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5 Current Job Prospects
We are trying to decide if I can stay home with the boys for the summer and return to in the fall to complete the whole insanity claim or if I need to go back immediately. Although I am not the SAHM type because of the whole "stay at home" part of the job, I would like to sleep in for a few months (like that will happen) and do fun things with the boys this summer. Also I will probably be making less than before to start out and would be paying full time daycare for two boys which would eat up the pay. The question is should I get a job now in case the economy and job market is worse in a few months. Do I take what I can get? Settle for less? Or wait until my dream job arrives? Or just stay home for a few months? Such a decision!! With that we go......
5. I saw an ad for a local law firm wanting a typist. I am a typing fool so this could actually pan out if I wanted to wake my children up at 5:30am to get them ready and fed, myself ready and out the door by 7am. Did I mention I hate mornings? Nuff said!
4. I saw another ad for a dental hygenist. It would just be 3 1/2 days per week at $300 a day. Hmmm.....I could handle 3 1/2 days of work for $1000. Problem one with this theory ~ I am not a dental hygenist and I am quite sure the offer would be off the table by the time I completed the proper training which I don't want to do. These skills should be present at birth to make life a wee bit easier. I am really interested in radiology and ultrasounds which was another job I saw in the local paper. However, again I am not a radiologist, sonographer or radiology tech making my current qualifications for the job...........ZERO! Interest is there but enough to start school all over again....probably not!!
3. Our school district has several clerical jobs open now. Where this would lack in the "high paying" job category, it would make up for a lot in convenience. I would be off when the kids are out of school like holidays and summers; therefore, I would not need to arrange childcare or take off of work. The boys could ride a bus to the school I work for after their schoolday is finished so I wouldn't be driving ALL OVER TOWN OVER THE COURSE OF TWO HOURS PER DAY!! AND let's not forget I would be home in time to still do the whole dinner thing and have more evening hours. Not a dream job or a money maker but it saves gas, daycare money and I could be off when the boys are so that is definitely a plus I will be weighing carefully.
2. My very dear friend who is more like a sister called with a part time data entry position open at the Quik Trip Corporate office. The pay is lower than I am accustomed to BUT it is part time and it would get me in the door of the corporate office for future promotions plus it is only a mile from our house. I'll be looking into this one!
No need to look any further!
Stop the job hunt!

The decision has been made for me to go ahead and go back to work now instead of waiting until the end of summer. The basis of this decision comes from the perfect job opportunity with so much money to be made.

Would you like to know what I will be doing?
I caaaannn'ttt hearrrrr you!!

A little ad in Sunday's paper sparked this little money making endeavor:

"Dancers needed. No nudity. Must be over 18 with great personality."
Why look further?
I can dance.
I am over 18 by a year or two or 15.
No nudity involved is definitely a plus for the customers
I have a brilliant personality!
I am so glad the job hunt or decision to even job hunt was solved by this tiny little ad in the paper!! Why didn't I think of this before? I wonder what I'll be doing......dancing on stage, tables because the pole is OUT!!

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Angela's Adventures


  1. Good luck on that new dancing career. Maybe you could get really good with your phone and combine typing with dancing? {*grin*}

  2. Good luck with getting the right job for you! You're a talented lady. You'll do well anywhere. I'm happy to play along today:)

  3. HAHAHA this is hilarious! I certainly did not see that one coming.

    Seriously though, good luck! It's tough out there!

  4. I think that I would dig a typing job, too! I'm pretty quick :)

  5. A couple of things...first you could totally pull of the dancing gig, but it sounds like late hours and the sleeping in thing is probably not going to work out. If you aren't seeking alot of money I would go with number 3. It's a win/win until the kids are older. If you are really feeling crazy, you could open a home daycare....what'da think?

  6. Thanks for hosting! It was fun again. See you next week.


    That that last part...

    I am for staying home, indefinitely if you can... I am a stay at home mom WHO IS NEVER HOME!

    WE calculated it out 15 years ago, how much it would cost us for me to work... and I would have only been bringing home about $800 a month after all the expenses were paid out... Not worth it for me...So... I quit and never looked back... I do my own work from home, with Pampered Chef.

    But... that's just my opinion... whether you asked for it or not...LOL!

    I also say... enjoy our summer with your boys and go after a dream job... But what to I know!!!


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