Monday, October 20, 2008


Joining the Not Me! Monday bloggers and hopefully I can figure out the rules of posting! Wish me luck! Not Me! was started by MckMama on her blog My Charming Kids. She is funny to me and probably one of the few people who like me has blogged about....dodododo.....circumcision!! Although our experiences are quite different most people keep stuff like that to themselves, NOT ME!!

Here we go:
Thursday at a birthday party I did NOT want to scream, "Take your kids and run for their lives!!" when a little girl puked about 2 feet from both of my children and all of the others sitting at the table because that would've been inconsiderate, right?!

I definitely did NOT secretly leave work early since my boss was home sick and I had to go to the above mentioned birthday party.....nope NOT ME!!

I did NOT lie and say my husband forgot to bring the gift to the party since he dropped the kiddos off. I would NEVER do that! She had SO many presents though she didn't even notice. I then also did NOT lie again by saying I would save it for her ACTUAL birthday which was two days later!! (Ok I feel like crap but the party was bumped up two days and in the middle of the day while I had to work so I had NO time to get a last minute gift!)

Friday I did NOT sleep in at all costs since they were on fall break and I was off. In fact I certainly did NOT allow them to eat cheese whale crackers for breakfast just so I would NOT have to get out of bed b/c that would totally go against my "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" montra that I have taught aka drilled into them since birth!!

Friday I did NOT even think about conveniently "forgetting" a birthday party so I wouldn't have to go to Pump It Up for the second day in a row. Good thing I did NOT do that because I had a really good time with my football Moms!

I did NOT laugh outloud when Chai's Dad and Sebina argued calmly over how to put the crib together.

I did NOT laugh outloud AND I did NOT secretly take a picture of Chai's Dad Tim and her Stepdad Mike who fumbled around like a bird in a beehive trying to figure out how to get the pack 'n play to collapse so they could fit it through the bedroom door since they put it together BEFORE moving it into the room!! And I definitely did NOT love watching them and listening to them chatter back and forth while never lending a hand ~ hey I couldn't remember I was NOT secretly taking pictures!

I am certainly NOT jealous of my friend and my cousin who are expecting baby girls! I do NOT secretly wish I could take my husband's offer to reverse his vasectomy and NOT feel bad in hopes we could have a baby girl. I do NOT wish I never would have convinced him to have the vasectomy in the first place. And I do NOT wish the doctors messed up and maybe JUST maybe his vasectomy won't work!! NOT ME!!!

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