Monday, October 27, 2008


Crazy day ending in a crazy way!! Tonight was BA's Halloween deal downtown so we went w/Tammy, Jessie and John for fun, friends and well yes we wanted candy too! Since I couldn't find the ever elusive and evidently popular "batmanelmothomasfwankensteintransformer" costume and couldn't really find much of anything in his size period no matter where I went ~ he was a fireman and a cute one at that. I put mascara on his face to resemble soot and he said, "Mommy I don't want girl makeup!" I quickly replied with, "THIS is fireman dirt makeup!" He was certainly fine with that answer and he liked his costume although he was a little upset he didn't have a "firetuck to dwive"!!

We saw Avani looking beautiful like usual

Elijah (Hulk), Isaiah (Fireman) and John (Iron Man)

Isaiah trying to get a "tiss" from John ~ look at those lips!!

The "real" Spiderman showed up for the festivities

He said, "Are you weal?"

Very excited the firemen let him "dwive" the "firetuck"

Camo face painting ~ yippee ~ so fun to wash off!!

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