Thursday, October 09, 2008


Time again for Thursday's ten!

My top ten can't miss TV shows thanks to insomnia and DVR!!

  1. John and Kate plus 8 ~ just love it and Isaiah is obsessed with it. He will watch "Don and Tate pwus 8" over cartoons and it is the one true thing to pull him out of a fit. Seriously he can be in the middle of a meltdown and the mere mention of the show will dry the tears right up!
  2. My ABC soaps ~ All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital ~I could look at the men on General Hospital all day! My husband is so good he has been watching them with me for almost 8 yrs now!! He also watches Lifetime Television for Women movies all on his own ~ that cracks me up!
  3. The Amazing Race ~ this is one of my absolute favs and I would love to be on the show with my brother Curt~ oooo I would go on Big Brother too!
  4. The Biggest Loser with a giant bowl of ice cream! Just kidding I don't buy ice cream but about twice a year b/c I love it! I would go on that show too but I would have to refuse the sports bra and spandex weigh-in attire!!!!
  5. Desperate Housewives
  6. Brothers and Sisters
  7. Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and ER will all be counted as one for medical dramas to make my list appear shorter
  8. So you think you can dance ~ no not really I KNOW I can!!
  9. Psych ~ this show cracks us up!
  10. Burn Notice, Criminal Minds and CSI NY which will also be listed as one for crime TV!
  11. I have to add one more ~ America's Next Top Model ~ although Tyra gets on my nerves at times it amazes me how sometimes they will get some butt ugly girls on there and make their pictures beautiful

Now there are probably more that I watch but I am not considering them "must see TV" but lately with school activities, work, blogging, scrapbooking, football practice and games my DVR is full b/c I do not have time to watch TV without falling asleep! I really miss Friends, Will & Grace (I think it should have been called Jack & Karen!), Wildfire and believe it or not Cheers! I miss funny tv!

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