Thursday, October 23, 2008


  1. Any trip by him to the grocery store will last four times longer than if I did it myself.
  2. He does not look at the price of anything
  3. Won't even glance at the generic
  4. Can't find anything and I spend his entire "quick run" to the grocery store on the phone with him directing him to each item like a freaking GPS navigator
  5. Says they are out of everything which just means he used his man eyes you know man eyes right - they just look in the general direction of an item never lifting anything it could be under or actually reading a label ....I could go on and on about man eyes
  6. He buys MANY items that are not on the "grocery" list like CDs, various new lotions to try for psoriasis, toys for the kids if he takes them and the list could go on and on
  7. He never looks at the aisle markers which list what the aisle contains but why would he with his wife on the phone directing the cart
  8. I ask him for one of something I get three....I ask for three and I get six. I ask for what I need don't add on to the grocery bill
  9. He came home two nights ago from a quick run aka hour trip with double stuff Oreos AND Soft batch cookies. I do not buy crap like that b/c I am fat enough without the stuff I actually enjoy and can't resist!! I do not buy cookies, ice cream or chips that I like so I won't eat any!
  10. He can't operate the little credit card thing and doesn't know his pin number so he always screws it up and flips out thinking our check card has been declined; therefore, calling me to again do the step by step directions!!

THIS is why I normally will ONLY send him to the grocery store for VERY basic items like bread, milk and eggs in a crunch!

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