Friday, May 22, 2009


Time for Writer's Workshop Wednesday!

Yes I am late but I can't sleep b/c my feet hurt so freaking bad and I am using one of Mama Kat's prompts this week to vent!

I choose prompt #3:

List ten things you are currently sick of

  1. Fighting ~ I am so sick of sibling rivalry around here. They are driving me nuts. They know what buttons to push on each other and they purposely poke those buttons......oh let's say about a 100,000,000 times per day.

  2. Elijah has been really angry lately. For no reason he gets mad then cries. What is up with that? It can be the smallest thing and he thinks it is the end of the world. This is not like him AT ALL and I am tired of it. Is this normal seven year old behavior because it just IS. NOT. HIM? If so, how long does it last before I flip out on him?

  3. Plantar faciitis ~ my feet hurt really bad! They say don't go bare foot! Um....they don't know me at all! The second I walk in the door I am barefoot and I have been this way forever. They say don't wear flip flops! Flip flops are the next best thing to being barefoot besides the fact they are my favorite form of footwear. I am supposed to wear tennis shoes with these inserts that really do help but I can't wear tennis shoes with any of my spring or summer attire for fear they will accentuate the cankle look I sport!

  4. The red Tahoe that pulls out in front of me EVERY SINGLE MORNING on my way to Elijah's school. I am pulling in the neighborhood from the main road and I see her sitting on the first neighborhood street waiting to turn. Does she turn while it is clear and I am still sitting on the main road? NO! She waits until I am almost in front of her THEN she pulls out. She has done this every morning for about a month. Do you know how many times I've almost hit her? Too many! It is starting to really tick me off! My truck is bigger than her truck and if my kids weren't with me I think one day I would purposely hit her to teach her a lesson!

  5. The whole taking the kids to school and picking them up from school routine! If it wasn't for the whole educational thing they have going on, I would have more leverage for complaining here. Isaiah gets done at 2pm, Tez at 2:40pm then Elijah at 3:40pm. Not enough time in between to do anything of significance once you count them getting to the car, waiting to get out of the parking lot then driving to the next school BUT TOO LONG to just sit in the car. From the time I leave to get Zay until the time I finally get home, I am in the car 2 hours and 15 minutes!!! I wish I was working and Hubs schedule went back to what it was so I would NOT have to do this!!

  6. Worrying about money since my unemployment

  7. Laundry ~ I don't mind doing laundry but we just have so much of it! Hubs always says, "Wow it is never ending!" I think, "Yep unless we join a nudist colony! You ought to try doing some once in awhile!"

  8. Staying home ~ not going to work, being bored, a serious lack of adult conversation, being tired and sleeping away about 2 days per week (shhh let's not let that get out!), cleaning, errands and did I mention the "pick the kids up from school" routine

  9. I would say rain BUT our new rain diddy worked wonders and it hasn't rained all week!! WOOHOO!!

  10. Cleaning all day then when everyone gets home it is destroyed in milliseconds without a care in the world.......this is where the downfall of my insanity begins and heads are going to roll!

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  1. Omy gosh, I feel you on a few things man!

    The fighting. My girls are 4.5 and almost 2, and although they rarely fight, when they do, its insane! I just want to scream really really loud. Arhh...

    The school routine. Ok, I only have one to take and get from school, but it's so much work lol. I usually give myself only 45 minutes to do everything in the morning, cause I wake up late (since my 3.5 month old doesnt sleep through the night yet!) I have to prepare everyone, put the three kids in their car seats, come back home, do it again later. I better have a great summer body by next month man!

    The stay home part. It's a blessing, but its a tough one to get used to, am I right?

    Great list...


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