOR ANY CHILD!!!!!!!!! I know you said that kids are curious, but unless they have been exposed to like that, they will not ask. NONE of my kids have ever done that to anyone! I can't even imagine at 4 yrs old even "thinking" like that!!

    Seriously, yourself and your family misery, and do something!! How those kids behave, and all that freedom they have, and being sneaky like that is just not right!!

  2. Oh..and I'm not yelling at you...I'm just so disgusted at their parents!!!!!!!


  3. Wow! I would call CPS this is something that needs to be looked into and addressed. if it's nothing than no harm no foul. I wouldn't want it on my conscience if something did/is happening to her and I never said anything kwim.

  4. oh no!!!!!!! I too think you need to address the issue and let people who a trained in this area check into it!!!!! if there is nothing going on.... then there is no issue but if there is those kids can get the help they need!!!!!!! and if they ask those parents questions they will not give your name out!!!!!! and i am sure the other parents in your area will back you it sounds like you all are being very tolerable with the crazy things these kids are doing!!!!!!!
    there is no way i would want them around my children!!!!!
    hang in there......your heart will tell you what the right answer is!!!!

  5. There has to be a way to keep your kids away from those kids. I would be freaking out too if that was my little boy. I say call CPS or DHS about how she wanders and hopefully they can take it from there. I am so sorry you are having to go through this.

  6. TELL THE PARENTS!!! Tell your local police... just to get it on paper that you have mini hoodlums running amok.

    Oh man... I am soooo sorry you have to go through this.

    You need nieghbor help through the authorities.

  7. I would probably talk to the parents first to see how they react to the fact that she keeps coming into your house and the whole nude photo thing. Depending on their reaction, I'd decide whether or not CPS needed to be called. Good luck! This is no fun.

  8. I think I would try to sit down and talk with the child. You may start with asking her why she wanted to take the pictures and if anything like this has ever happened to her before. Make sure to tell her that her answers will not get her in trouble. If you do not feel appropriate talking to the child then get CPS involved. The parents are probably going to be pretty good at covering up whatever transgressions they have been up to. So I would not rely on their reaction for a decision. Good luck with the whole situation. I would also be sure that any contact with your children and anyone from that household is directly monitored.

    One other thing I would like to mention is that it is not always the "questionable" people that you need to worry about. Sadly in this day and age anyone can turn out to be an abuser. So I think that having this conversation with your son is a good thing and that more people should do it. Yes it gets us out of our comfort zone, but it shouldn't be about our comfort! At least now you have gotten an awkward conversation out of the way and your son knows what to do if something like this ever happens to him.

  9. I say call the CPS and let them handle it. If you try to do anything yourself like talk to the child or the parents, then YOU get dragged into things you don't need to be involved in. The CPS should handle that. You're responsibility is your own family- LOCK THE DOOR!

  10. I can't be much help because I don't really deal with kids ever.
    But I do know of a lady who might be able to help, she's like a foster mom and social worker. This is her blog
    maybe email her and see what she says. Hope things get better


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