Saturday, October 25, 2008


Breaking news on the Maddox front of a serious nature, this update came from Tammi yesterday evening after Maddox's surgery:

I once again am sitting here beside myself trying to take in everything that has happened today. Maddox went in to surgery at 7 this morning with the hopes that they could do a repair to his SVC and make his condition better. However, when the surgeon opened him up they realized that repairing the SVC would be of no benefit to Maddox. They came in and informed us that they were re-listing him on the heart transplant list. This has been a very traumatic day for us. We were hoping this would be the blessing Maddox needed to be able to live a healthy life yet once again we are starting over from square one. I for one have been a complete mess all day. They are keeping him sedated for the next 48 hours during which time I am going to attempt to get my emotions under control. No matter how much I am hurting I WILL pull it together to be there to hold his little hand and fight this fight with him. Please keep praying.
Maddox's Mom
Please keep Maddox and his family in your prayers!

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