Friday, June 29, 2007


I am soo sooo sooooo sick of the Rhianna song Umbrella!!!!! On our way to Iowa I think we easily heard that song thirty times in the first 5 hours. Once you hit a certain area radio stations are few and far between unless it is talk radio or seriously country not normal country so every time we would find a station that song would be on-on-on! I am not kidding!! That is how we would find other stations because they would either be talking and talking or playing Umbrella-a-a-a-a! Elijah knows the entire song! It makes me want to shoot the radio-o-o-o-o! Now I am home and they are playing the remix! Who cares it is still the same song? Umbrella-uh-uh-uh........Cinderella-a-a-a-a-a...........ack....ugh!!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I forgot to tell you all about our near death experience on the highway. I didn't tell anyone since he didn't want hear about it all weekend but my hubby almost killed us by falling asleep while driving on Wednesday night! He had been up since 5am Wednesday morning and we left Tulsa around 6pm so he was understandably tired but willing to drive. About 50 miles south of Kansas City I asked him if he wanted me to drive and he said "If you want to". I said "Do you need me to?" He said yes and I told him to stop at the next gas station about 4 miles away. This was the plan but he only made it about two more minutes before I noticed the edge of the road was further away and two lanes of highway were on my right. How is this possible you ask. Well he was in the long center area meant for highway patrolmen to do a u-turn. I looked up and all I saw was grass from the center median and cars coming head on. I screamed and grabbed the wheel and he woke up all confused drove across two lanes of highway traffic then onto the shoulder where he said I can't drive anymore and jumped out of the car not even looking for cars. I obviously took over the driving after I sat on the shoulder totally freaked out in disbelief at what just happened. I drove about two hours then stopped at a hotel. Needless to say I did not sleep the whole entire way home and it was hard my head was bobbing and he kept telling me to go to sleep. Yeah right are you kidding me! It was a struggle since we had no sleep all week but I wasn't about to relive the prior incident and not be able to keep him awake! Thank God I didn't sleep on the way there or we might not be here today!!! Thank you Jesus!!! It gave new meaning to Jesus Take the Wheel

Monday, June 25, 2007


The Bryan Family Reunion was this past weekend in Montezuma, Iowa at Fun Valley a ski resort my Great Uncle Edwin started forever ago then passed down to my cousins and boy did we have fun! We left on Wednesday and arrived Thursday afternoon. I also decided a good 'ol map is better than a GPS system unless you need to find a close gas station or restaurant. The boys learned all about corn, beans, cows, pigs, creeks, frogging and met even more cousins then last year. It was really good to see everyone! There was almost 100 family members there and about 80 still missing! We are breeders!!!! Anyway we got there Thursday and stayed in my cousin's camper parked next to mom and dad's. There was a corn field about 100 feet from one end and a creek about 40 feet on the other so we had to watch the boys at all times when at the camper. It rained bad Thursday night and they even had tornadoes much to Elijah's dismay. Well mom tells me that when my brother Curt was two he got lost in a corn field and the only one that could find him was Boots their Great Dane. WHAT? Don't tell me this when I have a two year old staying about 100 feet from a corn field. So between the corn field and bridge over the creek on the opposite side, Isaiah made us a nervous wreck. Friday we went to meat market. The smell in there was horrific!!! If you know me then you know I was gagging! Elijah instantly said "Mommy it smells really bad in here". Then he saw the dead animals hanging in the meat locker and saw the butcher chopping up pigs and cows and decided he will just eat chicken well in nugget form!! Then my dad took us to see the sights aka fields. It went a little something like this: This is the house where I grew up but they tore it down so now it is a field. This is the old farm schoolhouse I went to and where we peed across the dirt road as boys but they tore it down too! This is the gas station where Grandpa worked and the house behind it is where they brought Uncle Steve home from the hospital but they tore that down too! Pretty soon Elijah was asking why Grandpa kept showing us fields and when will he actually show us something! Now everything was fields of corn - imagine that! We went back and my cousin Allison was there with her three girls so Martez took them all fishing but they only caught frogs. Then her daughters who are scared of absolutely nothing took Elijah down into the creek for the first time. So I went to my Great Aunt Kaye's house to see her and my Grandma and listened to them do there old lady bickering. Grandma then told Aunt Kaye to go ahead and go to the lodge to see her daughter and her girls since I could just bring Grandma down after the ham was done. Little did I know when I obliged that the ham still had to cook for another hour and a half so I would have to listen to my Grandma go on and on and on about all her woes. Did I mention it was an HOUR AND A HALF?!?!? I love my grandma dearly but ever since my Grandpa died in 2003 she has become very lonely and bitter very bitter! I had to hear all about how no one comes to see her and I am the only grandchild that calls or visits and how her sons should be closer and blah blah blah. Only about a quarter of what she said was even true!! She is a completely different person since Papa died and I have always come to her defense when everyone complains about her because she is alone now for the first time in 64 years but oh my goodness it was the longest conversation of my life and I only said about 10 words!!!!!! It was a major stuggle for me to even stay awake! Luckily when the ham was done I rushed her down to the lodge for others to enjoy!! We all ate and had a good time regardless of the storm going on outside. Saturday morning Martez took Elijah frogging with my cousins Adam, Kris, and James. They had a really good time but only caught little frogs so the frog legs were even smaller. Martez got to experience frogging and the skinning! Yuck!! We all just hung out, talked and ate all day long! I think the only time I even really saw Elijah was at dinner time and bedtime! He had a blast! He lived in the creek for four days and loved it! Isaiah just played with the little kids! It was wonderful - at bedtime they actually fell asleep in record time!! At night it was nice to go to the picnic table outside the camper, listen to the mini waterfallI, talk, watch the deer come out and eat, and watch the fireworks made possible by the hundreds of lightning bugs in the valley! We were up until at least three o' clock every morning talking. I learned several of the women in my family have plantar fasciitis so I am not alone. I also never realized how many people in our family had blue eyes until now! There was MAYBE fifteen people there with brown eyes but the rest were all really pretty blue!!! Why couldn't one of my boys be a blue eyed heart breaker? We left Sunday and Elijah cried and cried because he wanted to live at Fun Valley with all his frogs. We then went to the Newport (my grandma's side of the family) family reunion in Oskaloosa about thirty minutes away. It was mainly older people until more of the Bryan's came! Fun time again just talking and eating. The Bryan's definately know how to cook and eat!! Not good when you are dieting!!!! We left late sunday afternoon and made it home in record time and the boys were amazing the whole ride home especially since we only stopped once! We all had a great time and everytime we go to Iowa I want to live there but it would be so far away from everyone here and I want my boys to grow up around their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins here too! I then begin to think I should just visit there more often instead because I couldn't handle driving thirty minutes to Wal-mart to get groceries and necessities or eat out or do anything not involving nature! Love you all up there but I am staying here for now!


My cousins Adam and Tiera told Martez they thought they heard a mountain lion outside the lodge a couple days before we arrived so Martez was telling me the story. Well Saturday night I was picking up stuff around the camper at 1:00 am when I heard a noise. I looked across the small bridge over the "crick" and saw an animal but it was hard to tell what it was since its head was down. I instantly thought of the mountain lion and thought I could just crap my pants and run right now but I didn't want to make any sudden movements. It raised its head and I could see then that it was a deer but then it starred me down. No moving just looking right into my eyes. Then I thought this may not be good since I don't know if deer ever charge. I live by no deer! It starred for quite sometime and I stood frozen the entire time then it resumed eating and never crossed the bridge but that was okay since it didn't even have to in order to scare the crap out of me! I am not scared of deer as a matter of fact I had got out of the car a couple of days earlier to take a picture of one stopped about three feet in front of my car before I realized that probably wasn't the brightest idea I've had; however, once you are told about a possible mountain lion on the land where you sleep a mouse could put the fear of God in you!!!


We have returned from our oh so fabulous trip to Iowa for two family reunions! We had sooo much fun and there will be more blogging to come but I had to tell you about the ride there on Wednesday. Normally it is are we there yet and there was some of that but mainly it was identifying things for Isaiah. He saw plenty of "dow dows" aka cows and had to point out each and everyone. Do you realize how many cows are between Oklahoma and Iowa? Mostly though it was Elijah saying what is that and I had to become creative since the only answer I had for each question was corn so it went a little something like this:

Q: Mommy what is that? A: Corn

Q: Mommy what is that? A: Corn

Q: Mommy what is that? A: Beans

Q: Mommy what is that? A: More corn

Q: Mommy what is that? A: Shorter corn

Q: Mommy what is that? A: Tall corn

Q: Mommy what is that? A: Diagonal corn

Q: Mommy what is that? A: Corn planted in straight lines

Q: Mommy what is that?

A: Criss cross corn - besides a few beans, pigs, cows, barns and silos it is ALL corn okay!!!

His response to my attempt to stop the questions: Wow these people must really love corn and eat a LOT of it! Then on Sunday we went to a second reunion that was in a neighborhood and the corn field butted right up to their houses and he said "Momma are we going here to eat a lot of corn because look they even planted corn in their backyard and it is almost touching their house."

Friday, June 08, 2007


This can not possibly be happening to me! Why? What are the odds? I've never even talked to anyone else who has experienced this trauma. This could cause me to breakdown soon. It happened again! I am not lying, exaggerated and in no possible way is this humorous to me!! If you read my blog you know this happened last year then again a couple of nights ago and it happened again! I am in TOTAL disbelief! At least I have a witness this time so they can't all say I am crazy! About 15 minutes ago I was relaxing watching So You Think You Can Dance amazed by the dancing abilities of the young dancers wishing I could do the same when I spotted a spider. It was not as large as they have been so I took a deep breath took off my flip flop and hit it. Oh dear Lord above are you just punishing me for something by constantly using my fear of spiders!!! IT HAPPENED AGAIN! If this has happened to anyone other than me please let me know so I can not feel so alone and weird. Little tiny baby spiders flew everywhere! I was hitting them with the flip flop but the little bit of air from me frantically swatting the shoe was sending the tiny things in all directions. I screamed about five times for Martez - nothing! I decided to go get the windex and when I returned I sprayed the babies and when I went to spray the momma spider she was GONE! All I can say is !@$#%$^!#$#!@%^!!!! Right about then when I am in full panic mode - looking everywhere, hopping around, shaking and breathing extremely fast! This has never happened to me before but I think my thoughts of the spiders taking over no matter how irrational are becoming overwhelming! This just doesn't happen to anyone especially not THREE times!!!!! Seriously! Martez walks in from locking our outside gate and I went in to hysterical mode and made him move all furniture around the area until we found her, killed her and the rest of her demon spawn. The exterminator is getting my call 1st thing in the morning because my next Friday appointment is NOT soon enough and if they can't come tomorrow then I will call every exterminator in town until I find one that can. If I don't find one who can come tomorrow I may need to search for a doctor who does house calls for heavy sedation in the obviously high possibility it happens to me again!!!! I am not going to say it can't happen again because I said that the first and second time and it still happened a third time so I am keeping my mouth shut. That reminds me - I begin thinking each time this happens that if I hadn't killed each one of those momma spiders and the hundreds of little spiderlings they would be EVERYWHERE just multiplying uncontrollably. Which then in turn brings me to the awful fact my friend Melanie told me awhile back - did you know humans occasionally swallow spiders in their sleep and it adds up over your lifetime? How evil is she to tell me that?!?!!? Imagine how many spiders I have swallowed in the past year alone living in the "Spider Breeding Grounds"! @!$!#%$@!@ Well I am going to brush my teeth no telling how many spider guts are there from accidentally biting down in my sleep then I am going to duct tape my mouth shut and go to bed! Right about now is where Melanie being her sweet self comments me to tell me "Don't worry if you tape your mouth shut they'll just go in your ears or up your nose!" So thank you Mel in advance for the thoughtful comment I know you will send me!!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Elijah boggles my mind - the questions this kid comes up! He is one of few who can sometimes leave me speechless. Recently he got me! I had no way to answer his question. It all started simple! "Momma God created all the animals in all the world, right?"
"Yes," I reply.
"And he created the dinosaurs"
I just nodded! He went on and on naming everything known to mankind! Then it came....."Well Jesus is God's son and Mary is Jesus' mother, right?"
I nod! "So God is Mary's husband?"
"No...." wait how do I explain the next part other than God just put a baby in her belly. Hmmmmm......somehow I got out of that one and then came the biggie!
"Who created God?" he asked.
"He was just there in heaven."
"That can't be right mommy and he can't create himself so who created God?"
I need help here! How do you explain that? Who created God? Things that make you go hmmmm.......
Luckily somehow after tripping over my answer and the major rebuttal, the question was dropped to go catch frogs but I still wonder how to answer the question in order for a five year old to understand if I don't now! Then in the car a couple of days later he says, "Hey mom I didn't know God was black like Daddy." "Where did you learn that?" I asked. "Well I saw it on TV they are doing a new movie about Noah's ark and God is black." Later I saw the preview for "Evan Almighty" and Morgan Freeman plays God. Great now he is forever going to think Morgan Freeman is actually God!


Elijah always says he is full and then asks for something to eat every thirty minutes even after he has gone to bed. Not always a snack because he really isn't a snacker but he'll often want another meal! Most kids his age would ask for candy or ice cream or some kind of snack food but since my child refuses to eat anything sweet (wierd I know but he doesn't like them!) not my kid he wants like chicken, potatoes, noodles etc. I curbed that for awhile by offering cheese crackers and I am glad he stops when he is full unlike Isaiah and Martez the bottomless pits but I need to stop this eating late issue because that is just as bad. So I have been layin' down the law but he is just so smart! He has started some reverse psychology on me! The nerve - where ever would he learn that! His last attempt for food was funny though! Forever he was worried about his teeth falling out so I could just say "No you don't want your teeth to fall out, do you?" It would end there! He even asked for awhile, "Mommy if I eat.......will my teeth fall out!" My answer was always "Yes!" It was just so easy and effective how could I resist! Well last night was different. He asked for some whale crackers really late so I said my normal "No your teeth will fall out!" expecting the conversation to end there. He said, "Mommy do you ever want the toothfairy to come see us?" "Yes son I want the toothfairy to come." His reply, "Then give me some whale crackers so my teeth will fall out!" WHAT?!?! Guess I will be looking for a new, easy, unarguable (is that a word?) response to Momma can I have some.......


If you read my blog or know me even a little, you know I have an immense fear of spiders! Do they really have a purpose other than to crawl around making webs everywhere and scaring people? NO! Well it happened to me again and I can't believe it. This morning at 1:48am I was attacked by the little demon spawn. I was walking, barefoot mind you, through my living room to take Moose our dog out and don't ask me why I don't exactly know why all the sudden he wanted to go out. I saw a brown blob on the floor and thought it might be a spider. I kept walking thinking it wasn't then turned to take a second glance. I got creeped out at the fact I could've stepped on it with my barefoot. Guess who won't be barefoot in the dark anymore - ME! Anyway I grabbed my husband's shoe and hit the spider then low and behold it happened. Little spiders ran everywhere! If you've read my previous spider blog you know wolf spiders carry their spiderlings on their back and this exact situation happened to me before. I flipped! I gasped for air like I had been drowning in a pool, hit the hundreds of spiders who were running desperately for their little evil lives but there were too many and they just still kept running everywhere. I am itching everywhere just talking about this! I was yelling expletives I wouldn't normally say and hopping around like a kid on hot cement. A little "honey are you okay?" came from my room. "Hell no I am not ok, does it sound like I am ok" I yell back. Does he come to rescue me? NO! "Is it a spider?" he replies. "Well I would hope that it's not a murderer since you aren't running in to save me and NO it is not A spider it is hundreds of them trying to carry me off to spiderland!" "So did you kill them?" he asked. NO answer from me! Needless to say I wasn't happy at all!!!!! Note to husbands: if your wife is gasping for air, beating something and screaming expletives, RUN don't walk to help her! Don't just lay in bed! What is funny to me is we rarely ever argue and I know people say that all the time but we really don't however this really ticked me off! I am SERIOUSLY scared of spiders and he knows this plus he was awake! That's it, nothing else well scorpions but what are the chances they would be in my house! Not heights, not snakes, nothing else so why can't I have a family full of my very own spider killers not just my five year old son who is unable to help me in the wee hours of night. I guess that would be why I am calling the exterminator today! I asked myself over and over and over again WHY! Then my mind just went nuts: Does this happen to everyone? What are the odds that in one year I would have to kill two mother wolf spiders with hundreds of tiny creepy vermon on their backs besides the normal spiders I have to kill? Why couldn't this one have just been in the garage like the other one? Are their more momma spiders with babies IN MY house? Why did God create spiders? Do I have a tiny sign in front of the house that says "Welcome to spider breeding grounds"? If I wouldn't have killed her and the babies would I literally have hundreds of wolf spiders in my house who would then in turn make hundreds more and they would just take over? Ooooooo...that one did it! By now it was 3:15 am, my legs, ears, nose, arms everything was red from my nails digging at the creepy crawlies that had taken over my body. I jumped in the shower and scrubbed like never before! I am a little tired today and still a little bitter that no one came to my rescue!

Friday, June 01, 2007


We got back Monday afternoon from our trip to Nashville for my friend Chaitra's wedding and seeing my friend Genevieve for the first time in over 8 years. We had sooo much child free fun but the trip started out incredibly rocky. Our flight was supposed to leave at 11:30 am on Thursday and we were supposed to be at the airport by 10:30am. However, my dad called early Thursday morning to inform me a transformer blew or something and we needed to be at the airport by 9:30 am which messed with the arrangements for the boys and my sleep since I stayed up until 3am cleaning my house for my nieces. I didn't believe my dad and it took a lot of him convincing me to just turn on the TV and watch for myself. So my mom came to get the boys and my dad came to take us to the airport through the torrential downpour we were having. We got to the airport and there was no electricity which means besides no lights there was no air conditioning, no escalators, no elevators, and no computers. The only lights were emergency lights which basically lit the way to walk and that is it. A dark airport is a scary airport. I immediately thought we would be sitting there ALL day. Seriously I wondered how an airport could function without computers and correctly get everyone and their luggage to the correct destinations. Can you imagine how many years they've run completely by computers? They had to hand write our tickets and luggage claim tickets. Well we left only about ten minutes late but so did the rest of the airport flying Northwest on OUR flight. They decided they needed to get all their passengers out of Tulsa and to Memphis which is the Northwest hub then get them to their final destinations. I think they would've set people on our laps if they could. It was crazy. THEN we sat right next to the bathroom and I truly believe EVERYONE on the plane with the exception of me and Martez took a trip to the bathroom to crap! Every time the door opened a nasty wave of toxic waste remains came our way and I gagged and Martez just looked like he wanted to puke. I think some of them were dying inside. We could actually hear the nastiness going on in there. Why did we have to sit there why???? Well we had a layover in Memphis and walking through the airport Martez sees Young Buck who apparently is from Tennessee. I didn't really care but he was excited. He just kept saying he is really walking through the airport without security. Hmmm obviously there is a reason for that - he isn't that famous yet! Then on our connecting flight to Nashville Young Buck was on our plane. It was rather funny because he was in first class which I know he payed more for but first class was not the normal first class. Generally they go a different way from the other passengers to a posh area of the plane. Not this one baby! He was in a seat exactly like ours and first class consisted of about ten seats separated by a piece of plastic that went from the ceiling to the top of the last first class seat. I just laughed! Those suckers paid more for THAT! Ha! Well we made our connecting flight to Nashville and everything seemed fine. Notice I said seemed! We landed and met up with Chaitra and Larry since we were getting a rental car they were just going to ride with us. I got up to a counter to a gentlemen that barely spoke English period so me understanding him was quite a feat. Sometimes he repeated things about five times trying to sell me all the bells and whistles for the rental and didn't want to take no for an answer! His computer completely crashed three times always right at the end of everything so he had to start all over. Then his shift was over so someone else took the information on that same computer and it crashed again. While she was trying to start over I said I am not giving you anymore info until you switch computers. I explained that was the fourth time I had been through the entire process and I was tired of it! She switched computers and it crashed twice. I guess it would flash something at the end and then reboot. It was flashing not to rent to me for an invalid drivers license. WHAT? I just renewed my license a month ago. Only in my world! Then I remembered when I got my new license they had added a V in front of my license number but I didn't notice it for a couple of weeks. I explained this to the clerk and asked her to try it without the V because my license was valid and if it wouldn't work then we would use my husband's license. She tried it and it worked! Finally an hour and a half later we had our car they even upgraded to a durango for all the problems!! I don't know why the V is there and I intend to go back to the tag agency and ask. Chai said they were going to start to put A's and V's in front of people's license number but we don't know why. They really shouldn't do that if it makes the license invalid in out of state computers. That could cause a big mess. After Martez almost killed us on the highway we were insanely relieved to be at the hotel. Chaitra went to eat with her family and we stayed in the room! Hehe! Later we walked to go eat and afterwards decided to walk around. There were beggars everywhere we looked. I told Martez I wanted to go back to the room and leave off my purse because we were really uncomfortable. On our way a man stops us and asks us if he could wash our car windows for money to get food aka alcohol. He continued to ask three times! I wanted to say "Are you serious you big idiot we are walking how do you expect to wash our car windows!" BUT I didn't! We just walked to the hotel where we met up with them to go out. Next morning Martez took them to get their marriage license and I stayed back to get ready and told him to call on his way back and I would meet them downstairs. Long story short three hours later he calls to tell me they were told the wrong place to get their license then they got extremely lost and Chaitra was pissed and hungry! Uh oh! You don't mess with her especially if she is upset - I love her but she can be brutal! We were all starving and went to eat late breakfast when I got the call! In the middle of breakfast my dad calls to say there was an accident at my house that I am not even going to get into and my niece Monika was being rushed to the emergency room. I seriously thought it was a truly sick joke. It wasn't! She got 8 stitches in her bottom lip! I was soooooo upset, on the phone wanting to fly home and cried all day until 5pm before we went to the rehearsal dinner. Can we say red puffy eyes?!?! The only funny part of the day was when Chaitra's friend Chelle arrived and found out we rode in a plane with Young Buck! She LITERALLY fell to the ground crying in disbelief that I didn't give him her number. Seriously!!! That cracked me up and I needed that. So after the BBQ we went downtown with some friends and Larry's family. We had a good time and found out Larry's uncle Greg is actually Martez's cousin. It seems like everywhere we go he knows someone or is related to someone! I was determined to make Saturday a good day and calm Chaitra's jitters!

Today was going to be all about her except for the next phone call. I talked to my dad yet again with bad news. My water got shut off! WHAT?!?!?!? He asked if I wanted him to go pay the bill but I informed him the bill was already paid and I would call to check on the problem. I pay most of our bills online but I called City of Tulsa and she couldn't find my payment so I went downstairs to use the hotel computer and saw that it had already come out of our account. I called the lady back to inform her of this but couldn't give her a confirmation number from the payment because I was in Tennessee and it was at home in a pile of papers. Long story short somewhere along the way the computer messed up and put the wrong balances on Choicepay so I underpaid a bill by $7.60 at sometime and they kept carrying it over as past due instead of applying money to the past due first. Beware of this if you use Choicepay to pay City of Tulsa utilites. Yes you read that right the messed up city of tulsa turned off my water for a past due amount of $7.60. Seriously only in my world!!!!!! I paid the $7.60 and the water was back on in a couple of hours! Why in the world would they shut it off? They should be able to look at my account history and see I must have just made a mistake worth $7.60 because I always pay my bill but no that would actually take effort or concern!!!! I then informed my amazing father that I would no longer be answering phone calls from him so he could either have my mom call or he could just call Martez's phone! Well the wedding went off without a hitch and Chaitra looked so happy and beautiful!

My feet however were a different story! I wore new heels that I should have worn in before the trip but I didn't realize everything would be so close so we would be walking almost everywhere! I thought I had just calluses in a weird spot but would find out Monday night after 2 1/2 painful days that they were dime size blisters. Now I am in desperate need of a pedicure!!! Genevieve showed up Saturday afternoon. I really needed her she just didn't know how much! We went out that night and had SOOOOOOOOOOO much fun! Then we tried to walk through 2 drive thrus! Don't even ask! Sunday we went to Hard Rock, the mall then back downtown where we took a horse drawn carriage ride and went out for a little bit. Sunday night though we were all about to crash. I called and got an earlier flight home and there it ends. I realized after getting home about in tears over my feet that they were blisters so I popped them and all is well. I have been soooo tired this week! I have fallen asleep at my computer all week at work. Shhhhh don't tell! Then crashed when I got home for a couple of hours. I have realized I am getting older and glad I grew out of the club lifestyle. At least to that extent! I like to go out don't get me wrong but I am too old for four nights in a row!! Those WERE the days! I think the best part of the trip besides the wedding was watching my babies run to us down the corridor of the airport. I didn't realize Elijah could run that fast and Isaiah trying to keep up was just hilarious! It felt great! They missed us and we missed them! They make my world go round and I can't imagine my life without them! I am very very happy to be home! So much for a stress free, child free vacation! I think we'll just take the kids next time and ignore the phone