Tuesday, June 05, 2007


If you read my blog or know me even a little, you know I have an immense fear of spiders! Do they really have a purpose other than to crawl around making webs everywhere and scaring people? NO! Well it happened to me again and I can't believe it. This morning at 1:48am I was attacked by the little demon spawn. I was walking, barefoot mind you, through my living room to take Moose our dog out and don't ask me why I don't exactly know why all the sudden he wanted to go out. I saw a brown blob on the floor and thought it might be a spider. I kept walking thinking it wasn't then turned to take a second glance. I got creeped out at the fact I could've stepped on it with my barefoot. Guess who won't be barefoot in the dark anymore - ME! Anyway I grabbed my husband's shoe and hit the spider then low and behold it happened. Little spiders ran everywhere! If you've read my previous spider blog you know wolf spiders carry their spiderlings on their back and this exact situation happened to me before. I flipped! I gasped for air like I had been drowning in a pool, hit the hundreds of spiders who were running desperately for their little evil lives but there were too many and they just still kept running everywhere. I am itching everywhere just talking about this! I was yelling expletives I wouldn't normally say and hopping around like a kid on hot cement. A little "honey are you okay?" came from my room. "Hell no I am not ok, does it sound like I am ok" I yell back. Does he come to rescue me? NO! "Is it a spider?" he replies. "Well I would hope that it's not a murderer since you aren't running in to save me and NO it is not A spider it is hundreds of them trying to carry me off to spiderland!" "So did you kill them?" he asked. NO answer from me! Needless to say I wasn't happy at all!!!!! Note to husbands: if your wife is gasping for air, beating something and screaming expletives, RUN don't walk to help her! Don't just lay in bed! What is funny to me is we rarely ever argue and I know people say that all the time but we really don't however this really ticked me off! I am SERIOUSLY scared of spiders and he knows this plus he was awake! That's it, nothing else well scorpions but what are the chances they would be in my house! Not heights, not snakes, nothing else so why can't I have a family full of my very own spider killers not just my five year old son who is unable to help me in the wee hours of night. I guess that would be why I am calling the exterminator today! I asked myself over and over and over again WHY! Then my mind just went nuts: Does this happen to everyone? What are the odds that in one year I would have to kill two mother wolf spiders with hundreds of tiny creepy vermon on their backs besides the normal spiders I have to kill? Why couldn't this one have just been in the garage like the other one? Are their more momma spiders with babies IN MY house? Why did God create spiders? Do I have a tiny sign in front of the house that says "Welcome to spider breeding grounds"? If I wouldn't have killed her and the babies would I literally have hundreds of wolf spiders in my house who would then in turn make hundreds more and they would just take over? Ooooooo...that one did it! By now it was 3:15 am, my legs, ears, nose, arms everything was red from my nails digging at the creepy crawlies that had taken over my body. I jumped in the shower and scrubbed like never before! I am a little tired today and still a little bitter that no one came to my rescue!

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