Friday, October 24, 2008


Getting in the car to go meet Addison, Elijah asks if he will get to hold her and when told "YES!" he replied with a very enthusiastic, "Awesome!" You would think they had a new sister to bring home!! Elijah held her first and he was all grins ~ seriously, ear to ear!! It was cute b/c she was wide awake and just looking ALL around at her new world. Isn't it amazing how newborn babies make everyone all a flutter! When asked what he was thought of the baby, Elijah responded with "I want one too!" This answer was clearly noted with, "Good luck with that!"

Isaiah was next and it was going to be his first time to ever hold a baby. Wow his excitement was unreal! He said, "I think she likes me Mommy! Let's go to the store and buy one to take home!" Again this was noted and answered with, "I only wish it was that easy to get Mommy a little girl!" He then said, "You've got to be tidding (kidding) me!"

It was sooo cute to see them this excited about Addison!! Poor "Saytra" got no love tonight since Addison stole the spotlight!! Well we left with Zay flipping out b/c he had to leave the baby there in hopes of finding Zay a Halloween costume. I should have bought it a month ago when I found it but alas I didn't and it is gone now. Kicking myself while typing! We were off to search the town for a "batmanelmothomasfwankensteintransformer" costume for my boy! Hey that is what he wants to be, don't ask me!!

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