Saturday, October 11, 2008


Many of you may already know I think COX sucks!! They are out here to fix our Internet service about every three months. Getting a little old and I would love to have it fixed once and for all. We have cable running all around the house that isn't even hooked up to anything b/c they run this and that over and over. They even said "once we bury the lines (aka rip up the backyard) you should never have a problem again" ~ wrong!!! This past episode has really ticked me off and it better be FIXED or I am switching!!

On August 20th some head guy came out and said a main line needed to be ran from the cable box through the attic directly to the computer. Doesn't sound real direct to me but oh well! He couldn't do it that evening because of the heat restrictions they could only do attic work first thing in the morning. We scheduled the attic work for the following Sunday Aug 24th at 8am. He had asked about Saturday and I specifically said the only morning we could do it at that time would be Sunday because we would be in Miami for a game EARLY on Saturday. Ok ~ appt for 8am Sun the 24th! On Sunday the 24th I waited and waited and finally called that afternoon ticked b/c I knew they had a heat restriction so they were going to make me reschedule. I talked to the lady who said they had called 4 times and left 2 messages with no return call so they would have to reschedule for the following weekend when we would be out of town. I rescheduled then checked my voicemail which I never do!! The voicemails were not from that morning but the morning BEFORE when they were told I would be out of town and the appt was supposed to be for the 24th. I quickly called them back to complain but still couldn't get anyone out do to our work schedule and trip to Branson until 2 weeks later. Not happy! Fast forward to two weeks later on a Sunday morning....cox man arrives and after looking everything over he says, "it doesn't need to be ran through the attic they just have the wrong cable attached for the Internet". After me telling him over and over that the HEAD guy said it NEEDED a direct line through the attic and I would think 12 cable guys would have noticed if it was "just" a wrong cable attached, I got absolutely no where other than his "word" and reassurance that it would be FIXED now. Fast forward 10 days later to my next angry call to cox wondering why I am paying for Internet that is always messed up and I needed it fixed for good or I am switching I get yet another appt for this past Monday. A very nice man by the name of Dean came out and after fiddling around for awhile tells me we need a direct line run through the attic. Hmmm...where have I heard that before?! Since the attic work heat restriction is still in force Dean made my appt for TOMORROW, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 12TH at 8am. I would've made the appt for today but we did not have a football game and had made plans for the entire day! Fast forward to this morning SATURDAY OCTOBER 11TH with a pounding knock at the door............cox man! I say to him "our appt isn't until TOMORROW!" He said, "well they said to come out for your appt. Would you like me to call and reschedule for you?" My answer, "No because they will probably set it for two weeks from now I would just really like for them to show up for a SUNDAY appt on SUNDAY! If I wanted a SATURDAY APPT I WOULD HAVE BOOKED ONE! BESIDES YOU WOULDN'T NEED TO RESCHEDULE SINCE MY APPT ISN'T UNTIL TOMORROW ANYWAY! Come on in!" I bet he felt really welcome! I felt bad for him but it is irritating b/c if we had left then they would've pulled the crap that we weren't there for the appt like before. Maybe they have their own computer problems that need to be fixed first. Two hours later he was done and we were two hours late for Kitefest ~ not happy! They must not have kids that FLIP OUT AND BUG THEM EVERY TWO SECONDS when they tell them they get to go somewhere and then make them wait TWO hours like my children did!!! Long story short, sorry April, the cable is SUPPOSEDLY "fixed" and ran through the attic but we will see. If this doesn't work then I will switch but honestly I don't think there is much they could do that they haven't already done!

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