Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I forgot to tell you all about our near death experience on the highway. I didn't tell anyone since he didn't want hear about it all weekend but my hubby almost killed us by falling asleep while driving on Wednesday night! He had been up since 5am Wednesday morning and we left Tulsa around 6pm so he was understandably tired but willing to drive. About 50 miles south of Kansas City I asked him if he wanted me to drive and he said "If you want to". I said "Do you need me to?" He said yes and I told him to stop at the next gas station about 4 miles away. This was the plan but he only made it about two more minutes before I noticed the edge of the road was further away and two lanes of highway were on my right. How is this possible you ask. Well he was in the long center area meant for highway patrolmen to do a u-turn. I looked up and all I saw was grass from the center median and cars coming head on. I screamed and grabbed the wheel and he woke up all confused drove across two lanes of highway traffic then onto the shoulder where he said I can't drive anymore and jumped out of the car not even looking for cars. I obviously took over the driving after I sat on the shoulder totally freaked out in disbelief at what just happened. I drove about two hours then stopped at a hotel. Needless to say I did not sleep the whole entire way home and it was hard my head was bobbing and he kept telling me to go to sleep. Yeah right are you kidding me! It was a struggle since we had no sleep all week but I wasn't about to relive the prior incident and not be able to keep him awake! Thank God I didn't sleep on the way there or we might not be here today!!! Thank you Jesus!!! It gave new meaning to Jesus Take the Wheel

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