Sunday, April 12, 2009


Saturday was a really great day! We had lots of family fun and not the working "fun" my Dad calls family fun. And what is better than free fun ~ not much! We took the boys to a local Easter Egg Hunt. I know that neither one of them were looking at the camera in the photo below, but after many tries this is THE only one without Isaiah blocking the sun from his eyes with his arm. They are so handsome ~ not biased at all I tell you!The hunt began and Zay was off!
He was so proud of his loot! Elijah was a little upset that his little brother had more eggs than him. They are constantly in competition and it is really annoying! Elijah only got around 6 eggs and Isaiah had a bunch so we had to hear about that one for quite awhile! Martez looking a little too excited to get to hold the baskets while the kids played on the playground.
After conquering my fear of getting stuck, I finally climbed in this monkey bar dome thingy ~ highly technical term there don't be intimidated! I thought it would be cool to get pictures from below but couldn't see the screen due to the sun to tell if they were any good. Why I doubted myself I'll never know!

The boys played for quite awhile and we waited in line for free lunch only to finally make it to the front of the line and find out they ran out of food. They went to get more and announced prizes. We ate then went to the Wonder Bread store. This was my first time here since I was little and I must say I should not go back. We also went to see a movie....for free!
Doesn't get much better than that!!


  1. Fabulous pics, you guys had great weather! I am jealous! Too much cold and rain here.

  2. Love the new look! I love how your decorate your blog for each month! this was a cute little post ... and I agree, there is nothing better than free fun!


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