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Angela's Adventures

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5 things I wish I would have said NO to ~ volunteering regret
5. I helped with two valentines class parties in a matter of hours. First with a class of three years old who passed out TONS of valentines ONE BY ONE but ONLY ONE child passing them out at a time. Talk about snail speed! Then off to a class of first graders coming in from recess and on a serious sugar high. In total I spent about four hours with almost 40 kids hyped up on excitement and mass quanities of sugar. This is truly not recommended for those close to insanity or those who do not like loud enclosed spaces full of mindless chatter!
3. Being team Mom of our basketball team.....guess who will never volunteer to be a Team Mom EVER again!!
2. The 1st grade field trip to Bounce U ~ the smell of 100 bare feet and "kid sweat" was enough to make me want to gag!
I spent almost 12 straights hours cleaning yesterday. NO my house is not that of a pack rat nor is it filthy. Most of the cleaning was unnoticeable for instance cleaning out inside of cabinets and about a billion other things that you don't do routinely PLUS a ton of routine cleaning!
My feet are killing me!
I have plantar faciitis and no that is not plantars wart but instead some tendon ordeal. The only part I understand completely about the condition is it is extremely painful at times. I am in some major pain that is due to being either barefoot or wearing flip flops that I am not supposed to wear while walking around this house a billion times over the 12 hr cleaning extravaganza. You can not tell a person who loves being barefoot or in flip flops not to do that when I've done it my whole life. It sucks! This is making me seriously regret volunteering for Super Kids Day tomorrow at Elijah's school ~ kind of a miniature track and field kids running wild event. I so don't want to help tomorrow but in my effort to be the "involved parent" I plan on being I get a bad case of "Yes Syndrome"! If asked to volunteer at one of the schools, I become the world's worst liar and can't think of any reason not to volunteer until after I've said Yes! Lord, help me!!
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Angela's Adventures


  1. Plantar Faciitis is not fun. Only time and healing will help. (And for a real thrill, realize that the odds of aggravating it go up with each year older you get.)

  2. You are Super Mommy! Your poor feet. Hope they feel better soon. I would tell you to relax, but when do moms get to really relax anyway :) I guess when we're in "grandma mode". I hope to play along later when I come up with my "five".

  3. i am also the volunteer queen!!!!!
    and also think to myself.......DUH.....why not just say no?!?!?!?!!?
    man i would pay some cash to have somebody clean my house like that!!!!!! {wink,wink}
    have a great weekend!!!!!!

  4. Wow, you are awesome! :)

    I am sure your kids will love the memories of you volunteering. My mom was only able do help out in my classes a handful of times when I was a kid, but I still vividly remember how happy I was...and how proud I have her there.

  5. Hi Angela, I did think of something for High Five today. Glad to play along.

  6. I have the same problem. Hope your day went fast and that your feet don't hurt too much

  7. I put my new link on your Mr. Linky. I didn't even check becuase the URL box filled in automatically so I figured it was doing the work for me....but it filled in the info from the one I did back in April. So I re-did it with the one I did today!

    Oops! Sorry!:)

  8. Oh no! I was looking forward to doing those type of things with my girls once they were in school. I now no longer care to do any of that!

    I hope the pain goes away quickly!

  9. I chaperoned three school trips this year and this past week they were going to the zoo and my son said he wanted to "go without mommy" and I was over the moon with happiness! Chaperoning school trips is NOT FUN AT ALL!!!!!


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