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This week in honor of Mother's Day I am doing:

5 signs you are a Mother

5. There are children, teens or adults who call you Mom, Mother, Momma and/or Mommy who even on the worst of days you would lay your life on the line to protect them from harm.

4. You have physical Mommy signs such as breasts that have the sad "rock in the sock" syndrome as they lay completely deflated on your stomach, stretch marks that cover your hips, stomach and breasts and you may or may not have the beautiful c-section incision scar where they sliced you hip to hip to yank the baby out! Just file this number under "joys of motherhood" and move on or get plastic surgery!!

3. You no longer possess the ability to use the restroom, take a shower or have sex without curious little ones knocking at the door or just barging in!

2. You no longer are able to have an uninterrupted phone conversation. They can not say one single word to you for hours then as soon as you get on the phone WHAM there they are with THE most important thing in the world to tell you or ask you. Even if you go into a separate room or outside like I do somehow their radar tells them you are on the phone and WHAM thy appear!


You are a..........

spit-up-wearing, diaper-changing, not-showering-for-days, clothes-washing, clothes-ironing, meal-preparing, team-mom, butt-wiping, bath-giving, picture-taking, carpool-driving, shoe-tying, homework-helping, hairstyling, boo boo-fixing, medicine-giving, appointment-scheduling, teeth-brushing, doctor-taking, grocery-shopping, schedule-juggling, PTA meeting-going, school-volunteering, sports-activity-cheering, activity-planning, zoo-going, zit-picking, nose-picking, clothes-buying, Santa/Easter Bunny-impersonating, personality-forming, disciplining, chauffeuring, parent/teacher conference-going, supporting, loving, face-washing, stain-fighting, adult-conversation-craving, worrying, loud-toy-battery-removing, protecting, cartoon-watching, Disney-radio-listening, diaper-bag-carrying, sleep-deprived, weird- objects-in-the-ears/nose-removing.........


BUT you wouldn't change it for the world

well 75% of the time!
Have a great Mother's Day!

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Angela's Adventures


  1. Of course, number one also applies to a great number of us Dads as well. I was overjoyed when I finally had a shirt without spit up epaulets on both shoulders and could leave the house with the Son sans diaper bag. And of course I miss those days terribly.

  2. You are such a creative, funny writer! I love how you tell the truth about what we all go through each day in a playful, funny way :) You're so right about the constant interruptions at inopportune moments. Forget about the phone. That's why I blog and send emails. I hope to play along today once I think of something :)

  3. I liked your list! Happy Mother's day to you too!


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