Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Elijah is still obsessed with all things nature and history.  He still watches National Geographic, Discovery Channel, the History channel and Animal Planet like they are all that is on but I am just fine with that.  His new thing is to find random facts then tell us all as if he has THE most important thing to say.

A few weeks ago he comes running down the hallway screaming my name.  Of course, I run to him since he was screaming as though he lost a limb and this is the mini fact convo we had:

Elijah, "Mom, did you know that makeup is made of 50% pork oil?"

Moi, "No!  Did you know mascara is made of bat poop?" 

I won!  He was grossed out and speechless!  Not really sure if mine was fact or myth but frankly I don't care since I am a mascara addict and will continue the use even if it means I am obsessed with rubbing bat poop all over my eyelashes!


Elijah went to his friend's house the other day.  Elijah decides he is going to "freak out" Mindy, his friend's mom, and shares his little fact.

Elijah, "Did you know the makeup you wear is 50% pork oil?

Mindy, "No, I didn't know that but do you know where pork oil comes from?"

Elijah, "Of course..... PORKS!"

NOW in my sons defense....he doesn't eat "pork" remember so he doesn't realize pork is from pigs!  I am surprised he didn't answer with chicken!  EVERY meat is chicken in my boys' worlds!  If I make beef, pork chops, roast or ribs and called them by their actual names, then my kiddos would turn their little noses and say they don't like it.  Soooooo when Elijah was little I just renamed ALL meat to chicken.  My kids could be eating country style boneless pork ribs and say, "Oooo momma these chicken ribs are good!"  If I said I was making "country style boneless pork ribs" it would be a war to get them to try them so I only make chicken pork chops etc....wink*wink* 

Oh how I love my funny fact finder boy!


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