Monday, April 25, 2011


I love Facebook!

Don't you?

I love seeing what is going on in the lives of my friends or family that I either don't see or talk to frequently!

I love seeing photos of them getting fat therefore making me feel a little better!

Well there are two things I just don't understand.....

daily self portrait sessions and pics of their kids every breathing moment!

Seriously do not have anything better to do than take 500 pics of your kids with your iPhone (since when have iPhones replaced actual cameras?  I am not ok with that idea!).  I love pics!  I love pics of my kids!  I post pics of my kids!  I love seeing pics of your kids too!  I love pics of any kids but posting a new pic of your kid every two seconds gets truly annoying.  I don't need to see them eat, play, sleep, watch tv, sit, stand, pick their nose, eat again, play some more, play in the pool, play in the tub, poop, spit up, get into trouble, cry, whine, laugh, sleep again after eating again and pooping again, sneeze, cough, twirl their hair, climb onto things, hug you, kiss you, hug their brother, kiss their brother, eat their shoe, tear a magazine, read a book or pee EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. BEFORE. NOON! 

are the ones who take 5 million self portraits again with their iPhone most of the time in the bathroom mirror.  Get a life!  Get the kid off the kitchen table and wipe their nose or go take a picture of it!  Why are they taking pictures in the bathroom anyway?  Why are they taking, editing and posting yet another picture of themselves?  We know you think you are the hottest person alive in your bathroom so give it up because I don't want yet another picture of you in the bathroom mirror holding your phone when I can tell you should spend a little more time cleaning the bathroom!  Oops Johnnie is playing in the toilet.....quick take a picture!


Saturday, April 23, 2011



I love love love them to the point of addiction!

They are probably single handedly the reason I am fat!  Just go with that and move on!

When they came out with the Reese's Big Cups, I nearly passed plum out!  It is like a piece of heaven in a bright orange wrapper!  Oh the peanut butter goodness! Salty and sweet....does it get any better?  Seriously, what girl doesn't want Big Cups and what guy for that matter!






I have no will power when it comes to the Reese's Peanut Butter Egg!  They have so much peanut butter.  I swear sometimes I hear them cry out for me to eat them and while at the store the bags of minis or regulars (not particular on size) will actually jump into my cart!  No lie!

I am going to need Easter to hurry up!

Yes, I am scared I may actually turn into a Reese's Peanut Butter Egg but even better yet


*****This is not an advertisement.  I was not paid for this post.  I was not given samples for this post.  I will; however, accept any samples given or negotiate a Reese's Peanut Butter Egg spokes model contract at any time!  Plain and simple.....I am an addict!

Friday, April 22, 2011


I seriously can't believe how fast Isaiah is growing.  Started kindergarten.....sniff sniff.........started sports.......whimper........lost his first tooth......wipes tear rolling down cheek!  I swear he is aging at lightning speed while I have managed to stay 29 for going on 6 years.  What gives!

Isaiah first loose tooth seemed loose for forever.  Loose teeth make me gag and pulling them can make me gag to the point of vomiting.  That is just so gross!  This tooth was really really loose and bending forward...gag....gag.....I mean literally hanging by a thread of whatever teeth hang by....gag!  He came to show me one evening and well truthfully I gagged then told him to show Daddy.  He went to show Daddy and well panicked.  Daddy's hand came up as though he might pull the tooth.  Hubs reassured him he just wanted to feel it and he did.  Isaiah went screaming down the hall, "DON'T TOUCH IT!  I DON'T WANT YOU TO PULL IT!"  He went running into the bathroom and while he was gone Hubs just smiled at me from the couch holding the tooth between his two fingers. 

Isaiah comes storming back into the living room saying, "Hey Daddy, did you pull my tooth because I think I really lost it and I can't find it?!?"  He was shocked as was I that it did not hurt when Hubs pulled it and he did not cry!  Serious milestone since the kid cries over EVERY. SINGLE. LITTLE. TINY. MINUTE. THING!  UGH!  Love the boy but seriously he is a cry baby such a joy! Hubs was just shocked he got it on the first try and without any tears, blood or serious Toys R Us bribing like he did when Elijah lost his first tooth.  Then we get to the part where he calls everyone in the family to alert them of his lost tooth and the whole story mainly to stall the whole bedtime routine.  Bedtime routines will probably be the death of me if the morning routine doesn't kill me first! Oh the joys of motherhood!  Papa alerted Zay to the fact that Elijah got $10 from the toothfairy when he lost his first tooth so of course I had to roundup $10.....thankyouverymuchDad!

So after putting him to bed about five times I finally told him, "You better get to bed or the toothfairy can't come."

He replied with, "Leave the light on!  Daddy will you lay with me?"

I questioned his reason for wanting the light on and wanting Daddy to lay with him and he answered with,
"I don't want some strange person coming into my room, reaching under my pillow and stealing my tooth!  That is scary!"

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Before I start complaining, I am going to start off with some positives.  I am off tomorrow for Good Friday and can't wait for the weekend.  It feels nice outside right now but it is supposed to rain for the next five days.  Although I am not excited about the rain potentially ruining all of our weekend plans, I am very excited for family fun.

Now onto my Wally World rant...warning this is long.....

Last night I had to get groceries.  I hate getting groceries but alas I guess I must actually feed the children something besides chicken nuggets and fries once and awhile.  First I went to Aldi.  Oh how I love Aldi.  Simple!  Easy!  Cheap! Nothing bad to say there but then I went to Wally World and that is a different story.

First of all, I have been letting my eyebrows grow in a little to get them threaded.  I hate plucking stray hairs daily because I am obsessed and haven't had them waxed for sometime.  The impatience and ugliness was weighing heavily on me and I lost my mind.  I walked in WW (Wally World), saw a salon and thought I am just going to get them waxed again totally forgoing my plan of threading out of fear and impatience.

Why I thought this was a good idea I am not sure but it will be a post in itself soon to come.......just know it wasn't my most brilliant idea!

Secondly, just know right now I hate the new WW layouts.  HATE. ABHOR. HATE.  I can't find anything.  I understand the remodel idea but they royally screwed up.  It makes absolutely no sense at all and I am used to knowing exactly what aisle everything I need is on.  Seriously, who picked this layout anyway.  They should be fired.  Why would you stick the chips, cookies aka snack foods over by the dog food away from the other food?  Why not put the paper goods, laundry or cleaners over there instead of the middle of the food section?  NO SENSE I TELL YOU!  Did I mention I HATE it?

So I spent  a rather long time searching for a drink shaker.  Up and down the housewares section many times.  We are not really drinkers but common sense would place shakers here, correct?  No!  I need another shaker for this shake I have been drinking.  Eventually I found one that was stainless steel and $15 dollars.  Seriously, no cheap plastic shakers?!  I did find these drink holders I have been needing for the boys' lunch pails for only 88 cents.  Woohoo!  I was excited but then I turned my cart and saw......ooooo I was not happy. 

About a month ago I decided I was going to squash my Red Diamond tea addiction and start making my own iced tea.  I could only find one ice tea maker.  I wasn't overly thrilled because it was white with royal blue.  I don't have blue anywhere in my house except the boys' room.  I overcame the decorating faux paux of the white and blue in my wine and black kitchen and bought the iced tea maker for $19.  This would save me a ton of money on my tea.  So when I turned the corner and saw WW had "rolled back" the ice tea maker price $2 PLUS got 3 new colors.....this did not make me happy.  Now I am stuck with the blue one knowing it is available in a color that matches my kitchen.  Not knowing it was available in other colors made the decorating faux paux much easier to accept.  Oh well!

Moving on.....

My Mom calls wanting me to get her some apple juice packet things.  I oblige.  I looked everywhere and couldn't find them.  Did I mention they moved the juice and now have it in two separate areas?  Juice in one area and dry juice mixes in another area.  Must make sense to the new layout idiot but us more intelligent people think this is ignorant at best!  Not only did they not have the juice but they don't carry it anymore.  I will call Mom later on that one since she will not be happy and she totally agrees with my anger towards the new WW layout idiot!  We can have a great gripe about WW session! 

Then I decide to go to the restroom.  I don't see why they didn't just put an extra bathroom right smack dab in the middle of the juice aisle.  I mean that should make sense to new WW layout drink juice then pee?!  I get in the bathroom and no one was there.  I sit down when the bathroom door slams open and I hear the running of little feet.  She starts pulling on my stall door.  I said, "This one is taken".  I can see her little sandals dancing around and this girl needed to pee.  She again tried to open my door.  I nicely said, "This one is taken.  Go to the next one sweetie."  She still pranced and pulled at my door!  In my head I was screaming, "THIS IS TAKEN!  THERE ARE FIVE OTHER EMPTY STALLS WITH OPEN DOORS....PICK ONE ALREADY AND GO PEE! WHERE IN THE WORLD IS YOUR MOTHER ANYWAY?"  I really felt simply by the size of her feet and the fact that she obviously needed help that she should NOT be in a public restroom by herself anyway but again I calmly said, "Honey you really need to choose another stall before you pee your pants."  She did and all was well!

Onto getting our pancake syrup.  We are very picky and brand specific on two condiments:  pancake syrup and soy sauce.  They still carry the syrup we like; however, they no longer carry the big bottle just the small one.  I am sure they make more on the smaller bottles but I don't like the smaller bottles so I guess I will buy that somewhere else. 

Onto getting our soy sauce.  They do NOT carry our brand of soy sauce anymore.  Guess I will buy that somewhere else too.

Onto getting our pizza crusts that we love.  Oh wait, did I mention they no longer carry those either!  I am seeing a pattern and betting I find a new grocery store.

By now you can only imagine how frustrated I am when I get done then walk to the checkout before realizing I forgot the Splenda so I could make tea in my blue ice tea maker that I paid $2 more dollars for the color I did not want.  I wasn't really sure where it would be located probably between the tampons and fish food so off to search I went. 


Finally ready to checkout!

Cashier with hot pink and green eyeshadow scans item after item when the register "rejects" the sale of my 88 cent drink holders that I have been searching for....ugh.  Cashier calls her manager who informs me apparently they were recalled and she can not sell me these items.  I said very annoyed, "Then maybe you should remove them from the shelves."  I wanted to plead for her to sell them to me but figured they were probably recalled for a reason.  She asks me, "Where did you find them?"  While laughing, I said "probably electronics with this new layout!"  It was housewares but I was too annoyed to be obliging.  Go find it yourself by the ice tea maker that I am bitter about and the $15 shaker!  Ugh....I normally am not like this but I was seriously ticked off by this time especially since now I have to go to yet another store in all my free time to get half the list of items I needed that WW no longer carries!

I pay then the cashier says. "mmmm mmmmm mmmmmm night"

Me, "excuse me?"

She again says, "mmmmm mmmmm mmmm night"

I said, "Ok I am sorry I just don't speak mumble!  Thank you!  Have a good night!" 

Come on WW: 
carry what I want
 leave the layout alone (It was fine to begin with!)
 hire people over the age of 12 that don't apply makeup like a 5 yr old or street walker and can speak CLEARLY!

I call Hubs to tell him I am on my way home when he unknowingly says, "What took so long?"


I don't think you want to ask me that question!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


When Elijah was in first grade, his friend was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes actually his friend who I will call "P" was diagnosed just a month or two before Hubs.  Anywho......our two families have grown to love each other but when your boys' are on the same teams for two sports plus are in the same class at school you spend soooooo much time together and we just can't help it.  We are pretty lovable!  Why do I go off on things that have nothing to do with the current topic?

So......Mindy has to carry P's glucometer, snacks, juices and energy.  Yep you read that correctly she carries his energy in a bottle.  Actually they are glucose tablets but she affectionately named them "energy".  She hands energy out to the other kids when asked since basically they taste just like sugar.  Isaiah loves energy.  And as though he doesn't have enough of it, Mindy gives it to him at practices. 

The other day Isaiah comes in my room.  He plops up on my bed and starts kissing me. 
He says, "oh thank you Mommy for buying energy like Mindy!"

  I was a little lost until I saw the bottle of TUMS sitting on my dresser.  Tums......glucose tabs......well they look a little alike except the size, overall purpose and well taste but who cares he totally appreciated the gesture even if it wasn't really true!  I guess I will hide the TUMS now although I am sure after eating one he will realize it is not energy!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Elijah is still obsessed with all things nature and history.  He still watches National Geographic, Discovery Channel, the History channel and Animal Planet like they are all that is on but I am just fine with that.  His new thing is to find random facts then tell us all as if he has THE most important thing to say.

A few weeks ago he comes running down the hallway screaming my name.  Of course, I run to him since he was screaming as though he lost a limb and this is the mini fact convo we had:

Elijah, "Mom, did you know that makeup is made of 50% pork oil?"

Moi, "No!  Did you know mascara is made of bat poop?" 

I won!  He was grossed out and speechless!  Not really sure if mine was fact or myth but frankly I don't care since I am a mascara addict and will continue the use even if it means I am obsessed with rubbing bat poop all over my eyelashes!


Elijah went to his friend's house the other day.  Elijah decides he is going to "freak out" Mindy, his friend's mom, and shares his little fact.

Elijah, "Did you know the makeup you wear is 50% pork oil?

Mindy, "No, I didn't know that but do you know where pork oil comes from?"

Elijah, "Of course..... PORKS!"

NOW in my sons defense....he doesn't eat "pork" remember so he doesn't realize pork is from pigs!  I am surprised he didn't answer with chicken!  EVERY meat is chicken in my boys' worlds!  If I make beef, pork chops, roast or ribs and called them by their actual names, then my kiddos would turn their little noses and say they don't like it.  Soooooo when Elijah was little I just renamed ALL meat to chicken.  My kids could be eating country style boneless pork ribs and say, "Oooo momma these chicken ribs are good!"  If I said I was making "country style boneless pork ribs" it would be a war to get them to try them so I only make chicken pork chops etc....wink*wink* 

Oh how I love my funny fact finder boy!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


In my blogging absence I have truly missed Mama Kat and Writer's Workshop Wednesday but no I go!

This week I choose.......#1)  The moment I realized I was a grown up.

When I knew I was going to be a mother, I had all the little panicky but you really don't need to panic moments that every other mother-to-be would have.  I knew in my heart I would be fine.  I always wanted to be a mother but I was told when I was 21 that I wouldn't be able to have children.  Obviously, that doctor was wrong since I now have 2 ornery little boys.  Imagine my shock, surprise and excitement!  I was going to be a mommy.  Hmmm.....I convinced myself I would be a natural except for one terrifying aspect of motherhood.


Now I am not talking about spit up but vomit.  I have a very very sensitive gag reflex.  I remember having a very serious conversation with my mother.

Moi:  "Mom, what am I going to do if he pukes?"

Mom:  "Clean it up!"

Moi:  "Moooomm, you know I will gag and puke!  Seriously what am I going to do?"

Mom while laughing:  "Wellllll, I wouldn't do that because then you will certainly have a huge mess!"

Moi, "Don't be surprised when I call you!  Hubs will just have to clean it!"

Mom.....still laughing!

She was not very sensitive to my worry.  It was serious life altering stuff here! 

Elijah was born.  He was happy, healthy and a very easy baby until.......dodo dodo.....he got......


That is one nasty, evil, nasty, stinky, nasty, hospitalizing virus!  Ugh, just thinking about it makes me gag!

I will never forget the day.  It is burned into my brain.  I was scampering around picking up odds and ends while Elijah's cute little self was sitting in the highchair eating peaches with macaroni and cheese which to this day he has NEVER eaten again.  He coughed a couple of times which I thought was rather odd and maybe he was choking so I walked over to him and then.......

he puked

Without even a thought or a gag, I cupped my hands to catch it.  I caught my son's vomit then proceeded to yell for Hubs while I dumped it into the sink.  Then while Hubs went to get Elijah some clean clothes and a wash rag I decided to call my Mom because surely that is what everyone who is excited to catch vomit does, right?!  I was so proud!  Now not so calm and supermomish over the next day since apparently lightning speed projectile vomit is uncatchable and does make me gag; however, I knew I was a grown up with my supermom vomit-catching superpower until......

Elijah ended up getting very very ill.  We took him to the hospital where it was finally determined he had rotovirus.  Now if you don't know, you don't want to know and if you do know about rotovirus, you can totally sympathize.  When we finally got to take him home, we had to give him suppositories. that is a totally different not so supermomish phone call, "Mom, how do you get Elijah's suppository thing to stay in?" followed by several gags and my Mother's unsympathetic laughter.  Needless to say after my poor baby had rotovirus, I knew I could handle it all!


My entire life I have wanted perfect vision.  At the age of 8, I got my first pair of glasses.  At the age of 9, I had my first pair of glasses with bifocals.  At age 13, I got my first pair of gas permeable contacts.  Boy were they expensive...$375 back then!  At age 18, I went to toric soft contact lenses and switched to regular soft lenses around age 21.  Needless to say I have spent practically my entire life in either glasses or contacts and I was ready to stop.  I always wanted to have my vision corrected but always thought it would be out of my reach financially and I probably wouldn't be a candidate anyway due to my high prescription.  It is funny to me that I spend my whole day now dispelling this financial myth and giving patients the opportunity to see a whole new world!

One of the many perks of my job is majorly discounted vision correction with payroll deduction.  Around August, I decided I was ready.  I have a very strong prescription and am severely nearsighted.  I couldn't see anything unless it was about a foot in front of my face.  In fact, there had been many times I had taken my contacts out at night only to put them back in because I couldn't find my glasses.  Sad but true! 

Due to my high prescription, I had the option of two different surgeries....LASIK or ICL.  Working closely with both surgeries and knowing my own vision I easily picked ICL (intercollamer lens often referred to as implantable contact lens) for better optics, quick recovery and longer lasting correction.  I will have these babies until I get cataract surgery when I am older.  The patient discounted price for the surgery is $5900.  The full price is around $13,000.  My price was about 10% of this.  Nothing short of a miracle!  I jumped on this opportunity quickly!

On September 29, 2010, the world as seen through my eyes changed.  I had ICL done in both eyes.  The following day I woke up looked at the time on the alarm clock and didn't even realize I actually saw it.  I went to the bathroom where I reached for my glasses when I looked in the mirror I gasped.  I ran back out and looked at the alarm clock in total disbelieve.  Is this happening to me?  I could see the time on the alarm clock clear as day.  I have never seen the time on the alarm clock unless I feel asleep in my contacts.  In fact, without glasses or contacts I couldn't even see the alarm clock existed let alone the time.  All I would see is a red light blob across the room.  Amazing!  I continued to get ready for work. 

On my way to work I just looked in awe at everything.  Now sure I had seen everything with my contacts but now it was even clearer than with my contacts and I wasn't wearing any glasses or contacts for the very first time since I was 8 yrs old.  Life changing I tell you!  My sister called during that drive and said, "How is your vision?"  I started crying like a big baby saying, "I just can't believe it is clear so fast.  I can see everything Lisa.  I can see everything!"  I cried the rest of the way to work just out of pure joy and thankfulness.  Everyone at work thought something was wrong when I got to work with my red weepy eyes then just hugged me and laughed.  They checked me for my one day post-op appointment and I was seeing 20/20 in one eye and 20/25 in the other.  Now six months later I am seeing 20/15 in both eyes and still just as amazed. 

It is funny to me that I see patients all day that come in telling me how "blind" they are.  When I look at their prescription it will be like a -1 and I think wow I was 6 times worse than that....they have no clue and they are still legal to drive without correction!!  I enjoy helping them see better but I also know it is not that big of a change for them.  BUT I also see patients with eyes twice as bad as mine and I think wow they are blind.  If I couldn't see anything more than a foot away from my face and trust me that is no exaggeration, then how do they see anything at all.  Those are the patients I enjoy helping the most.  I know how my life changed so I can't imagine how their life changes until they send me a thank you card or call me crying because they are just so thankful!  Those are the ones that get me and tug at my heart strings!  Those are the patients that I know understand why I cried after surgery.  Those are the ones that make me think I love my job!  Those are the ones who understand me when I say....
 "I love my new eyes!!"

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


You all know my parents closed their business in April 2009 and I was unemployed for a little over 7 months.  Finding a job was way harder than I had ever even imagined.  I could do HR, AP, AR, taxes, place order, post orders, enter new items, sales reporting, marketing and much more but no one cared.  I couldn't find a job anywhere.  I was told basically I had too much experience in too many areas aka they "thought" they couldn't afford me or I would quit too soon for a better opportunity.  I just needed a paycheck.  No one was willing to give me  a chance.  I finally got hired on at the Ophthalmology clinic/surgery center where my sister worked on November 17, 2009.  This would be a whole new world for me considering I had never worked in the medical field but I was willing to do anything by this time as long as it gave me a paycheck again!

I won't even lie when I started I absolutely hated it.  I always hated filing and would even pay my nieces and nephews to file for me.  Instead of laziness or just mere hatred of filing, I chose to call it "outsourcing".  Filing...ugh!  The first day at my new job I filed for 10 hours in heels.  I wanted to chop my feet off.  Hubs asked me what I did and I said, "I filed all day!"  He said, "Well you had to do something other than file."  I replied, "No, I filed all day long IN HIGH HEELS!"  Then I began to cry!  I hated it but that didn't matter I had to have a paycheck to feed the boys.  I was there everyday at 6:45am.  I no longer got to get the kids up and ready for their day and take them wherever they needed to be.  We all had a bit of adjusting to do for awhile and saying it didn't go over well is quite the understatement.  I didn't even see them in the mornings and then all day until about 6pm.  Let me tell you working 7-5:30 was a big change from 10-4!  I do not like mornings especially starting my morning at 5am.  I had to dress up daily including dress shoes aka high heels during my probation period then they would order scrubs.  I was excited at first but that was extremely short lived consider I wanted to cut my feet off after day 3!  I managed. 

First I worked in medical records.  Prepping almost 100 charts for each day constantly trying to stay one week ahead, sending medical records to other doctors/patients/agencies/insurance companies, searching various offices within two floors for missing charts and filing.  Oh the filing!  I thought it would be the death of me.  I moved to two desks within two weeks.  Then was I started filling in at the front desk.  Then I moved to check-in at the front desk and then check-out at the front desk.  They quickly figured out what I had said all along in each of my billion interviews over my 7.5 month long unemployment, "I learn quickly and can do anything I am taught".  I worked my butt off and it quickly paid off. 

In April after only being with the clinic a little over 4 months, our LASIK surgery counselor resigned.  I wanted the position but feared I wouldn't get it for two reasons:  (1) I had only been there for 4 months and (2)  I was too good at my current position that they wouldn't want to move me.  By this time, two of the front desk girls had been fired (one including my sister...ouch....that is a long story) and there were only two of us up front.   I just knew I wouldn't get it.  I decided to try anyway in hopes that at least they would see I wanted to move up and was willing to learn more.  Plus, I needed more a bad way!


Saying I was floored is putting it lightly.  I had my very own office.....A BIG OFFICE WITH A WHOLE WALL OF WINDOWS.

I did strictly LASIK counseling for about two months.  Then the Cataract counselor took a week off so I was quickly thrown into that as well.  Now I do LASIK counseling, cataract, YAG, SLT, ICL, DSAEK, PTG and corneal transplant counseling plus they have added a little marketing to all of this.  (I know you don't know what half of that is but it is a LOT!)


Now it is by far not the perfect job and I have my moments (especially when insurance companies are involved) but I have learned a whole new world of information involving eyes and vision and it is truly interesting and amazing the things we can do!  I work a lot and often worry about the impact this has had on our lives but I also have not missed a thing involving the boys sports or school activities.  I have become friends with some great people and had my own life changing opportunity that I will tell you all about later.  In short, this job has been a whirlwind and a God send to my life.  It seems like just yesterday I was searching high and low desperate for job but really I have been here almost a year and a half.  I think it is good to keep that time fresh in my mind so that I will always make sure I am an asset and keep my job as well as keep me humble!  Wow how time flies!


It is funny to me that even though it has been nearly a year since I have last blog I can still think of plenty of them in my head while trying to fall asleep and instantly when something funny happens I think "I need to blog about that".  Alas, I just can't seem to find the time.  I work work work, then I am a mom, referee, coach, maid, laundry service, wife, friend, daughter, sister, chef, my children's biggest sports fan and well just plain exhausted.  But I am just like all the other bloggers who somehow manage to do it all so I am going to attempt one more time to add in one of my loves.....blogging.  I would love to add scrapbooking to that list since I have an actual scrapbook room now but that is going to have to wait since it takes so much time and I can actually type faster than I can scrapbook.

So much has happened since I last blogged and I will update in several posts instead of one giant update blog post.  Your welcome!  Hopefully this time I will be able to keep up with blogging which should be a little easier now that I have a laptop.  Sooooo stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Here is May and the beginning of June in a nutshell......hold onto your seats folks......

Friday before Mother's Day, Dad went into the hospital where he remained for a week with diverticulitis and a perforated colon.  I battled bronchitis and didn't get to even visit my Dad.  My sister also went to the hospital when she passed out while getting her haircut. I missed two days of work due to illness then an EF2 tornado hit our neighborhood....scary yet somewhat humorous post with pics will be up soon.  No power for about a day!  Dad and Sister got out of the hospital then I went to the ER because........I could NOT breath like thought I was going to die can't breath.  Now if that doesn't freak you out what will.  So Dad went to the cardiologist the following week to hear "Everything looks good.  There is one area of the heart that is not getting enough blood but I can give you a medication for that."  Ok things looking up right!


Dad started the new medication which apparently was supposed to start gradually even though this was not the directions from the cardiologist!  This made his blood pressure plummet and sent him to the hospital once again on Isaiah's birthday.  The same day Avani got second degree burns on her thigh and also went to the hospital.  My sister also went back to the hospital.  All three are out of the hospital for a few days.  My sister goes back into the hospital and has her gallbladder removed.  This was supposed to be the end of all the drama since May was finally over.

So we thought......then June rolled in!

Isaiah had to have oral surgery on June 1st.  A few days later Dad went to his primary care doctor for a routine visit BUT got sent straight to the hospital yet again to have a heart cath.  A day later the heart cath revealed a 90% blockage and they placed a 2nd stint.  I guess it is time for a new cardiologist since he totally missed the 90% blockage at Dad's appointment the month before and said, "Everything looks good!" 

Last but definitely NOT least...

I go to Urgent Care because I got bit by a brown recluse....more on that later too...but to ease your fears my leg did not rot off!  Then nephew Logan goes to the ER twice in two days.  Then Avani damages a previous break in her wrist at my boys' birthday party (more on that one too!) and goes to the ER.  I am shooting for a peaceful July and starting it out with a mini vacation!  That should do the trick!

We don't plan on seeing the inside of the 4 hospitals and 2 urgent cares the family frequented anytime soon....although I guess we didn't plan any of those visits to begin with!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So we got a new radio station in town called GenX radio.  GenX plays mostly 90s music and I love it!  I know every word to almost every song and boy can I sing along.  Makes me feel young again.  I can hear a song and tell you what I was doing in either high school or college.  Takes me back!

One day I was singing along and Elijah says, "Hey Mom, is this the oldies?"



Hmm....doing the calculations in my head I had nothing to say other than, "Well yes I guess so!"  Can it be that songs from my youth are now considered oldies by kids?  How sad is that!

Sooooo....the next day I am telling the young bucks at work about Elijah's comment.  One chimes in with, "Wow I was 10 when that music played!"  The other chimes in with, "I was 6!" 


I no longer speak to them about my youth!