Friday, October 31, 2008


  1. When Elijah was two he heard my hubby's friends calling each other the "N" word all the time. Now apparently somehow it is OK for my African-Americans to use this word about ten times in each sentence. I do NOT agree with this nor do I want to blog about my views on that right now b/c it will get me all riled up about how wrong it is no matter what your race. My husband and his friends used to say it all the time ~ NOT NOW! However, I will tell you what Elijah did when he was two. In the grocery store, an older black lady stops me in order to talk to Elijah and talk about how cute he was when all of the sudden he obviously had diarrhea of the mouth and said, "Wassup N***a!" The look on her face stabbed straight through my already upside down gut. I just stood their with my mouth dropped and explained how incredibly sorry I was and where he had heard it. I was so pissed off. Needless to say my husband knows that word is no longer used in our children's presence or in our home period. He also knows how strongly I feel about it and he will stop his friends if they even start to say it at our home or in front of me or the children. They have all been told and for the most part they respect my view and now it really isn't a problem. If they don't like it, then they don't have to come over! They can use it for every other word in a conversation with someone else. I wouldn't want my son to get hurt for saying that especially to the wrong person and I don't want my sons thinking it is OK at anytime!
  2. When I found out from Isaiah's teacher at his church preschool that he had said, "What the hell?" Apparently his little friend said it first and when asked what they had said his friend said, "Nothing!" knowing what he had said was wrong and he did not want to get in trouble. However, Isaiah had never said this before and didn't realize what he said was bad so he was proud and answered with, "I said what the hell!" The teacher gasped and Isaiah said again with his head shifting back and forth, "well I did I said what the hell!" I guess he kept repeating it b/c he didn't know it was bad and thought she couldn't hear him or something but I was really embarrassed hearing about it! She understood and said it was actually funny b/c he had no clue his new phrase wasn't a desirable one especially in church so he acted all proud! She said he didn't look like he had ever said it before!
  3. When Elijah kept telling my Mom he was tired b/c "Mommy and Daddy were up late fighting!" I was standing there totally clueless and thought he must have had a bad dream but he kept talking about it and saying he wasn't dreaming. He kept arguing with me and was so sure we had been fighting. I knew for a fact we had not been fighting so I was embarrassed and confused. My Mom probably thought I was just trying to shut him up but I was really trying to figure out what in the world he was talking about. I asked him what we were arguing about and his description sent me in a tailspin. I thought I was going to die! All the blood rushed to my cheeks as my Son repeated the things my husband was saying during sex apparently a little too loudly the night before!! I do not get embarrassed about sex conversations or jokes not even in front of my Mom b/c my family has some pretty sick puppies BUT there are some things that just should NOT come out of the mouth of a 5yr old. So now our code word for sex at my parent's house is "fight"! They'll say anymore "fighting" been going on at home!?!?!
  4. Do you remember the song "I'm in love with a stripper!"? Now obviously as a mother I show discretion with my radio listening. HOWEVER, I found out the hard way that my husband is not as good at discretion when it comes to his radio UNTIL I flipped over my 4yr old singing each word of "I'm in love with a stripper!" on our way to take him to his church preschool and just PRAYING he would NOT sing it in class!!! Well.....some people are just luckier than others!!
  5. Just last night Chaitra had come to the house with the girls after spraying her house for those dreaded ants that seem to come in and take over so I cooked dinner and we tried to catch up on some TV shows. While I was holding Addison, Isaiah asked if he could hold her. I said, "Go wash your hands, then you can hold her." He came back awfully fast so I said, "You didn't wash your hands. Let me smell them." I smelled his left hand that pleasingly smelled like soap HOWEVER upon smelling his right hand....ugh....I just gagged!! I said, "You have to wash BOTH hands." Then he smelled his right hand and said, "Oh BUT Mom this is the hand I use to scratch my butt." The sad fact is he was totally serious!! Needless to say he didn't hold the baby!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This morning in the car Isaiah was getting very irritated with me b/c I couldn't understand what he wanted. I was answering his questions but apparently HE wasn't asking the right question for the answer he wanted and I was confused. He groaned and then said, "Oooo you are pushin' my buttons!" I just laughed and he got more mad then repeated it! It was funny to me and he was really frustrated! I am not quite sure where he has heard that b/c we don't say that and my mom doesn't either SO maybe he has been getting told that at school!?!? Who knows.

Monday, October 27, 2008


I'm in love!!

Sunday Avani and Addy got to go home. After the bball combine, I went to pick up her prescriptions then to her house to watch the girls so she could rest. I tried not to hold her too much but she is irrestible!!


Aiden came home excited to meet his baby sister


Oh my goodness I just realized I erased my favorite picture. After we fed her and changed her into pjs, she was still hungry and found her thumb. It was so cute ~ wide awake, looking at the camera and sucking her thumb! UGH!


Crazy day ending in a crazy way!! Tonight was BA's Halloween deal downtown so we went w/Tammy, Jessie and John for fun, friends and well yes we wanted candy too! Since I couldn't find the ever elusive and evidently popular "batmanelmothomasfwankensteintransformer" costume and couldn't really find much of anything in his size period no matter where I went ~ he was a fireman and a cute one at that. I put mascara on his face to resemble soot and he said, "Mommy I don't want girl makeup!" I quickly replied with, "THIS is fireman dirt makeup!" He was certainly fine with that answer and he liked his costume although he was a little upset he didn't have a "firetuck to dwive"!!

We saw Avani looking beautiful like usual

Elijah (Hulk), Isaiah (Fireman) and John (Iron Man)

Isaiah trying to get a "tiss" from John ~ look at those lips!!

The "real" Spiderman showed up for the festivities

He said, "Are you weal?"

Very excited the firemen let him "dwive" the "firetuck"

Camo face painting ~ yippee ~ so fun to wash off!!


Today was a crazy day and I am beat! Actually come to think of it I haven't been JUST home since Wednesday of last week so I decided I am staying home tonight. Chai's Mom invited me over for roast and that is TRULY hard for ME to pass up along with spending time with a certain gorgeous new baby BUT I JUST want to be home in my leather chair catching up on my FULL dvr. However, I again got stuck by the blog bug and came in to blog some things. Thursday night was a COLD AND WINDY night that I spent on a COLD bleacher watching my son aka talking to the other moms while Elijah played in a scrimmage. Friday was an earlier day than normal when I spent half the day with Chai and Addy at the hospital. The other half was spent with a horrible headache, a bunch of errands, an attempted nap, another visit to the hospital and then more errands. Saturday was spent at Elijah's football game, my nephew Nehemiah's football game, late lunch with friends, errands, Halloween party then guess what more errands!! Wow I am tired just thinking of it all! Sunday I attempted to sleep such luck..........then came the basketball combine and then out to pick up Chai's medicine and off to her house to watch Avani and Addy while she tried to get some rest on her first day home. Today begins a new week with school, work, football practice, basketball draft and the football playoffs are this weekend PLUS I am trying to fit in redecorating Avani's room next weekend. Imagine that, I went off on a tangent...hmmm....what was this blog supposed to be about b/c it certainly wasn't planned to be this? Be back when I remember!! Sorry folks!


Are you ready for some football? I love my kids in hats!!

Saturday was the boys' last football game well at least regular season but playoffs start next Saturday. They beat the Catoosa Indians today 25 - 12! Go Tigers!! They ended the regular season with only one loss. I never could have even imagined they would have done this well for their first year in tackle football. As I always mention we are really proud. Coach keeps saying how amazing Elijah is getting and in his words "he has just become a machine and changed so much through the season so much that HE actually understands the game". It is nice to have a coach that doesn't pick at each flaw and instead praises the kids and teaches them HOW to correct their mistakes. Only parents with kids in sports can understand how key that truly is to success ~ a bad coach can break a good player! I am not saying he is a martyr and never gets angry but that is only human. However, he ususally just talks about it to the other coaches or yells at the refs. The boys love all their coaches! Anyway Coach Travis was talking that night about how well Elijah played on Saturday and he said he was really proud of something that he had said at halftime. By halftime we were winning but only by one point, Coach pointed out that yes they were winning but they still had half of the game left. Then Coach Travis asked them if they wanted to play a tough game or an easy game. Elijah responded with, "a TOUGH game Coach!" When Coach asked him why, Elijah responded with, "because it makes us better!" Coach was impressed with his answer as am I as his parent that he doesn't just want the easy way out! It surprised me that Elijah answered with this since he was having a tougher game than normal b/c the opposing coach tried his hardest to hold him down! The Coach kept screaming at the kids, "GET NUMBER 10 DOUBLE TEAM HIM!" I was screaming in my head, "NO DON'T GET NUMBER 10!" They definitely knew his number and tried to hold him back but he still managed to evade many tackles to make his longest touchdown yet ~ 80 yds! I thought he would run out of "gas" at the 30 yd line but he kept on and scored!!! All the while I was in shock and my brother Curt kept saying, "Angie camera camera" at which time I fumbled with the camera and gave up! I just kept screaming, "GO BABY GO! KEEP GOING! THAT'S MY BOY! THAT'S MY BOY!!" Then I quickly asked my sister-in-law Carolee if she caught that run! She did ~ thank goodness she came with her mega awesome camera to take pics of Elijah for me!! She got some REALLY GOOD PICTURES OF MY BOY ~ actually 62 of them and he is in almost every single one! Woohoo Carolee! It was nice to have both my brothers and my sister plus their families at the game! We always like having visitors!

Sergian lost his loose tooth during the game!

Here is the slideshow of Carolee's awesome game pics:

Elijah is #10
Even if you hate football you have to admit she took great pics!!


I did NOT secretly wish Chaitra's husband would be afraid of passing out due to the sight of blood during her c-section then chicken out so I could go into the room with her! NOT ME!

I did NOT laugh hysterically while my husband was talking about the poor Mom who was stuck with Denis at the zoo field trip Friday while I was at the hospital b/c that would be inconsiderate! I also did NOT laugh when he was telling me she got scared of the bats and ran out of the building leaving Denis behind!

I did NOT wish I hadn't volunteered to coach my son's basketball team with my husband.

I did NOT run screaming "That's MY boy!" while my son was running an 80 yd touchdown at his football game this weekend b/c then the crowd could feel the earth move under their feet.

I did NOT wish my son didn't play football when I was sitting in the freezing cold wind during a scrimmage ~ indoor sports would be good!

I did NOT hold Addy yesterday for hours while Chai napped b/c that would've gone against her wishes and might "spoil" her!! Go take a look at little Addy and see that their is NO way I would do that even if her Mom didn't know!

I did NOT go to Target this week...NO certainly NOT b/c then I would have broken my word. Good thing I did NOT do that!! You could read the blog about me not doing that and how good it felt!!

I did NOT get lost at the Halloween festival and search for my group who had my children and I hoped my husband. I did NOT start to tear up when I found my husband with only one of our two children. I did NOT call my friends multiple times while starting to panic and lose my breath. NOPE I remained oh so calm! NOT!!

I did NOT procrastinate going into work on Thursday for some alone time with the hubs!

I did NOT secretly call to see how much it would cost to have someone come clean my house for me b/c I am the best homemaker and do NOT need outside help. I am NOT thinking of having them come some Friday while I am off and then I certainly am NOT planning on taking all the credit for how clean the house will be. I would NEVER steal their thunder and lie!!

I did NOT regret sending my hubby to the grocery store b/c it was so helpful!

I did NOT regret being helpful and painting Chai's nursery last Sunday b/c my arms were so sore the next day it hurt to straighten my hair. Good thing because then that might mean I am out of shape and I certainly am NOT!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Breaking news on the Maddox front of a serious nature, this update came from Tammi yesterday evening after Maddox's surgery:

I once again am sitting here beside myself trying to take in everything that has happened today. Maddox went in to surgery at 7 this morning with the hopes that they could do a repair to his SVC and make his condition better. However, when the surgeon opened him up they realized that repairing the SVC would be of no benefit to Maddox. They came in and informed us that they were re-listing him on the heart transplant list. This has been a very traumatic day for us. We were hoping this would be the blessing Maddox needed to be able to live a healthy life yet once again we are starting over from square one. I for one have been a complete mess all day. They are keeping him sedated for the next 48 hours during which time I am going to attempt to get my emotions under control. No matter how much I am hurting I WILL pull it together to be there to hold his little hand and fight this fight with him. Please keep praying.
Maddox's Mom
Please keep Maddox and his family in your prayers!

Friday, October 24, 2008


My dear friend whom I believe thinks I am crazy for putting up with the football thing sent me this email and I thought it was really funny so I needed to share!! Although I am for the most part clueless when it comes to football, I am NOT this clueless but it is funny nonetheless. I must say although I am unsure if I understand the game any better then before the season started I do know I at least enjoy watching the boys play now! Anyhow it is:

A guy took his blonde girlfriend to her first football game. They had great seats right behind their team's bench. After the game, he asked her how she liked the experience.

'Oh, I really liked it,' she replied, 'especially the tight pants and all the big muscles, but I just couldn't understand why they were killing each other over 25 cents!"

Dumbfounded, her date asked, 'What do you mean?'

'Well, they flipped a coin, one team got it and then for the rest of the game, all they kept screaming was: 'Get the quarter back! Get the quarter back!' I'm like...Helloooooooooooooo? It's only 25 cents'


  1. If I gave into the "urge" AND IF I had a baby girl, we would be bankrupt!! Seriously folks have you seen how many more girls clothes are in stores compared to boy clothes! I could buy pink, purple, dolls and all the necessary frills that I don't get to buy now! If you've seen me shop for my friends' daughters, then you should know that is only the beginning and about twice a year for a child that is NOT mine, so just imagine if it were!!
  2. My husband would have to reverse his vasectomy. Although he is more than willing to do so, I feel guilty since I swore I did not want anymore kids.
  3. With all the time going into a reversal, the waiting period, the trying (no matter how enjoyable!) then the nine months (Why don't they just be honest and say 10 months?) of pregnancy, I would probably have all the boys in school and just be starting over!?!!?
  4. One husband, three boys, two male dogs, one male rat......need I say more!! I'm outnumbered and chances are it would be another boy! Although my boys are my world, I can't say I WANT more fighting, wrestling, football, soccer, basketball and blue..............enough said!! I want pink, purple, mary janes, dresses, tights, dolls, tea parties, hair bows, dress up high heels and pearls! I think I made clear the fact that I would love to have a little girl in our house! Thank God Shan is going to nursing school soon so I can have Q around more! Uh-oh, please don't let my boys turn her into a tomboy her Mom might hurt me!!
  5. C-section #3!! My 1st c-section was painful but tolerable enough to go for the 2nd and at the time I thought a 3rd. I searched forever with baby #2 for a doctor who would allow me to "have" him after having a c-section with #1....obviously I had NO luck with that search!! My 2nd c-section was extremely difficult for me in fact I ended up back in the hospital after being home for only 2 days!! I am not sure I ever want to do that again for fear history would repeat itself!!

Well thanks for listening and I think I talked myself out of it......not really!


In a desperate search to find Zay a costume for a Halloween event tomorrow I did the unspeakable. I swore I would never do IT again! I even said "Mark my words! Never!" After three stores without even an inkling of a costume to fit Zay, I was desperate. It was as if my car drove itself there. I know, scary right! You are just lucky YOU weren't in the car too! Going to take the car into the shop to check on the auto-pilot feature b/c I certainly would NEVER have gone there after I swore them off!! Serious auto-pilot malfunction and I couldn't stop the car no matter how hard I's just so big! I knew it was wrong but I went in anyway. I prayed that no one I knew would see me there and make fun of my earlier ranting. It just felt so good almost like I was on a vacation to a far off land with a million dollars in hand or going out with that forbidden boy as a teenager. It was like a drug and I was seriously HIGH!! I walked in and stuffed the cart with many unnecessary items from the dollar spot and well it just felt right. It was like seeing an old friend and squeezing them with the fear of never seeing them again once they leave. I peeked around corners making sure I saw no one I knew!! The sad part is Elijah knew it was wrong but he also enjoyed it. What am I teaching my children? Oh the pain of addiction and to think I was clean of the multi million dollar JERKS (I really do hate them for abusing ME!) for almost three months. Just hearing their name would make me angry! I am mad at myself for even THINKING of going there, let alone the action of actually walking in those doors and hearing the loud "Aaaawwwww!" of a choir of angels and a unmistakable sigh of relief in seeing my old friend. Yes you have it guys I DID IT! I WILL NOT DO IT AGAIN! MARK MY WORDS AGAIN! STOP LAUGHING I AM SERIOUS! I HATE THAT I EVEN BETRAYED MY WORD BUT I DID OK!! For those of you that know me and what I am even talking about just don't say a word because Elijah already said it all as the car automatically drove into the parking lot, "Mommy I thought you said you would NEVER shop in TARGET again EVER!" My response was like many other addicts, "I have to baby I don't have any other choice!" Wow I lied to him on purpose and it was only to cover my butt! The sad part is in my desperate need to find the costume aka my desperate need to see the inside of a Target I failed to find a costume to fit Zay and will have to resume my search tomorrow elsewhere b/c I spent so long with my old friend that other stores were then closed. OH THE SHAME!! Now I will say it again.......I WILL NEVER SHOP AT TARGET AGAIN AFTER TODAY!!...MARK MY WORDS! LOLOLOL The funny part is when I shushed Elijah while he almost spilled the beans to Daddy he then creatively changed the name to Wal-mart and winked at me with his cute little grin so I had to laugh!! That's my boy....although I shouldn't teach him things like that are cute it WAS!!


Getting in the car to go meet Addison, Elijah asks if he will get to hold her and when told "YES!" he replied with a very enthusiastic, "Awesome!" You would think they had a new sister to bring home!! Elijah held her first and he was all grins ~ seriously, ear to ear!! It was cute b/c she was wide awake and just looking ALL around at her new world. Isn't it amazing how newborn babies make everyone all a flutter! When asked what he was thought of the baby, Elijah responded with "I want one too!" This answer was clearly noted with, "Good luck with that!"

Isaiah was next and it was going to be his first time to ever hold a baby. Wow his excitement was unreal! He said, "I think she likes me Mommy! Let's go to the store and buy one to take home!" Again this was noted and answered with, "I only wish it was that easy to get Mommy a little girl!" He then said, "You've got to be tidding (kidding) me!"

It was sooo cute to see them this excited about Addison!! Poor "Saytra" got no love tonight since Addison stole the spotlight!! Well we left with Zay flipping out b/c he had to leave the baby there in hopes of finding Zay a Halloween costume. I should have bought it a month ago when I found it but alas I didn't and it is gone now. Kicking myself while typing! We were off to search the town for a "batmanelmothomasfwankensteintransformer" costume for my boy! Hey that is what he wants to be, don't ask me!!


The problem with me trying to take a nap was I had two young boys very anxious to meet Addison. I swear it is as if she is their baby or something. I never thought they would be that excited since they never really showed ANY interest in Chaitra being pregnant. Literally as soon as I would fall asleep they would come in asking a million questions and I would respond with, "My head REALLY hurts just let me sleep for 30 minutes and I'll take you to the hospital!" No such luck, it never ended!! Here are just a few of the questions:

How big is Addison? How old is Addison? When are we going to see Chaitra and the Baby? Is Avani at the hospital? How old is Addison now? (5 minutes older than the last time you asked me!) Mommy how did Addison get in Chaitra's stomach? Mommy how did Addison get out of Chaitra's belly? Are you asleep? (I wish!) What time are we going to the hospital? What time is it? How old is Addison now? How old will Addison be when we get to the hospital? Can we hold her? Does Baby Addison poop in her pants? (Yes all babies do! Isaiah responds with "oooo nasty!") I can't wait until I can play with her - how old will I (Elijah) be when she is six? How old will Tez be when she is six? How old will Avani be when she is six? How old will you be when she is six? How old will Daddy be when she is six? How old will Papa be when she is six? When are we going to the hospital? How old will she be then?



5am came pretty darn fast this morning but well worth it. My very close friend Chaitra had her 2nd daughter today. Addison Jewel came into this big bright world at 7:44am weighing in at 7lbs 4oz and 20in long!! A beautiful FAIR complected, raven haired (she is a couple of weeks early and pretty hairy - check out her forehead - lol - don't worry baby it will fall out!) knockout greeted the world with grace and a calm that only a baby knows! I am in love with her as I am with any baby I meet and the "urge" welled up inside!! (I swear if humans had the same 16 days gestation period as a hamster I would definitely have a dozen well maybe a couple more unless they were the size of hamsters! lol) UNTIL I saw Chaitra that is! She came out of the c-section that I tried oh so hard to talk her out of as itchy, dizzy and nauseous as can be. Addy had LOTS of fluid on her lungs and they were sticking tubes up her nose and down her throat trying to suck it out. They gave her oxygen then let her be hoping she could work it out on her own. They then suctioned her again and said if the fluid was not gone within 6 hours she would need to be transferred to another hospital. I really didn't want to tell this to Chaitra but she knew something was wrong b/c they would not bring her to the room and she really wanted to see her. This news was troubling at best knowing she wouldn't be able to transfer with Addy so we prayed, hoped and watched her new little angel like only Mother's can. Then they decided to give her a bath hoping it would upset the sleeping wonder enough to really cry and clear her lungs. No luck there.....she was calm as can be! Finally they said her lungs were getting better but her breathing was too labored and fast so they could not take her out of the nursery til her breathes per minute dropped to 60. That took awhile then they couldn't keep her temp up so they baked her for quite awhile until she was good and toasty. I feared a baby that fair complected would burn! lol During all of the action, baking and sleeping the nurses allowed each of us to go in two by two since Addison was the only baby in the nursery to touch, talk and take pics of her. JUST SO HAPPENS I had my camera so I took a few million pics!! Imagine that huh! Four and a half hours later they brought the bundle to the room. Chaitra held her for about 2 minutes then said someone take her NOW then puked and puked then yep she puked some more. Oh the joys of motherhood! I think she was wishing she had listened to my NO c-section rants!! I left to get FOOD since my belly was growling, picked up Zay, went to the football office, signed up for bball where I was talked into coaching with my hubby, met another football Mom to order the Coaches' gifts then I came home to try to catch some zzzz's before taking the boys to see Baby Addy and "Saytra" as Zay says her name. Operative word here being TRY!! I have such a pounding headache that I hoped was caused by waiting too long to eat but after eating I think maybe I am overtired. Let you all know when I decide!! Until then here is Addison in her blogger debut:

Sick I know, but I think babies are so cute when they cry!! I do have one exception ~ Isaiah wasn't so cute since he had colic and he cried ALL the time...NOT so cute at the time! I think this is the only time she cried all day.

This is how she slept while basking under the warmer!

I took this one with my camera phone so it looks kind of funky; however, this is one of my favorite pictures of the day. How cute is that?!! Lorraine and I were trying to wake her up so she would cry and clear out her lungs to go see Mommy but she did not budge except for this booboo lip...I am so in love with this girl!

I HATE feet but I LOVE LOVE LOVE baby feet!! Perfection!

I don't know who was more anxious to hold Addy....her mom.....

OR her big sister, Avani!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


  1. Any trip by him to the grocery store will last four times longer than if I did it myself.
  2. He does not look at the price of anything
  3. Won't even glance at the generic
  4. Can't find anything and I spend his entire "quick run" to the grocery store on the phone with him directing him to each item like a freaking GPS navigator
  5. Says they are out of everything which just means he used his man eyes you know man eyes right - they just look in the general direction of an item never lifting anything it could be under or actually reading a label ....I could go on and on about man eyes
  6. He buys MANY items that are not on the "grocery" list like CDs, various new lotions to try for psoriasis, toys for the kids if he takes them and the list could go on and on
  7. He never looks at the aisle markers which list what the aisle contains but why would he with his wife on the phone directing the cart
  8. I ask him for one of something I get three....I ask for three and I get six. I ask for what I need don't add on to the grocery bill
  9. He came home two nights ago from a quick run aka hour trip with double stuff Oreos AND Soft batch cookies. I do not buy crap like that b/c I am fat enough without the stuff I actually enjoy and can't resist!! I do not buy cookies, ice cream or chips that I like so I won't eat any!
  10. He can't operate the little credit card thing and doesn't know his pin number so he always screws it up and flips out thinking our check card has been declined; therefore, calling me to again do the step by step directions!!

THIS is why I normally will ONLY send him to the grocery store for VERY basic items like bread, milk and eggs in a crunch!


I received a new update from Tammi this evening and Maddox has had a setback. Here you go:
I am extremely saddened to inform all of you that Maddox is going to have to undergo another open heart surgery.Maddox is having backflow of blood to his head that is causing him headaches and elevated pressures in his heart. The only way to fix this problem is to perform another open heart surgery. This surgery would be a very complex surgey as it would require Dr. Frasier to essentually create a vein using Maddox's tissues. My poor baby isn't even 2 years old yet and this will be his fourth open heart surgery.Once again I ask everyone to pray for his safety during this procedure and hopefully he will gain some relief from this intervention.
Maddox's Mom

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


It has been almost two weeks since Maddox's transplant surgery and he is doing GREAT!! They thought last Thursday that his body might be rejecting the new heart however the biopsy revealed otherwise and he is doing sooooo good!! Tammi and Manny can finally relax a little and look forward to the new baby girl they are expecting. I know I have said it before but Maddox's story amazes me each and every day. He is a truly blessed child with the hands of the Great Physician on his heart at all times. Truly a miracle boy!


I did another craft today not realizing there wasn't much for the boys to do on it. Boo hoo for them but few moments of quiet for me!! I am calling it Canned Goods. I will be buying marbles or pebbles and the boys will be given one each time they do, say or act "good". I am hoping that by purposely watching for good in my children that maybe I won't just point out the bad and discipline them. I try to point them out but hopefully I will be looking out for them now. The boys will be given a pebble/marble to put in the Canned Goods can with each good act and a predecided special outing will be earned once the can is full. The can is a little larger than the average can of vegetables but maybe it will entice them to act better and maybe we as parents won't just be pointing out the bad.


Elijah had a fever this morning and was sounding croupy which didn't surprise me b/c many on his team have been sick lately so it was just our turn I guess! During the I'm bored phase of the day I decided to do a couple of the crafts I have been planning on doing with the boys. First was the weather wheel in hopes that once complete it will assist the boys in knowing what to wear or if they need a jacket plus it was cute. The original is from another blog and I am sorry but I cannot give credit b/c for the life of me I cannot find that blog where I thought it was. Thanks for the idea anyway! Originally it was on a paper plate with paper suns and snowflakes but I wanted something that could possibly last longer....with my boys and dogs that is a must! I went to Hobby Lobby bought a wooden circle, a wooden snowflake and cactus w/ sun. I think it totaled under two dollars...the supplies definitely NOT the trip to Hobby Lobby!! You don't know me AT ALL if you think I left Hobby Lobby for under two dollars!!

First, we painted the entire piece blue. I used ribbon to divide the wheel into four sections and simply placed a large button in the center. Next we glued on the wood cactus and snowflake after embellishing the snowflake with some glitter glue. We glued on a cotton ball for a cloud and I am still wondering what I am going to use to signify wind. I used stickers I had for scrapbooking for the "getting wet" rain section then again embellished with glitter glue. I still need to get a clothespin and attach an arrow of some sort to tell what the weather will be like that day but then it is done!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Joining the Not Me! Monday bloggers and hopefully I can figure out the rules of posting! Wish me luck! Not Me! was started by MckMama on her blog My Charming Kids. She is funny to me and probably one of the few people who like me has blogged about....dodododo.....circumcision!! Although our experiences are quite different most people keep stuff like that to themselves, NOT ME!!

Here we go:
Thursday at a birthday party I did NOT want to scream, "Take your kids and run for their lives!!" when a little girl puked about 2 feet from both of my children and all of the others sitting at the table because that would've been inconsiderate, right?!

I definitely did NOT secretly leave work early since my boss was home sick and I had to go to the above mentioned birthday party.....nope NOT ME!!

I did NOT lie and say my husband forgot to bring the gift to the party since he dropped the kiddos off. I would NEVER do that! She had SO many presents though she didn't even notice. I then also did NOT lie again by saying I would save it for her ACTUAL birthday which was two days later!! (Ok I feel like crap but the party was bumped up two days and in the middle of the day while I had to work so I had NO time to get a last minute gift!)

Friday I did NOT sleep in at all costs since they were on fall break and I was off. In fact I certainly did NOT allow them to eat cheese whale crackers for breakfast just so I would NOT have to get out of bed b/c that would totally go against my "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" montra that I have taught aka drilled into them since birth!!

Friday I did NOT even think about conveniently "forgetting" a birthday party so I wouldn't have to go to Pump It Up for the second day in a row. Good thing I did NOT do that because I had a really good time with my football Moms!

I did NOT laugh outloud when Chai's Dad and Sebina argued calmly over how to put the crib together.

I did NOT laugh outloud AND I did NOT secretly take a picture of Chai's Dad Tim and her Stepdad Mike who fumbled around like a bird in a beehive trying to figure out how to get the pack 'n play to collapse so they could fit it through the bedroom door since they put it together BEFORE moving it into the room!! And I definitely did NOT love watching them and listening to them chatter back and forth while never lending a hand ~ hey I couldn't remember I was NOT secretly taking pictures!

I am certainly NOT jealous of my friend and my cousin who are expecting baby girls! I do NOT secretly wish I could take my husband's offer to reverse his vasectomy and NOT feel bad in hopes we could have a baby girl. I do NOT wish I never would have convinced him to have the vasectomy in the first place. And I do NOT wish the doctors messed up and maybe JUST maybe his vasectomy won't work!! NOT ME!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Elijah playing with Daddy's Coach hat and looking dashing as ever while on the road again ...... just can't wait to get on the road again.....Are you singing along??

Saturday we had to travel to Grove ~ 90 minutes from our home ~ for another football game. Fortunately, this game unlike EVERY other away game was not AS early so we did not have to leave at the butt crack of dawn not till at least 7:30 am on a SATURDAY!! Wow just one more game then the playoffs! Did I mention the Coach saw we were polled as one of the top 3 1st grade teams in the INFC conference? Good job boys! What exactly is a Ridgerunner? I am guessing by the picture it is some sort of red bird but couldn't they come up with something easier to put into a cheer or chant for those girls!! Today the boys were back in the game, ready to play their hearts out again! They are such a good and kind group of boys and we are all so proud of them. Elijah made two touchdowns today, some hard hitting - momma hold your breath tackles and four sacs. One was a 36yd touchdown and the other was a 60yd touchdown (yes you read that correctly 60).

His 36 yd run photo and I just prayed that #75 (a big 'ol boy) would not clobber him! I wish I would've captured an end zone view of the 60yd touchdown but I was too busy cheering and running that way and I don't quite run as fast as him ~ almost not quite ~ DREAM ON! The funny part is after I made it down there and got the camera ready to capture the extra point the opposing Coach was talking to one of his players who wouldn't move up in line. When asked why he wouldn't just scoot up, the boy replied, "they are trying to kill me Coach I really think they are trying to kill me!" Sad I know but still funny when you hear irrational thoughts of kids!
After the game he was telling me the play by play action of the 60yd touchdown and it was so cute. I wish you could see his face as he was talking about it. He said, "Ok Mom while I was running I was looking out of the corner of my eye, right. Then I saw someone running after me so I just put a little more speed in it and just made a touchdown!" I think after typing it that you would have to see him while he tells the story to get the humor ~ facial expressions are priceless! All the boys did really well today. There were a bunch of good tackles, runs and thanks to the defensive line I don't think Grove ever made it passed

the 30 yd line! I wish I could take pics of a freshly painted field!
At one point Coach Travis only had one play left to go and we were on their 22yd line when he tells the boys, "Let's get this done in one play Tigers!" "OK," the team shouted back. Being the doubting Thomas I thought wow those are high hopes Travis. Carson, our quarterback, got the ball and ran 78 yards with no one even close to him and made the touchdown in one play. This isn't rare for Carson who is FAST and he can go the distance but it is still exciting and impressive each and EVERY time!!! Cody had some good runs and good tackles ~ he is so tiny and adorable I would just squeeze him if he weren't so darn sweaty!! I think he may have been juicin'!! JUST KIDDING! Parker did good today......Ryan did good....what am I rambling aka typing and thinking about they ALL did very good so I will shut up now!!
Final score: Tigers 26, Ridgerunners 0


Friday evening was Sergian's birthday party at Pump It Up....YES you read that correctly I was at Pump It Up twice in two days. Yea for me!! I think I am so pumped up I could explode with laughter and tears of joy!! Just kidding I did have a good time chattin' it up with the Moms so I really can't complain! It was the usual Mom chatter like horrid childbirth stories, tummy tucks, breast implants, breast reductions and football!! Ha! Don't you guys talk about that too!! Sergian goes to school with Elijah and they also play on the same football team so he got to play with many of his school AND football friends. I love Pump It Up for the kids; however, it is a terrible place to take pics.....SPEEDY action and BAD lighting. Gonna have to talk to them about that!

Miss Ellie

The birthday boy playing around

Prince Parker

Time for cake