Thursday, October 02, 2008


Once again it is time for Thursday's Ten with.................

Top 10 movies I can watch over and over
(in random order)

I love this movie and I still cry every time it ends and it still leaves you wondering!

Yep it's true my Mom got us addicted to Anne of Green Gables and ALL of the sequels and then Anne of Avonlea....hush!

I love Chris Farley - he reminds me of another love, John Candy! I realize many of his movies are outrageous and stupid but this movie cracks me up and I love to watch it with Tez. I must admit we laugh, rewind, laugh, rewind then reinact for more laughter!

Yep I know all the words to all the songs!

This movie still makes me cry but I get a little wierded out by Patrick Swayze using Whoopi's body

Not only do I like the movie but I love the soundtrack. I really like Julia so I must also include Pretty Woman, Steel Magnolias and I am sure others I can't remember right now

No one I know likes this movie in fact people will either not have even heard of it or make fun of me for liking it. But I love it! I actually watch it a lot because it cracks me up and again the boys esp. Tez will sit and watch it with me!

I still get goosebumps during Matthew's closing arguments when he says, " your close your eyes.....imagine it was your daughter.."

I used to watch this all the time but I think I will have to get it out again!

This makes me laugh and cry - those are the best!

I love the part when he is being transfered and uses the guard's face to hide his own and no one has a clue!

Don't ask I just like it!

Yet another one I watch with Tez and crack up too and yes another one that we laugh, rewind, laugh, rewind then reinact for more laughter! Phil Hartman was another one of favorite comedians - why are all the good ones dead?

Wow going to have to dig this one out!

Crack me up! Don't worry I don't watch this with the boys!!!

Makes me cry everytime!

Wow another one I will dusting off soon!

This movie used to drive me nuts when I was younger and my friend Brandy would watch it but now I think this movie just has a "special purpose"!

Last but not least I love both of these and they also still make me cry!

Oops......whoa.......ok so I just counted and due to the fact I got carried away...this week's Thursday's Ten has unknowingly become Thursday's Twenty BUT lucky for you I stopped and counted before it became Thursday's Thirty!! Your welcome! Until next time America....

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