Friday, October 24, 2008


  1. If I gave into the "urge" AND IF I had a baby girl, we would be bankrupt!! Seriously folks have you seen how many more girls clothes are in stores compared to boy clothes! I could buy pink, purple, dolls and all the necessary frills that I don't get to buy now! If you've seen me shop for my friends' daughters, then you should know that is only the beginning and about twice a year for a child that is NOT mine, so just imagine if it were!!
  2. My husband would have to reverse his vasectomy. Although he is more than willing to do so, I feel guilty since I swore I did not want anymore kids.
  3. With all the time going into a reversal, the waiting period, the trying (no matter how enjoyable!) then the nine months (Why don't they just be honest and say 10 months?) of pregnancy, I would probably have all the boys in school and just be starting over!?!!?
  4. One husband, three boys, two male dogs, one male rat......need I say more!! I'm outnumbered and chances are it would be another boy! Although my boys are my world, I can't say I WANT more fighting, wrestling, football, soccer, basketball and blue..............enough said!! I want pink, purple, mary janes, dresses, tights, dolls, tea parties, hair bows, dress up high heels and pearls! I think I made clear the fact that I would love to have a little girl in our house! Thank God Shan is going to nursing school soon so I can have Q around more! Uh-oh, please don't let my boys turn her into a tomboy her Mom might hurt me!!
  5. C-section #3!! My 1st c-section was painful but tolerable enough to go for the 2nd and at the time I thought a 3rd. I searched forever with baby #2 for a doctor who would allow me to "have" him after having a c-section with #1....obviously I had NO luck with that search!! My 2nd c-section was extremely difficult for me in fact I ended up back in the hospital after being home for only 2 days!! I am not sure I ever want to do that again for fear history would repeat itself!!

Well thanks for listening and I think I talked myself out of it......not really!

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