Friday, October 24, 2008


5am came pretty darn fast this morning but well worth it. My very close friend Chaitra had her 2nd daughter today. Addison Jewel came into this big bright world at 7:44am weighing in at 7lbs 4oz and 20in long!! A beautiful FAIR complected, raven haired (she is a couple of weeks early and pretty hairy - check out her forehead - lol - don't worry baby it will fall out!) knockout greeted the world with grace and a calm that only a baby knows! I am in love with her as I am with any baby I meet and the "urge" welled up inside!! (I swear if humans had the same 16 days gestation period as a hamster I would definitely have a dozen well maybe a couple more unless they were the size of hamsters! lol) UNTIL I saw Chaitra that is! She came out of the c-section that I tried oh so hard to talk her out of as itchy, dizzy and nauseous as can be. Addy had LOTS of fluid on her lungs and they were sticking tubes up her nose and down her throat trying to suck it out. They gave her oxygen then let her be hoping she could work it out on her own. They then suctioned her again and said if the fluid was not gone within 6 hours she would need to be transferred to another hospital. I really didn't want to tell this to Chaitra but she knew something was wrong b/c they would not bring her to the room and she really wanted to see her. This news was troubling at best knowing she wouldn't be able to transfer with Addy so we prayed, hoped and watched her new little angel like only Mother's can. Then they decided to give her a bath hoping it would upset the sleeping wonder enough to really cry and clear her lungs. No luck there.....she was calm as can be! Finally they said her lungs were getting better but her breathing was too labored and fast so they could not take her out of the nursery til her breathes per minute dropped to 60. That took awhile then they couldn't keep her temp up so they baked her for quite awhile until she was good and toasty. I feared a baby that fair complected would burn! lol During all of the action, baking and sleeping the nurses allowed each of us to go in two by two since Addison was the only baby in the nursery to touch, talk and take pics of her. JUST SO HAPPENS I had my camera so I took a few million pics!! Imagine that huh! Four and a half hours later they brought the bundle to the room. Chaitra held her for about 2 minutes then said someone take her NOW then puked and puked then yep she puked some more. Oh the joys of motherhood! I think she was wishing she had listened to my NO c-section rants!! I left to get FOOD since my belly was growling, picked up Zay, went to the football office, signed up for bball where I was talked into coaching with my hubby, met another football Mom to order the Coaches' gifts then I came home to try to catch some zzzz's before taking the boys to see Baby Addy and "Saytra" as Zay says her name. Operative word here being TRY!! I have such a pounding headache that I hoped was caused by waiting too long to eat but after eating I think maybe I am overtired. Let you all know when I decide!! Until then here is Addison in her blogger debut:

Sick I know, but I think babies are so cute when they cry!! I do have one exception ~ Isaiah wasn't so cute since he had colic and he cried ALL the time...NOT so cute at the time! I think this is the only time she cried all day.

This is how she slept while basking under the warmer!

I took this one with my camera phone so it looks kind of funky; however, this is one of my favorite pictures of the day. How cute is that?!! Lorraine and I were trying to wake her up so she would cry and clear out her lungs to go see Mommy but she did not budge except for this booboo lip...I am so in love with this girl!

I HATE feet but I LOVE LOVE LOVE baby feet!! Perfection!

I don't know who was more anxious to hold Addy....her mom.....

OR her big sister, Avani!!

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