Thursday, October 02, 2008


I truly believe Maddox is a miracle! This kid repeatedly defies medical odds and amazes his doctors with his strength and will to survive. Just one week ago the doctors were trying to explain the severity of his condition and trying to convince Tammi basically to let go but she would not. I tear up just thinking about the words, "Call your family, friends and priest b/c he is NOT going to make it!" I can not imagine even hearing those words ONCE let alone the handfuls of times Tammi and Manny have heard them BUT he has pulled through each and every time! I just shake my head at the mere thought of every thing this little boy has been through and survived with a smile on his face. As you can tell the prayers are working and there is some good news on the Maddox front. As of yesterday Maddox is off life support, infection free and ventilator free only needing extra oxygen through a nasal cannula. Amazing! They did a CAT scan yesterday to determine the severity of brain damage due to the MANY times he coded and his brain was without oxygen in the past few weeks. This is important b/c besides the obvious reason of just needing to know, the severity of brain damage would determine Maddox's eligibility to be placed on the transplant list. Tammi's brain working overtime decided that b/c Maddox is VERY intelligent for a child his age that maybe a little brain damage would just give him the normal intelligence of a child his age - the power of hope! Can you believe it b/c the doctors couldn't?!?! The amount of brain damage was minimal which shocked the docs who had said it did not look good; however, before the excitement could set in they wanted him to wake up to see how he would act. He was in and out just waking up for minutes at a time UNTIL last night around 10:30pm I received a text from Brandi stating MADDOX WAS AWAKE AND TALKING LIKE CRAZY SO THEY THINK HIS BRAIN IS FINE - THANK GOD!! It is funny how those of us who have known Maddox's story since Tammi was pregnant are just in awe at the miracles that continue to happen in this family's life!! Just when you think there is nothing left to hope for and nothing left to be done......he survives whatever is placed in front of him and gets stronger for his next battle! Maddox still has a long road ahead but this is a huge roadblock that he has overcome! Keep them in your prayers!

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