Friday, October 03, 2008


My internet service is shotty at best right now and yet AGAIN Cox will be coming out on Monday to "FIX" it aka make it work for a small while until they have to come out again to "FIX" it. This is really getting old! So instead of my usual Friday High Five I decided to do a Flashback Friday since it will be faster....hopefully! This is a picture of my second grade class with one of my two favorite, Mrs. Rhodes. It is kind of odd but I grew up with my teacher's daughter and I ended up touring parts of Europe with Mrs. Rhodes and her two daughters after I graduated high school. Jen sent me this picture a couple of weeks ago of my second grade class that I don't remember ever seeing but I may have just forgotten about know with whole aging thing going on! Thank you for the picture! Here it is:

I know it is small once I transferred it to blogger but can you find me?

Wow what a cute bunch!

Every time I see pictures of me when I was little I realize just how much Elijah looks like me at that age....except the hair!

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