Wednesday, October 15, 2008


If you read my blog then you know Isaiah switches many letters while speaking but his biggest one is switching all "K" sounds to a "T" sound. I've been told this particular switch is common and developmental but not sure. Anyway if you read this blog then you know it could be an issue ~ lol ~ so I've been trying hard to work with him. So if he asks for a "tookie" then I make him say "ka-ka-cookie". Not much success so far. The part that is frustrating is one well it's cute when he tries really hard and two he says "ka-ka-tookie". Well at least I know he can make the "ka" sound but he just can't add it to words yet! I guess he gets that I am working hard on the "K" sound and now he makes us all do it but it is sooo cute b/c he doesn't do it for the correct words. For example, last night he was "helping" me cook dinner by helping me mash the potatoes. Then when I was talking about the cornbread but he thought I was talking about the potatoes he said, "No Momma look at me they ka-ka-potatoes not tornbread!" looking very accomplished with his crooked grin. Then later during bathtime he was trying to get Elijah to take a bath with him instead of a shower and he was saying, "No Yijah don't take a shower take a bath wif me. Look at me and say it Yijah, ka-ka-bath!" He is just too darn cute!

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