Friday, March 28, 2008


Tonight Shandolynne, Cleta and I along with her mother took our kids to see Sesame Street Live. We joke about our kids being betrothed and I think if we push hard enough it could happen! Ha! Honestly though they think the world of each other and it was actually their first "date" that is with just us mommies and Cleta to chaperon. We went to Zio's to eat then watched them ham it up with Elmo and the rest of the Sesame Street gang. Well I guess "I" watched them ham it up b/c after the intermission the sleepy kids crawled up onto sleepy Shandolynne's lap and I think I may have been the only awake at the end but we all had a great time..both young and old!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Elijah has been begging us to take his training wheels off of his bike and today we finally did. Martez was getting frustrated at first and wanted to give up after about 3 mins b/c they were both stressing out but I pulled him aside said be patient and calm and he will learn it much faster, don't act like you were born riding a bike. Martez regrouped and I am so glad HE was able to teach him how to ride his bike so I could take pics, of course!

He was riding the bike all by himself within 27 minutes! He was having a little trouble starting but we taught him how to use the curb. Everything was going good........

...Moose and Elijah were on a roll down the street when...

...Elijah ran smack dab into the Mustang on the right side of the pic while trying to look back at us! Martez went running to his aid but he was fine then Elijah ran up a driveway into a pile of leftover ice storm debris then down into an SUV! OUCH!

It was so "serious"! He was "never going to ride the bike again"! So I had him call Meme and Papa to tell them how good he did and of course he needed to tell them he would "never" ride again b/c he was seriously injured! I thought the Batman band aid would help but not so much he still just moped around for about 30 minutes. He sat in the house until I asked Martez to put Elijah's bike into my car so I could take it to Goodwill since he was going to just give up and never ride again! Well I'll try in a little bit! My response, "Oh OK but only if YOU want to!" trying to make him think I didn't care but I just didn't want him to give up! Next thing I know he is out on the bike and didn't stop for about an hour! Go baby go! Just watch out for parked vehicles and dead tree debris! lol Of course Isaiah who is extremely jealous and constantly demands attention had to have a picture of him riding his "bike" with "no hands momma!"

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!

Today Isaiah said he was ready to go and I said no we have to change clothes, get your hat and your backpack. Isaiah came running into our room a couple of minutes later with pjs off, hat on and backpack on "ready" to go! How funny is he!

I was in Target awhile back and in the dollar section towards the front of the store they had some St. Patrick's Day hats. I thought it would be cute to put them on the boys and take their pics.......constantly thinking like a scrapbooker now! And wellll...........

............I was right! Look how cute they are! Elijah's picture cracks me up with his teeth gone!

Where'd my sneaky little leprechauns go?!?!?

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Elijah has been learning about different Presidents in school. He comes home telling us all about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and George Bush. Last week I had to pick Tez up from track after I had picked up Elijah. Here is how the story goes:

Elijah doing the normal ride home from school trivia, "Mommy did you know Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth president and he died."

Mommy driving says, "Mmm hmmm!"

Elijah continues with, "He was shot in the head at a theater."

Mommy driving says, "Mmm hmmm!"

Elijah says, "It’s so sad! Poor President just got shot in the head and died."

Tez jumps in with, "Poor guy just got shot in the head at the movies!"

Mommy laughing so hard she can’t drive so I stop and reply with still laughing "They didn’t have movies back then!"

In unison they say, "Well why was he at a theater!"

It still makes me laugh even now! Well gotta go buy tickets to a musical or play of some sort so my children know about the theater!


I bought a bubble machine the other day and it is a hit! I took pictures like always and some of them were too cute not to share. Now I have to do a really cute page with them!