Monday, October 27, 2008


Are you ready for some football? I love my kids in hats!!

Saturday was the boys' last football game well at least regular season but playoffs start next Saturday. They beat the Catoosa Indians today 25 - 12! Go Tigers!! They ended the regular season with only one loss. I never could have even imagined they would have done this well for their first year in tackle football. As I always mention we are really proud. Coach keeps saying how amazing Elijah is getting and in his words "he has just become a machine and changed so much through the season so much that HE actually understands the game". It is nice to have a coach that doesn't pick at each flaw and instead praises the kids and teaches them HOW to correct their mistakes. Only parents with kids in sports can understand how key that truly is to success ~ a bad coach can break a good player! I am not saying he is a martyr and never gets angry but that is only human. However, he ususally just talks about it to the other coaches or yells at the refs. The boys love all their coaches! Anyway Coach Travis was talking that night about how well Elijah played on Saturday and he said he was really proud of something that he had said at halftime. By halftime we were winning but only by one point, Coach pointed out that yes they were winning but they still had half of the game left. Then Coach Travis asked them if they wanted to play a tough game or an easy game. Elijah responded with, "a TOUGH game Coach!" When Coach asked him why, Elijah responded with, "because it makes us better!" Coach was impressed with his answer as am I as his parent that he doesn't just want the easy way out! It surprised me that Elijah answered with this since he was having a tougher game than normal b/c the opposing coach tried his hardest to hold him down! The Coach kept screaming at the kids, "GET NUMBER 10 DOUBLE TEAM HIM!" I was screaming in my head, "NO DON'T GET NUMBER 10!" They definitely knew his number and tried to hold him back but he still managed to evade many tackles to make his longest touchdown yet ~ 80 yds! I thought he would run out of "gas" at the 30 yd line but he kept on and scored!!! All the while I was in shock and my brother Curt kept saying, "Angie camera camera" at which time I fumbled with the camera and gave up! I just kept screaming, "GO BABY GO! KEEP GOING! THAT'S MY BOY! THAT'S MY BOY!!" Then I quickly asked my sister-in-law Carolee if she caught that run! She did ~ thank goodness she came with her mega awesome camera to take pics of Elijah for me!! She got some REALLY GOOD PICTURES OF MY BOY ~ actually 62 of them and he is in almost every single one! Woohoo Carolee! It was nice to have both my brothers and my sister plus their families at the game! We always like having visitors!

Sergian lost his loose tooth during the game!

Here is the slideshow of Carolee's awesome game pics:

Elijah is #10
Even if you hate football you have to admit she took great pics!!

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