Thursday, April 21, 2011


Before I start complaining, I am going to start off with some positives.  I am off tomorrow for Good Friday and can't wait for the weekend.  It feels nice outside right now but it is supposed to rain for the next five days.  Although I am not excited about the rain potentially ruining all of our weekend plans, I am very excited for family fun.

Now onto my Wally World rant...warning this is long.....

Last night I had to get groceries.  I hate getting groceries but alas I guess I must actually feed the children something besides chicken nuggets and fries once and awhile.  First I went to Aldi.  Oh how I love Aldi.  Simple!  Easy!  Cheap! Nothing bad to say there but then I went to Wally World and that is a different story.

First of all, I have been letting my eyebrows grow in a little to get them threaded.  I hate plucking stray hairs daily because I am obsessed and haven't had them waxed for sometime.  The impatience and ugliness was weighing heavily on me and I lost my mind.  I walked in WW (Wally World), saw a salon and thought I am just going to get them waxed again totally forgoing my plan of threading out of fear and impatience.

Why I thought this was a good idea I am not sure but it will be a post in itself soon to come.......just know it wasn't my most brilliant idea!

Secondly, just know right now I hate the new WW layouts.  HATE. ABHOR. HATE.  I can't find anything.  I understand the remodel idea but they royally screwed up.  It makes absolutely no sense at all and I am used to knowing exactly what aisle everything I need is on.  Seriously, who picked this layout anyway.  They should be fired.  Why would you stick the chips, cookies aka snack foods over by the dog food away from the other food?  Why not put the paper goods, laundry or cleaners over there instead of the middle of the food section?  NO SENSE I TELL YOU!  Did I mention I HATE it?

So I spent  a rather long time searching for a drink shaker.  Up and down the housewares section many times.  We are not really drinkers but common sense would place shakers here, correct?  No!  I need another shaker for this shake I have been drinking.  Eventually I found one that was stainless steel and $15 dollars.  Seriously, no cheap plastic shakers?!  I did find these drink holders I have been needing for the boys' lunch pails for only 88 cents.  Woohoo!  I was excited but then I turned my cart and saw......ooooo I was not happy. 

About a month ago I decided I was going to squash my Red Diamond tea addiction and start making my own iced tea.  I could only find one ice tea maker.  I wasn't overly thrilled because it was white with royal blue.  I don't have blue anywhere in my house except the boys' room.  I overcame the decorating faux paux of the white and blue in my wine and black kitchen and bought the iced tea maker for $19.  This would save me a ton of money on my tea.  So when I turned the corner and saw WW had "rolled back" the ice tea maker price $2 PLUS got 3 new colors.....this did not make me happy.  Now I am stuck with the blue one knowing it is available in a color that matches my kitchen.  Not knowing it was available in other colors made the decorating faux paux much easier to accept.  Oh well!

Moving on.....

My Mom calls wanting me to get her some apple juice packet things.  I oblige.  I looked everywhere and couldn't find them.  Did I mention they moved the juice and now have it in two separate areas?  Juice in one area and dry juice mixes in another area.  Must make sense to the new layout idiot but us more intelligent people think this is ignorant at best!  Not only did they not have the juice but they don't carry it anymore.  I will call Mom later on that one since she will not be happy and she totally agrees with my anger towards the new WW layout idiot!  We can have a great gripe about WW session! 

Then I decide to go to the restroom.  I don't see why they didn't just put an extra bathroom right smack dab in the middle of the juice aisle.  I mean that should make sense to new WW layout drink juice then pee?!  I get in the bathroom and no one was there.  I sit down when the bathroom door slams open and I hear the running of little feet.  She starts pulling on my stall door.  I said, "This one is taken".  I can see her little sandals dancing around and this girl needed to pee.  She again tried to open my door.  I nicely said, "This one is taken.  Go to the next one sweetie."  She still pranced and pulled at my door!  In my head I was screaming, "THIS IS TAKEN!  THERE ARE FIVE OTHER EMPTY STALLS WITH OPEN DOORS....PICK ONE ALREADY AND GO PEE! WHERE IN THE WORLD IS YOUR MOTHER ANYWAY?"  I really felt simply by the size of her feet and the fact that she obviously needed help that she should NOT be in a public restroom by herself anyway but again I calmly said, "Honey you really need to choose another stall before you pee your pants."  She did and all was well!

Onto getting our pancake syrup.  We are very picky and brand specific on two condiments:  pancake syrup and soy sauce.  They still carry the syrup we like; however, they no longer carry the big bottle just the small one.  I am sure they make more on the smaller bottles but I don't like the smaller bottles so I guess I will buy that somewhere else. 

Onto getting our soy sauce.  They do NOT carry our brand of soy sauce anymore.  Guess I will buy that somewhere else too.

Onto getting our pizza crusts that we love.  Oh wait, did I mention they no longer carry those either!  I am seeing a pattern and betting I find a new grocery store.

By now you can only imagine how frustrated I am when I get done then walk to the checkout before realizing I forgot the Splenda so I could make tea in my blue ice tea maker that I paid $2 more dollars for the color I did not want.  I wasn't really sure where it would be located probably between the tampons and fish food so off to search I went. 


Finally ready to checkout!

Cashier with hot pink and green eyeshadow scans item after item when the register "rejects" the sale of my 88 cent drink holders that I have been searching for....ugh.  Cashier calls her manager who informs me apparently they were recalled and she can not sell me these items.  I said very annoyed, "Then maybe you should remove them from the shelves."  I wanted to plead for her to sell them to me but figured they were probably recalled for a reason.  She asks me, "Where did you find them?"  While laughing, I said "probably electronics with this new layout!"  It was housewares but I was too annoyed to be obliging.  Go find it yourself by the ice tea maker that I am bitter about and the $15 shaker!  Ugh....I normally am not like this but I was seriously ticked off by this time especially since now I have to go to yet another store in all my free time to get half the list of items I needed that WW no longer carries!

I pay then the cashier says. "mmmm mmmmm mmmmmm night"

Me, "excuse me?"

She again says, "mmmmm mmmmm mmmm night"

I said, "Ok I am sorry I just don't speak mumble!  Thank you!  Have a good night!" 

Come on WW: 
carry what I want
 leave the layout alone (It was fine to begin with!)
 hire people over the age of 12 that don't apply makeup like a 5 yr old or street walker and can speak CLEARLY!

I call Hubs to tell him I am on my way home when he unknowingly says, "What took so long?"


I don't think you want to ask me that question!


  1. I am so sorry you had a bad night at WW.....but your post made me laugh!! But I am going to agree with you...the layout stinks!! And the fact that WW gets us all hooked on the store and then stop carrying all the popular brands makes me crazy!!
    Hope you have a great Easter weekend!!!

  2. WW totally sucks now. Their layout makes no sense whatsoever. I can't believe their craft isle is down to nil (did I spell that right?) and they've stopped carrying many other things. And is Max Factor no longer in business, or did WW stop carrying them? I had to waste $$ to find new mascara that I'm even satisfied with- I don't love it like I did my 2000 calorie. And they're totally shooting themselves in the foot by ceasing and dissisting their craft supplies. Is that just my opinion??


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