Thursday, October 02, 2008


So my Dad was making fun of me this morning and I decided it would make a great title for a blog! Sad I know~! Yesterday we had made plans with friends to take the kids to the fair for a few hours UNTIL I totally fell in the parking lot leaving work. I fell HARD! I stepped on a crack and almost broke my back - not funny it hurt like hell! I stepped on a big crack in the store parking lot, twisted my ankle and fell. I would of hit my head on the pavement if it weren't for Moose's dog food in my hand that also fell and my head landed on it. The contents of my purse~everywhere! It hurt so freaking bad and the 1st thing to run through my head was "I hope NO one saw that!" Then as I tried to get up I couldn't, seriously. My hands were cut and bleeding while I laid their wondering if my knees and ankle could hold me up b/c the pain was excrutiating. Then I was hoping someone, anyone would just help me get up! It seemed like I laid there for 5 minutes which I know I didn't but then I got to thinking "is NO one in this freaking parking lot wondering why I am laying down" and praying no one would quickly pull into the spot I was laying in! I finally got up, picked up my purseful of belongings scattered everywhere, then basically fell into the direction of the car for something to hold onto! I thought I was going to die - my knees haven't felt like that since the wreck I was in June of 1992! Once I got into the car an older gentlemen who saw me fall from the freaking road and decided to turn around to check on me appeared by the truck. He repeatedly asked me if I was ok saying, "Are you sure you are OK? You fell really hard, I saw it clear from the road and wondered if you were going to get up?" My answer over and over, "I'm fine, thank you!" I just wished he had been there to help me up but now I just wanted him to leave so I could burst into tears and call my hubby. Long story short - we didn't go to the fair instead I sat on my butt all night with ice packs on both cut up, black and blue knees and one ankle with Isaiah asking about it every five minutes and telling me "Mommy YOU need to be careful so you don't hurt yourself!" Hmm...wonder where he has heard that!

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