Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So we are like totally trying to save the Earth here in our house and are totally into it like for sure! It's a rad thing to do! This morning I totally put the recycle bins out ....ok wait that is a lie.....I told Hubs to like put them out since I was totally asleep and ya'll know I totally love my sleep like for sure! Well I was so on my computer trying to get my taxes done since nothing like waiting until like the very last minute ~ for sure!! Low and behold the what I thought was like a nice recycle picker upper man and all shows up. This was nice since last month he totally only picked up our recycles once instead of twice a month ~ dude! I totally complained since I am like totally paying for this service I feel like I have that right! Besides the recycled goods piled up totally fast dude and I had no where to put them. Overflowing for sure! So this morning the dude totally shows up LATE, empties my recycles into his trailer then totally THROWS my recycle bin in the middle of the yard. He totally like sees me step outside then I think I totally scared him since he picked it up and put it at the curb. On my way out to get the bin, he totally like takes out the plastic wally world bags and throws them around my yard yelling "WE DON'T TAKE THESE!" I don't think he realizes I am a newly-unemployed-not-the-SAHM-type-going-insane-dying-of-boredom-to-the-exponential woman and that I could totally like blow my top at any moment and kill him!! Needless to say I will for sure be calling to complain and you can like bet on that TOTALLY! For sure dude!

UPDATE: No I have NOT lost my mind! Wait....maybe partially! This was for a game/contest I am in over at Momdot and I had to write this post in Valley Girl tongue this afternoon in order to try and save myself from eviction! They thought it would be even funnier if we weren't allowed to tell you why we were talking that way at least until later. I must admit it was funny torture! Yes the post was completely true and I did want to strangle the recycle picker upper man! I planned on posting about it anyway but I do NOT talk like that! If you guys are followers and have read prior posts about proper speaking, then you know that almost killed me!! All in fun though!


  1. Rad. Our recycler man totally takes Wally World bags. But, I only shop at Esprit. Totally.

  2. That's hilarious! I agree, writing like that would have drove me crazy too. I wrote a post in a run-on way a while back and boy that got me. It was SO HARD!

  3. Like oh my gosh! Total narf bag, dude! I would have been like, totally gag me with a pitch fork, dude! And oh my- I like totally dropped off my recyclables today too. RAD!

  4. What? That's not the way everyone talks? I insert the words totally, no way, O-M-G, oh my gosh, and dude, as often as possible. LOL.

    Hope you're having a great week!


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