Friday, April 22, 2011


I seriously can't believe how fast Isaiah is growing.  Started kindergarten.....sniff sniff.........started sports.......whimper........lost his first tooth......wipes tear rolling down cheek!  I swear he is aging at lightning speed while I have managed to stay 29 for going on 6 years.  What gives!

Isaiah first loose tooth seemed loose for forever.  Loose teeth make me gag and pulling them can make me gag to the point of vomiting.  That is just so gross!  This tooth was really really loose and bending forward...gag....gag.....I mean literally hanging by a thread of whatever teeth hang by....gag!  He came to show me one evening and well truthfully I gagged then told him to show Daddy.  He went to show Daddy and well panicked.  Daddy's hand came up as though he might pull the tooth.  Hubs reassured him he just wanted to feel it and he did.  Isaiah went screaming down the hall, "DON'T TOUCH IT!  I DON'T WANT YOU TO PULL IT!"  He went running into the bathroom and while he was gone Hubs just smiled at me from the couch holding the tooth between his two fingers. 

Isaiah comes storming back into the living room saying, "Hey Daddy, did you pull my tooth because I think I really lost it and I can't find it?!?"  He was shocked as was I that it did not hurt when Hubs pulled it and he did not cry!  Serious milestone since the kid cries over EVERY. SINGLE. LITTLE. TINY. MINUTE. THING!  UGH!  Love the boy but seriously he is a cry baby such a joy! Hubs was just shocked he got it on the first try and without any tears, blood or serious Toys R Us bribing like he did when Elijah lost his first tooth.  Then we get to the part where he calls everyone in the family to alert them of his lost tooth and the whole story mainly to stall the whole bedtime routine.  Bedtime routines will probably be the death of me if the morning routine doesn't kill me first! Oh the joys of motherhood!  Papa alerted Zay to the fact that Elijah got $10 from the toothfairy when he lost his first tooth so of course I had to roundup $10.....thankyouverymuchDad!

So after putting him to bed about five times I finally told him, "You better get to bed or the toothfairy can't come."

He replied with, "Leave the light on!  Daddy will you lay with me?"

I questioned his reason for wanting the light on and wanting Daddy to lay with him and he answered with,
"I don't want some strange person coming into my room, reaching under my pillow and stealing my tooth!  That is scary!"


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