Sunday, October 19, 2008


Thursday was Avani's 7th birthday party at Pump It Up. It seems like just yesterday Chaitra and I were pregnant. I wasn't very happy with her that her pregnancy ended sooner than me and I still had 3 months of swollen feet left but oh well. Avani is a BEAUTIFUL, sweet and kind little girl and I love her to death. I actually get to sing the girly songs in the car when she rides with us in the morning. You know the girlie songs - the ballads that the boys aren't so keen on and you just want another girl to sing with you!! Well she's that girl for me! Love ya baby girl and stop growing so fast, you are almost as tall as me....not kidding guys! I don't have very many good pics since Pump It Up party pics never work out for me no matter what I try!

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