Saturday, May 30, 2009


Isaiah turned four a week ago today and he shared a birthday party with his two cousins, Nehemiah and Noah. We had it at the park where we always have his birthday. There was confusion on the cake and at the VERY last minute Shan offered to make a train cake. WE LOVE HER! In honor of the train cake and Isaiah excitement, he decided he needed to wear his "train man" costume to the party.
How cute is he!!The park has a splash pad; however, we did NOT have swimwear with us because we were told the water would DEFINITELY NOT be ON that weekend!
Little did that idiot lady who made our reservation know b/c the water was on and apparently the 50 some people there had advanced warning. NICE! So I called as many people as I could at the last minute to tell them to bring swimsuits.
NOW where in the world were my children ~ in the creek!
Heaven forbid they join the masses of kids in the clean water on the splash pad......NO.....that would mean they would have to pass up a chance for tadpoles, frogs, crawdads, fish and other nature things like DIRT!!!
Later Zay went to the splash pad but I think he was just trying to steal a birthday kiss from Quinlynne!! (Yes Shan I stole a pic or two!!)

It was really really good too!
My Mom had been giving bad weather forecasts all week.
Wednesday she said, "You know there is a 30% chance of rain Saturday?!?"
Thursday she said, "You know there is a 40% chance of rain Saturday?!?"
Friday she said, "You know there is a 50% chance of rain tomorrow?!?!"
I said, "Ok negative Nelly that is it I am calling everyone to say if it is raining they are to come to your house...keep it up!!"
So the party started, the kids played while the adults talked then at 4 o'clock an hour into the party I notice the sky is turning black. I rounded up the kids to do cake and presents before the rain came. It got chilly, windy and started to rain. The cake was a hit!
The other birthday boys
my nephews Nehemiah and Noah
The presents were opened so quickly that I didn't even know what he got until after we were home but THANK YOU everyone!!
Apparently in a hurry to make her awesome cake, Shan was unable to go buy a birthday bag.......

Too funny!!

Now what do kids at a birthday party do in the rain?

They play in it!
At first we tried to stop them but gave up and let them play!!

My niece Majesty

We went home and made birthday pizza!
What is that you ask.....

.....homemade pizza with candles that wouldn't stay put!!


Remember the Super Kids Day event at Elijah's school that was giving me a bad case of volunteering remorse due to my aching feet?

Well I survived!
It was hot but a fun "track and field" day event for the kids last week!
He did really well in all events and I am still claiming that he gets all athletic ability and success from none other than MOI!!
Oh how that makes me laugh!!

His attempt at the sack race was nothing short of hilarious!!

His teacher joined in on the sack races!!

Not me!

She looks great she has lost something like 40 some pounds!

I asked her how and she was trying to explain how it was from some infomercial until I was clueless then she claimed to have a tapeworm!

I have got to get me one of those!!

Friday, May 29, 2009


We have officially attended our very first dance recital. A couple of weeks ago we went to Quinlynne's dance recital. Somehow Shan conveniently left out the fact that Mayfest was on the same street as the PAC.
I had ONE DOLLAR in cash and short of walking miles with two little boys I needed to pay to park. Luckily a lady parked near the PAC was leaving and I inserted my ONE dollar into the FIVE dollar slot hoping they had not emptied her money yet and praying I would NOT get towed. Due to the parking dilemma we were late and couldn't find Shan and the rest of Q's fan club. It was so dark in the theatre and the ushers were rude and worthless. I could go on and on about the ushers; however, I will save you from that rant. The good news is parents left after their children performed so after moving from the nose bleed section then three more times we ended up on the VERY front row when Q performed her little heart out! She was so darn cute!! I happened to take just a few pics (imagine that right!!) even though the lighting was horrible (like all theaters) for photography BUT you all know I edited and tried to make them better.
She is just so cute!
I am not biased of my future daughter-in-law at all I tell you!!
Afterwards we tried to take of pic of IQ and Elijah but just like every other attempt I got:
I think it is impossible for the three of them to...
hold still.....
hold still.....
look at the camera......
hold still......
Still cute though!
Then with some magical editing I came up with this little diddy that I love

Aren't they the cutest!!!

Shan we are going to have some beautiful grand babies to torture these two!!!


Angela's Adventures

Time for Friday High Five!

Come join in the fun....please!
Make a list of 5 things ~ ANY five things you want! 5 favorite things, Top 5 Vacation spots, 5 most embarrassing moments, 5 favorite pics, 5 reasons to not pick your nose......A LIST OF ANYTHING YOU WANT IT TO BE!
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Have fun!
First I want to apologize to last week's players! I ALWAYS READ YOUR POSTS AND APPRECIATE YOU PLAYING ALONG! I also always comment! I did read your posts; however, I had a few computer problems throughout the weekend. It kept freezing up or telling me something about some server something THEN shut down internet explorer!! Yes those are all technical terms (I am highly technical after all! lololol) so I am sorry if you don't understand! I fixed everything (I believe!) and planned to go back to comment BUT this week has been crazy with a birthday party, Ordination ceremony, Memorial Day cookout, school awards ceremonies and too many end of year school activities so needless to say I did NOT get back to comment! Sorry about this and I will get to your posts/comments this weekend I promise PLUS I have a ton of blogging to do so stay tuned!! Love ya'll!
5 great things about my day yesterday
5. I woke up and realized it was the boys' last day of school! Elijah is a BEAR to get up in the mornings......don't know where he gets it! I am so looking forward to him waking up ON HIS OWN and well I like to sleep in so this is good too!! I might change my mind about the "being home for the summer" thing so stayed tuned for many moments of me wishing he was back in school!!
4. A picnic with 500 summer crazed students.......sounds crazy but I had a blast!! More on that to come soon......
3. I took the kids home from school early then took them to the park to play until we had to pick up Tez. THEN we went home and played outside for 3.5 more hours!
2. Going through Elijah's yearbook with Elijah and Avani ~ they CRACKED ME UP! Their stories were priceless! More on this coming soon too......
Angela's Adventures

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Yep it's that time again and yep I am late again but still joining in!!
Jump on over to see Mama Kat and join in too!
Her story this week is HILARIOUS!
To combat last week's list I am going with this week's
List ten things that make you HAPPY.
  1. Hubs ~ I love his smile! I love watching him with our children! I love that he still likes to smack me on the butt every time I am anywhere near him! Wait.....sometimes that drives me nuts too! I love that he still makes me smile and makes me laugh everyday.....or almost everyday!! ha!
  2. My children ~ they are so handsome, funny, sweet except when the arguing pursues, loving and well behaved or at least well behaved in the public eye even if they aren't at home
  3. My family ~ my family cracks me up
  4. Sarcastic humor
  5. A clean house......a REALLY clean house like after spring cleaning when everything is organized and you can lick the floor.....not like my house is now in order to clarify! All donations will be accepted for maid service or if you have a maid and your house is clean I can handle airport pickup service to get HER TO MY HOUSE......COME ON PEOPLE help a girl out here!
  6. laughing children ~ I love a true uncontrollable belly laugh! THAT is music to my ears!
  7. driving really fast alone with the radio up full blast then singing at the top of my lungs ~ I am a rock star ya'll!! Oops maybe I should have said~ I am a rock star yo!
  8. pedicures and manicures ~ hey I don't want to saw that crap off my feet and I enjoy someone pampering me for a change! Nails ~ I haven't had nails on in FOR.EV.ER! Love 'em but don't have them right now! "Why do you love them?", you ask. Because my fingers resemble vienna sausages without them!
  9. Blogging, photography and scrapbooking ~ it is free therapy.....well the blogging is at least! Since my scrapbooking hobby could break a bank! I can say whatever I want on my blog plus it is easy to record things for the kids this way! I love taking pictures and putting them together in a fun way! I LOVE LOVE looking at the scrapbooks I have done already......although there aren't many!
  10. George Strait ~ did you guys watch that deal last night? I don't know how old he is but he is still sexy in those tight jeans and cowboy hat. He oozes sexy!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


To my dearest Isaiah the son who keeps me on my toes,

Today to your dismay you turned four years old. You planned on going straight from three to five ever since you turned three. I have had quite the time explaining that this won't work and I thought maybe you understood me finally this morning. We'll see! I still think tomorrow you will be back to being five!

I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. I will probably say this with each birthday letter I write you since I am told the birth of children is something I will never forget. I say that so much and it sounds cliche but it is very true. I went in for a scheduled c-section EARLY in the morning but other emergencies arose and we didn't get to see you until that afternoon. THE second I saw you I said, "Wow you look just like your Daddy!" We were all excited to see you. Elijah was a little upset since he wanted you to be green but he loved you regardless of your unmartian like looks.

I remember everything about you!
I remember.......
  • the colic that began when you were two weeks old which the mere thought of makes my stomach turn and wonder how I made it through!
  • praying I could find a pacifier that you would take for those hours of crying
  • you NEVER EVER taking a pacifier (a nightmare for a mother of a baby with colic)
  • you sleeping in your bouncer until you were four months old because it was the only place you would actually SLEEP!
  • the joy when you finally slept through the night at just a little past four months
  • you being such a happy baby after the colic was finally over
  • the turmoil when you stopped breathing at the pediatrician's office and they had to do CPR
  • RSV at nine months which TOTALLY RUINED YOU SLEEPING through the night for A VERY LONG TIME!
  • you getting teeth at 4 months then biting the pediatrician when he didn't believe me and stuck his finger in your mouth
  • telling people I didn't think you could hear then listening to them rationalize my fears
  • your first word being uh-oh not mommy :(
  • 10 ear infections in eleven months
  • 3 surgeries in two years that you were a little trooper for
  • your frustration when trying to fit in a cake pan even though I insisted you wouldn't fit.
  • grabbing the camera to capture your face when you finally sat inside the cake pan then wondered why
  • you hiding in the refrigerator
  • the first time you REALLY heard things
  • you pooping on your closet floor because you didn't want to poop in the big potty
  • pneumonia when I was told you weren't sick but persisted until I got my answer THREE MONTHS later
  • each and every birthday and each and every pivotal moment

I am so proud of you! I started tearing up the other day when we were outside and you heard the train choo choo from MILES AWAY! You thought I was sad and wanted to see the train. It is odd that those tiny moments still get to me! You were playing and said, "I hear a choo choo train Mommy!" All I could say to you was "Me too baby!" while I was screaming inside "THANK YOU GOD THAT HE CAN HEAR!" quietly amazed at how much you have changed through the years. I was so glad you could hear something so far away when just a little over two years prior I stood a foot behind you and you couldn't hear me scream your name. You handled your ear infections, medications, then finally ENT appts, surgeries and hearing tests like a champ! YOU probably won't remember any of that drama but I WILL!

I joke about you being Daddy's twin b/c you two are alike in every way possible. So much so that sometimes it freaks me out! I say you are ornery and bullheaded and you are BUT you are also the one to run in from playing outside JUST to give me a "tiss" (kiss). You are the one to say "I wuv you Mommy don't let the bugs in the bed!" (his version of don't let the bed bugs bite) You are the one who thinks I am your "best mommy ever"! You are the one who constantly has to be reassured that you are a good boy and a big helper! You are the one who always says, "Daddy I am glad you came home" when all he did was walk in the door from work. You are the one who says, "I wuv you buncha bunches!" You are the one who makes me smile and tear up at the same time thinking you are the last baby so I need to savor every moment!

I love you from your curly hair to your signature Zay crooked smile to those chubby little feet with Daddy's toes!





With all my love,


Friday, May 22, 2009


Angela's Adventures

Time for Friday High Five!
Come join in the fun....please!
Make a list of 5 things ~ ANY five things you want! 5 favorite things, Top 5 Vacation spots, 5 most embarrassing moments, 5 favorite pics, 5 reasons to not pick your nose......A LIST OF ANYTHING YOU WANT IT TO BE!
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Have fun!
5 things I wish I would have said NO to ~ volunteering regret
5. I helped with two valentines class parties in a matter of hours. First with a class of three years old who passed out TONS of valentines ONE BY ONE but ONLY ONE child passing them out at a time. Talk about snail speed! Then off to a class of first graders coming in from recess and on a serious sugar high. In total I spent about four hours with almost 40 kids hyped up on excitement and mass quanities of sugar. This is truly not recommended for those close to insanity or those who do not like loud enclosed spaces full of mindless chatter!
3. Being team Mom of our basketball team.....guess who will never volunteer to be a Team Mom EVER again!!
2. The 1st grade field trip to Bounce U ~ the smell of 100 bare feet and "kid sweat" was enough to make me want to gag!
I spent almost 12 straights hours cleaning yesterday. NO my house is not that of a pack rat nor is it filthy. Most of the cleaning was unnoticeable for instance cleaning out inside of cabinets and about a billion other things that you don't do routinely PLUS a ton of routine cleaning!
My feet are killing me!
I have plantar faciitis and no that is not plantars wart but instead some tendon ordeal. The only part I understand completely about the condition is it is extremely painful at times. I am in some major pain that is due to being either barefoot or wearing flip flops that I am not supposed to wear while walking around this house a billion times over the 12 hr cleaning extravaganza. You can not tell a person who loves being barefoot or in flip flops not to do that when I've done it my whole life. It sucks! This is making me seriously regret volunteering for Super Kids Day tomorrow at Elijah's school ~ kind of a miniature track and field kids running wild event. I so don't want to help tomorrow but in my effort to be the "involved parent" I plan on being I get a bad case of "Yes Syndrome"! If asked to volunteer at one of the schools, I become the world's worst liar and can't think of any reason not to volunteer until after I've said Yes! Lord, help me!!
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Angela's Adventures


Time for Writer's Workshop Wednesday!

Yes I am late but I can't sleep b/c my feet hurt so freaking bad and I am using one of Mama Kat's prompts this week to vent!

I choose prompt #3:

List ten things you are currently sick of

  1. Fighting ~ I am so sick of sibling rivalry around here. They are driving me nuts. They know what buttons to push on each other and they purposely poke those buttons......oh let's say about a 100,000,000 times per day.

  2. Elijah has been really angry lately. For no reason he gets mad then cries. What is up with that? It can be the smallest thing and he thinks it is the end of the world. This is not like him AT ALL and I am tired of it. Is this normal seven year old behavior because it just IS. NOT. HIM? If so, how long does it last before I flip out on him?

  3. Plantar faciitis ~ my feet hurt really bad! They say don't go bare foot! Um....they don't know me at all! The second I walk in the door I am barefoot and I have been this way forever. They say don't wear flip flops! Flip flops are the next best thing to being barefoot besides the fact they are my favorite form of footwear. I am supposed to wear tennis shoes with these inserts that really do help but I can't wear tennis shoes with any of my spring or summer attire for fear they will accentuate the cankle look I sport!

  4. The red Tahoe that pulls out in front of me EVERY SINGLE MORNING on my way to Elijah's school. I am pulling in the neighborhood from the main road and I see her sitting on the first neighborhood street waiting to turn. Does she turn while it is clear and I am still sitting on the main road? NO! She waits until I am almost in front of her THEN she pulls out. She has done this every morning for about a month. Do you know how many times I've almost hit her? Too many! It is starting to really tick me off! My truck is bigger than her truck and if my kids weren't with me I think one day I would purposely hit her to teach her a lesson!

  5. The whole taking the kids to school and picking them up from school routine! If it wasn't for the whole educational thing they have going on, I would have more leverage for complaining here. Isaiah gets done at 2pm, Tez at 2:40pm then Elijah at 3:40pm. Not enough time in between to do anything of significance once you count them getting to the car, waiting to get out of the parking lot then driving to the next school BUT TOO LONG to just sit in the car. From the time I leave to get Zay until the time I finally get home, I am in the car 2 hours and 15 minutes!!! I wish I was working and Hubs schedule went back to what it was so I would NOT have to do this!!

  6. Worrying about money since my unemployment

  7. Laundry ~ I don't mind doing laundry but we just have so much of it! Hubs always says, "Wow it is never ending!" I think, "Yep unless we join a nudist colony! You ought to try doing some once in awhile!"

  8. Staying home ~ not going to work, being bored, a serious lack of adult conversation, being tired and sleeping away about 2 days per week (shhh let's not let that get out!), cleaning, errands and did I mention the "pick the kids up from school" routine

  9. I would say rain BUT our new rain diddy worked wonders and it hasn't rained all week!! WOOHOO!!

  10. Cleaning all day then when everyone gets home it is destroyed in milliseconds without a care in the world.......this is where the downfall of my insanity begins and heads are going to roll!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Week 19 ~ Pick your favorite face photo!
This is one of my all time favorite pictures of Isaiah. This was taken after his 2nd birthday party and he was tuckered out! He just looks so innocent in this picture ~ maybe that is why I like it so much!

"I am submitting this photo into the Blurb Book photo contest. I am granting I ♥ Faces permission to use my photo in a printed version of a book for commercial use and possibly advertising of a photo book on both the Blurb and I ♥ Faces web sites."


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Which one do you like best??

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Sunday, May 17, 2009


Dear Creator of the little rain diddy,

For decades children of all ages have been saying your little diddy ~ "Rain, rain go away come again another day!" My seven year old son who is highly afraid of storms has discovered a problem with your little diddy.


It seems that lately here in Oklahoma the skies are not listening. Now being a life long resident of the state I have learned that Oklahoma weather can change on a dime but we are stuck in a rut. The past few weeks have been constant rain and by constant I mean 20some days in a row of rain. Our yard can absorb no more water and has taken on the appearance of a swamp. Not so great for "curb appeal"! Mosquitoes love standing water and are multiplying before our eyes. My wood floors have taken on the not so fashionable Mud Paw Print look from the dogs walking in mud anytime they go outside. This Mud Paw Print look will have to remain unless I mop several times per day which is not going to happen. My children want desperately to play outside. I honestly believe they would live outside if possible. Yes, I have debated this issue and at times have thought about buying them a tent or shed to live in so I can have silence. We just want a break from the rain that lasts more than hours. We are beyond playing in the rain puddles since now our yard and streets are just one GIANT puddle.

If you have spent any length of time in Oklahoma, then you know that sunshine directly after a heavy rain although nice for a moment is not a good sign. Instead it is often a sign of tornadoes to come. My seven year old boy HATES tornadoes or even the mere thought of tornadoes. Then comes the weather man with his weather map full of red, green, black and spinning circles indicating tornadoes. I've thought about contacting him also to see if we could switch up the colors in hopes that my son will stop panicking anytime he sees RED on the map! We watch to know when to take shelter but it makes my son a wreck. The only good thing about those moments is I know he can read a map, he can locate our town and tell us if we are in the "red" zone. The bad news is he clings to me and asks about every half second if a tornado is coming. He was fine until I had to put them in the closet twice last year and now he is terrified. If you are an Oklahoman, then during the heavy storms you are doing one of three things ~ (1) taking shelter (2) watching the weatherman on TV (3) standing outside looking at the sky. YES, we stand outside observing all too often. We haven't just been getting "April Showers" in May but instead STORM after HEAVY STORM after THUNDERSTORMS after FLASH FLOODS and TORNADO watches and warnings EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!!! We are tired of it and your little diddy is not doing a thing!

Last night my seven year old and I altered your little diddy until we had it perfected then we chanted it many many times. We are hoping it will work and are letting you know about the not so minor changes so you can spread the word. It goes a little something like this:

"Rain, rain go away!
Come again another day
preferably not tomorrow, the next day or the day after that!

Not so many days in a row
our poor Daddy hates to mow!

You make our yard all muddy and wet
so bad that all dirty we get!

Tornadoes make us tend to fret
so go away, try Tibet!

We know you make the flowers grow
but all this rain just has to go!!

Sprinkles daily would be fine
but to that you are confined.

No storms, tornadoes or flash floods
if this is done we could be buds!

Daily storms are such a drag
I'm sorry we don't mean to nag.

We hope you listened to what we ask
and hope you can complete this task!"

I know your little diddy has been a time honored tradition for many but due to the lack of response we were forced to make a few alterations and clarify our needs. I am hoping this clearer version of our expectations will take hold and the constant rain will cease. Maybe the clouds did not understand "another day" does not mean each and every single day for about a month. We hope this mends our situation here in Tornado Alley/Green Country/Oklahoma and chanted it again this morning JUST IN CASE! I am writing to let you know about the clarifications in hopes that you will spread the word. We have to admit it is long but quite catchy ~ don't you think!!
Angela and Elijah
Our "little diddy" creator name shall be Waiting for Rays
(Sun rays if that needs to be cleared up too!!)

Friday, May 15, 2009


6 pieces of advice that you think are obvious,
but some people just need to hear

1. When commenting on my children's good looks, don't finish the compliment with "What is he?" or "Is he mixed?" with a condescending smirk on your face. Then when I answer with "yes he is mixed..half human/half alien" don't look at ME like I am the crazy one. You should say, "Is he biracial/mulatto?" or simply ask me his "ethnicity". There is nothing wrong with my children. They can not help who they are or whom they came from. They are color blind when it comes to love as should all human beings. I can't help it that they are irresistibly cute, smart and sweet. Be nice! You do not have to always be politically correct if you don't have the condescending stare but remember I am their Mother and I will defend them. You are likely to get an earful, corrected or simply straight up told you hope their child didn't inherit their ugly, ignorant genes! And may the Lord above watch over you if you EVER call MY child a mutt, Oreo or the loathsome "N" word! A mutt is a dog! An Oreo is a cookie! The use of the "N" word should be outlawed!! I pity the person who would utter these remarks!

Wow sorry about that! Didn't mean for that to be so long but then I just started thinking and typing.......I can rant and ramble when it comes to that topic!! Shan, you understand!!!

2. I am a beautiful big girl! I know many beautiful big girls! HOWEVER, I don't care how much YOU love your body if you are obese YOU SHOULD NOT WEAR A BIKINI! Be proud ~ yes ~ but we ALL don't want to see it!

3. If you have a gut then buy pants that fit. Do NOT buy super low cut jeans with your gut hanging over the top and hanging out below your shirt!! If you have to lift the gut up to unbutton or button the jeans, THEY DO NOT FIT!

4. To the skinny girls who look cute in the low rise jeans: I don't want to see your crack EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. you bend over, crouch down or take a step. Yes you are cute but by the next size up so you can be even cuter!!

5. Do not scream at me from your car when the windows are down unless you know my window is up! I do have children and even if you aren't cussing they don't need to learn from you or your music so loud it could wake the dead! If they are not with me, I will scream right back at you and you will be shocked that my window is also down, I have a mild case of psychosis and I can follow you home in my truck that is bigger than yours!!!! Bwahahahaha..........LOL........JUST KIDDING........maybe!!



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5 Current Job Prospects
We are trying to decide if I can stay home with the boys for the summer and return to in the fall to complete the whole insanity claim or if I need to go back immediately. Although I am not the SAHM type because of the whole "stay at home" part of the job, I would like to sleep in for a few months (like that will happen) and do fun things with the boys this summer. Also I will probably be making less than before to start out and would be paying full time daycare for two boys which would eat up the pay. The question is should I get a job now in case the economy and job market is worse in a few months. Do I take what I can get? Settle for less? Or wait until my dream job arrives? Or just stay home for a few months? Such a decision!! With that we go......
5. I saw an ad for a local law firm wanting a typist. I am a typing fool so this could actually pan out if I wanted to wake my children up at 5:30am to get them ready and fed, myself ready and out the door by 7am. Did I mention I hate mornings? Nuff said!
4. I saw another ad for a dental hygenist. It would just be 3 1/2 days per week at $300 a day. Hmmm.....I could handle 3 1/2 days of work for $1000. Problem one with this theory ~ I am not a dental hygenist and I am quite sure the offer would be off the table by the time I completed the proper training which I don't want to do. These skills should be present at birth to make life a wee bit easier. I am really interested in radiology and ultrasounds which was another job I saw in the local paper. However, again I am not a radiologist, sonographer or radiology tech making my current qualifications for the job...........ZERO! Interest is there but enough to start school all over again....probably not!!
3. Our school district has several clerical jobs open now. Where this would lack in the "high paying" job category, it would make up for a lot in convenience. I would be off when the kids are out of school like holidays and summers; therefore, I would not need to arrange childcare or take off of work. The boys could ride a bus to the school I work for after their schoolday is finished so I wouldn't be driving ALL OVER TOWN OVER THE COURSE OF TWO HOURS PER DAY!! AND let's not forget I would be home in time to still do the whole dinner thing and have more evening hours. Not a dream job or a money maker but it saves gas, daycare money and I could be off when the boys are so that is definitely a plus I will be weighing carefully.
2. My very dear friend who is more like a sister called with a part time data entry position open at the Quik Trip Corporate office. The pay is lower than I am accustomed to BUT it is part time and it would get me in the door of the corporate office for future promotions plus it is only a mile from our house. I'll be looking into this one!
No need to look any further!
Stop the job hunt!

The decision has been made for me to go ahead and go back to work now instead of waiting until the end of summer. The basis of this decision comes from the perfect job opportunity with so much money to be made.

Would you like to know what I will be doing?
I caaaannn'ttt hearrrrr you!!

A little ad in Sunday's paper sparked this little money making endeavor:

"Dancers needed. No nudity. Must be over 18 with great personality."
Why look further?
I can dance.
I am over 18 by a year or two or 15.
No nudity involved is definitely a plus for the customers
I have a brilliant personality!
I am so glad the job hunt or decision to even job hunt was solved by this tiny little ad in the paper!! Why didn't I think of this before? I wonder what I'll be doing......dancing on stage, tables because the pole is OUT!!

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Thursday, May 14, 2009


What happens when you go to the zoo in the spring?
First to totally understand this post, you must read #1 of THIS POST .
Go ahead I'll wait while you go read!
Now Sunday we took the boys to the zoo where this occurred

Mating season is in full swing at the black bear exhibit in the Tulsa Zoo.

Isaiah said, "Wook Mommy the bears are fighting!"

Elijah says, "Nooooo Isaiah they are just lazy like my ladybugs and that one needs a piggy back ride!"

My thoughts exactly!!

They just would not stop and we moved on as many adult onlookers covered the eyes of their children who didn't even realize what was happening. So we go into another building. When you come out of the building, you end up walking passed the other side of the black bear cage. Needless to say like most males this black bear was NOT giving up and now they were only a few feet from us.

Elijah says, "Look Mom that bear is still trying to ride the other bear! That is one really lazy bear!"

Yep! Now moving on.....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


At the beginning of last week, I walked into the kitchen to see Hubs, Elijah and Avani rummaging through the kitchen cabinet. When asked what they were looking for, I got a quick "NOTHING!" Elijah then said, "Mom whatever we are looking for has absolutely nothing to do with Mother's Day if that is what you are thinking!" I responded with, "Ok secret agent man!"

A little while later Avani comes to me asking how to make a cake. I said with all my Betty Crocker skills, "You buy a cake mix and read the directions!"

Later I found a list written by Avani and Elijah which read:
Buy cake mix
Follow directions
probably need eggs
maybe some milk
some kind of oil ~ Mommy said so
Other stuff listed on box

I thought it was adorable!

A few days later I would catch them in their top secret moments to which again I would be told, "Whatever we are talking about has nothing to do with Mother's Day but we can't talk to YOU about it!" Sure!! Then Chai calls saying Avani has been acting weird and saying that her and Elijah are on a top secret mission as a surprise for her and I.

Friday after school Hubs took the boys to get the flowers which at the time I did not know about other than they had been on a separate "mission" and it was TOP SECRET. Isaiah thought this was so cool!

Saturday evening Avani called to talk to Elijah and plans were made. Once everyone was home that evening I reminded Martez about the "cake" mission. He called Avani and detailed the mission. He took them to Wally World where they picked out a cake for each of us then bought us both the same card since "we are so much alike".

Yes I knew they were getting a cake for us!
Yes I had to remind Hubs!
I don't care because seeing the joy on their faces was worth every bit!
Letting them think we were totally shocked at their ability to complete the "top secret mission" including hiding the cakes and cards until the early morning when they could no longer contain themselves and woke us up even though we both wanted to sleep in was WORTH EVERY SECOND. Isaiah reacted with tears and didn't want me to have the flowers b/c they were a secret! He didn't totally get the whole "she can know now" part and was so upset! He quickly changed emotions since he got to eat in my bed for breakfast!
I love these top secret agents and I love that they are all so close!