Friday, May 29, 2009


We have officially attended our very first dance recital. A couple of weeks ago we went to Quinlynne's dance recital. Somehow Shan conveniently left out the fact that Mayfest was on the same street as the PAC.
I had ONE DOLLAR in cash and short of walking miles with two little boys I needed to pay to park. Luckily a lady parked near the PAC was leaving and I inserted my ONE dollar into the FIVE dollar slot hoping they had not emptied her money yet and praying I would NOT get towed. Due to the parking dilemma we were late and couldn't find Shan and the rest of Q's fan club. It was so dark in the theatre and the ushers were rude and worthless. I could go on and on about the ushers; however, I will save you from that rant. The good news is parents left after their children performed so after moving from the nose bleed section then three more times we ended up on the VERY front row when Q performed her little heart out! She was so darn cute!! I happened to take just a few pics (imagine that right!!) even though the lighting was horrible (like all theaters) for photography BUT you all know I edited and tried to make them better.
She is just so cute!
I am not biased of my future daughter-in-law at all I tell you!!
Afterwards we tried to take of pic of IQ and Elijah but just like every other attempt I got:
I think it is impossible for the three of them to...
hold still.....
hold still.....
look at the camera......
hold still......
Still cute though!
Then with some magical editing I came up with this little diddy that I love

Aren't they the cutest!!!

Shan we are going to have some beautiful grand babies to torture these two!!!

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  1. Our children are just so darn photogenic & beautiful! I'm not biased in the least- just stating fact! These pics are great, Angie! Also- thanks for coming to her recital! I'm gonna need some copies of the pics you took!


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