Thursday, March 13, 2008


Elijah has been learning about different Presidents in school. He comes home telling us all about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and George Bush. Last week I had to pick Tez up from track after I had picked up Elijah. Here is how the story goes:

Elijah doing the normal ride home from school trivia, "Mommy did you know Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth president and he died."

Mommy driving says, "Mmm hmmm!"

Elijah continues with, "He was shot in the head at a theater."

Mommy driving says, "Mmm hmmm!"

Elijah says, "It’s so sad! Poor President just got shot in the head and died."

Tez jumps in with, "Poor guy just got shot in the head at the movies!"

Mommy laughing so hard she can’t drive so I stop and reply with still laughing "They didn’t have movies back then!"

In unison they say, "Well why was he at a theater!"

It still makes me laugh even now! Well gotta go buy tickets to a musical or play of some sort so my children know about the theater!

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