Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Elijah always says he is full and then asks for something to eat every thirty minutes even after he has gone to bed. Not always a snack because he really isn't a snacker but he'll often want another meal! Most kids his age would ask for candy or ice cream or some kind of snack food but since my child refuses to eat anything sweet (wierd I know but he doesn't like them!) not my kid he wants like chicken, potatoes, noodles etc. I curbed that for awhile by offering cheese crackers and I am glad he stops when he is full unlike Isaiah and Martez the bottomless pits but I need to stop this eating late issue because that is just as bad. So I have been layin' down the law but he is just so smart! He has started some reverse psychology on me! The nerve - where ever would he learn that! His last attempt for food was funny though! Forever he was worried about his teeth falling out so I could just say "No you don't want your teeth to fall out, do you?" It would end there! He even asked for awhile, "Mommy if I eat.......will my teeth fall out!" My answer was always "Yes!" It was just so easy and effective how could I resist! Well last night was different. He asked for some whale crackers really late so I said my normal "No your teeth will fall out!" expecting the conversation to end there. He said, "Mommy do you ever want the toothfairy to come see us?" "Yes son I want the toothfairy to come." His reply, "Then give me some whale crackers so my teeth will fall out!" WHAT?!?! Guess I will be looking for a new, easy, unarguable (is that a word?) response to Momma can I have some.......

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