Thursday, May 07, 2009


This week I am going with prompt #2
Do you want a baby?
Do "I" want a baby?
Obviously YOU are not one of my followers if you even have to ask!!
Sure, do you have an extra girl to give away?
Preferably one that would match my boys with curly hair, brown skin BUT with my blue eyes......irrestibly beautiful that will want to wear cute little dresses everyday, have tea parties, play with dolls and want her nails and hair done nicely with a bow. I would appreciate one that is still a baby BUT sleeps through the night. I would also appreciate a lump sum of money since I would probably go bankrupt buying baby girl clothes. There are so many more girls clothes out there and I don't know if I could stop.
I want a girl soooo bad but I am not willing to chance it. I would need 100% chance of a girl to agree to being cut open again from hip to hip plus there is the small matter of Hubs and his vasectomy!
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  1. I am in the same boat. Mine will NOT reverse his vasectomy either. I want a little caramel skinned blue eyed girl also. Maybe you could have 2 and give me one.......

  2. You sure you want a girl or a doll???? A doll would be cheaper and less painful to get! Haha! I know what you mean though... I fantasized about having a little girl but I'm happy with my boy. But the little girl clothes are so cute and adorable and there are so many choices...and for a boy -- pants and a shirt. : )


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