Friday, May 29, 2009


Yep it's that time again and yep I am late again but still joining in!!
Jump on over to see Mama Kat and join in too!
Her story this week is HILARIOUS!
To combat last week's list I am going with this week's
List ten things that make you HAPPY.
  1. Hubs ~ I love his smile! I love watching him with our children! I love that he still likes to smack me on the butt every time I am anywhere near him! Wait.....sometimes that drives me nuts too! I love that he still makes me smile and makes me laugh everyday.....or almost everyday!! ha!
  2. My children ~ they are so handsome, funny, sweet except when the arguing pursues, loving and well behaved or at least well behaved in the public eye even if they aren't at home
  3. My family ~ my family cracks me up
  4. Sarcastic humor
  5. A clean house......a REALLY clean house like after spring cleaning when everything is organized and you can lick the floor.....not like my house is now in order to clarify! All donations will be accepted for maid service or if you have a maid and your house is clean I can handle airport pickup service to get HER TO MY HOUSE......COME ON PEOPLE help a girl out here!
  6. laughing children ~ I love a true uncontrollable belly laugh! THAT is music to my ears!
  7. driving really fast alone with the radio up full blast then singing at the top of my lungs ~ I am a rock star ya'll!! Oops maybe I should have said~ I am a rock star yo!
  8. pedicures and manicures ~ hey I don't want to saw that crap off my feet and I enjoy someone pampering me for a change! Nails ~ I haven't had nails on in FOR.EV.ER! Love 'em but don't have them right now! "Why do you love them?", you ask. Because my fingers resemble vienna sausages without them!
  9. Blogging, photography and scrapbooking ~ it is free therapy.....well the blogging is at least! Since my scrapbooking hobby could break a bank! I can say whatever I want on my blog plus it is easy to record things for the kids this way! I love taking pictures and putting them together in a fun way! I LOVE LOVE looking at the scrapbooks I have done already......although there aren't many!
  10. George Strait ~ did you guys watch that deal last night? I don't know how old he is but he is still sexy in those tight jeans and cowboy hat. He oozes sexy!


  1. great list! you sound so happy and upbeat!

  2. He oozes sexy huh? ha! I've never even heard of him...

  3. I'm sorry- did she just say she's never heard of George Strait???? Oh my goodness! He is so darn sexy, and he's been around for decades! The man is just!


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