Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Elijah lost a tooth at school and they sent it home in a little box so he could leave it under his pillow for the tooth fairy. How lucky am I ~ I hate the whole losing teeth thing but Elijah has lost like 3 or 4 teeth at school AWAY from me!! Well he remembered to put the tooth under the pillow except the stupid tooth fairy forgot to make a visit. STUPID FORGETFUL TOOTH FAIRY!! So Martez goes to wake Elijah up while I am in the closet getting clothes out when I hear Elijah crying and Martez trying to get out of him what is wrong. I look and only hear the word "tooth" when I RUN into the living room and grab money out of my purse then crawl into Elijah's room trying to NOT let him SEE me!! It's a good thing I am so small! Hehe! I ask him if he looked under the bed saying maybe it had fallen. When he cries out NO like it's the end of the world, I quickly throw the money under the bed towards his headboard then dive down to act like I am looking. Low and behold the money had "fallen" (right where I needed it to) and although he was glad he got money he continued to cry. Again we try to understand the half asleep rambling when he finally gets mad and sits up saying, "the tooth fairy didn't take my tooth!" My next quick response was, "well either she couldn't get it because you almost woke up or you may have knocked her out with all that CRAZY moving you do in your sleep so we'll just mail it to her. Give it to ME!" I thought everything was fine until I realized they were not getting dressed. They were looking with binoculars to make sure they hadn't smashed her into the mattress or she wasn't laying on the floor before they got up and stepped on her. The next questions from Elijah were: "How big is the tooth fairy? Is she big enough to see? Give me an example of a bug her size!! How do you know her address? Her job could be kind of dangerous so why doesn't she just mail kids their money?" He never stops thinking!!

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