Thursday, October 16, 2008


To keep Isaiah occupied while he is "starving" I have been having him "help" me more at dinnertime. I am posting b/c this was the first time to wear the new aprons that I bought for the boys and I LOVE them. You just wipe them off! I got them from Let's Explore after I became addicted to her craftiness in her blog ~ thank you! I pull out the new aprons and Isaiah says, "Oh Momma is it for ME! Thank you! I WUV my new apron so much!! Let's took!"

LIGHTLY brush olive oil on the dough!
Let's all ignore the knife and sharp pizza slicer within his reach!! I know I know BUT I am RIGHT THERE!!

Concentrating on the LIGHTLY part of the instructions since he tore the first pizza dough in several places!!

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  1. These are too cute! His concentration is so evident on his face. And by the way- I AM calling DHS for neglect...that knife and pizza slicer!


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