Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Among friends and family that came to Elijah's football game Saturday was Quinlynne, Isaiah's one true love! We joke about them being betrothed but they really love to be together and are boyfriend and "gwirlfend" in their eyes! Honestly they are too cute together. We joke about Shan and I rocking in our rockers hoping their kids will torcher them as much as they do us now. A couple of weeks ago we went to eat with Tammy and Jessie and Isaiah got a ring out of the gumball machine which he seriously intended on giving to Q. When he got home he slept for 2 hours with the ring clutched in his hand. He was obsessed with the ring for days and I had to BEG him to put it up. He asked to see her, call her, eat with her....anything to see her. I knew she MIGHT be coming to the game so I packed the precious ring in hopes of getting rid of it. Finally Q appeared in her dance outfit and cowboy boots looking sooooo cute and Zay couldn't be happier to see her!

Just a little excited for her to open her gift!

THE ring!

I don't know if he wanted to eat her or hug her!

These boots were made for walkin'......(sing along)

How adorable is she!

.....one of days these boots are gonna walk all over you!!

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