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Christy at LIVE and Learn was kind enough to pass on the Noblesse Oblige award to me a few weeks ago and YES I am just now getting to it!
Thank you so much Christy!

Here it is:

So pretty!

Recipients of this award are supposed to share some achievements of their blog then share with five other bloggers!

Wow achievements, huh?

Do I have any?

I don't know if I have achieved much besides keeping stories about the children for memory sake, taking and posting tons of pics and making people laugh. I love to make people laugh! I think laughter is so so important to life! I also believe it is much easier for people to laugh at me when I tell stories in person rather than in my writing. I don't know if anything I have done on the blog has been an achievement BUT I do know I have "met" some wonderful people many of which are much like myself. Who knew, right! It is so nice to know so many others out there deal with the same issues and yet I have learned so much more from the others out there in blogland with issues far worse than my own. I have learned to appreciate my life more even when new problems arise. I see the funny side of our life and bring it to you the readers. I am shocked that 62 people read what I have to say and keep coming back for more.

Thank YOU for all of your kind but honest comments!

Thank YOU for making my life seem "normal"!

It is nice to know that most of us Moms, Wives and Bloggers are alike in more ways than we realize!

It is a small world after all!

Now to pass it on to five people:

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Thanks again Christy!


Dani over at Dani's Daily Drop sent me award about a month ago and as with everything else I am just now catching up!! Thank you so much Dani! I truly appreciate it!! Being an award winning author and all......ahem.....I try to keep a low profile and awards ceremony don't allow this with the red carpet events and all so I avoid them at all cost besides the whole dress finding fiasco sends a whirlwind of depression!! I have managed to keep the papparazi away from my life unlike others Jon and Kate no names mentioned!! Luckily, I am able to go to the grocery store and all of our outings without a problem which is NOT surprising with my status!! Oh how I crack myself at the thought of ME being that popular EVER!!

This award is called "Premios Dardo" which roughly translates to "Top Dart". The award acknowledges the values that every blogger shows in his or her effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values every day. Really, me?? The rules are to accept it, link back to the one who awarded you, award it to 15 others who are worthy to receive it, then let them know.

All I have to say is 15....WOW!!

Let me see.......

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Wow that was harder than I thought!!

Thanks Dani!


Life has been so busy around here since well it is always busy but I haven't been able to blog consistently since May and I am going nuts!! Here I am with a goal to catch up on things mainly because this allows me to stay in my room where it is cooler and away from Moose who is driving me absolutely NUTS!!

First of all, I would like to thank Kristen for our beautiful necklaces.

Kristen from La Dolce Vita makes necklaces and sells them at Kristen's Custom Creations. I originally planned to see if she could customize a necklace for me then ended up buying necklaces for my Mom, sister and two sister-in-laws for Mother's Day. I love them!! Kristen was so helpful, patient and fast once I finalized my order. Thank you so much!
First I wanted one that said, "I love you more than all the stars in the sky!" Kristen experimented and kept in contact until I had what I wanted! Love her! So my Mom and I got this:

This is what Elijah says to me almost every morning when he would get out of the car for school. I love it!! She experimented and now it is part of her collection. I added the boys birthstones to mine. LOVE IT!! Did I mention I love it?!?! I get tons of compliments on it......well if and when I end up leaving the house nowadays!!!

Then I got this for my sister-in-law Karen who really is more like my sister since I have known her since I was...............I think 6. She is also a great friend to me who probably regrets all my LONG winded phone calls because I feel like I can tell her anything.

Then I got this one for my sister Lisa and sister-in-law Carolee. I had her take the name charm off and add the birthstones of their children. They have them on all the time and get many compliments!

Sorry it took me so long to post this Kristen but I truly appreciate all your help, patience and hard work. We love our necklaces and I am spreading the word!!

By clicking on the necklace photos, you will go directly to that necklace in her etsy shop. Go there, look around and surely you will fall in love with something you just have to have or email her for a custom creation!!!


Angela's Adventures

Time for Friday High Five!

Come join in the fun....please!Make a list of 5 things ~ ANY five things you want! 5 favorite things, Top 5 Vacation spots, 5 most embarrassing moments, 5 favorite pics, 5 reasons to not pick your nose......A LIST OF ANYTHING YOU WANT IT TO BE!
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Have fun!

For Father's Day we went to the Father's Day Car Show and Family Picnic that we first visited last year. I'll post about that later! While waiting for almost an hour on bleachers in over 100 degree heat for the hydrolics bounce contest to begin these are

5 Funny things said at a hydrolics bounce contest

5. The contest was supposed to start at 3pm. Everyone went to sit down or stand along the fence at 2:30pm to get a good spot.
3 o'clock rolled around.....nothing.
3:05 rolled around......nothing
Sweat rolled down my back, the kids constant complaints of being hot pierced my ears and I was already sweating in places "ladies" just don't sweat so needless to say we were all a little antsie and ready to go!!
3:15 came and still......nothing
Lone old white man sitting behind me and over one seat says, "They need to start this already! It was supposed to start awhile ago! What time is it?"

Funny African American girl behind me says, "Oh honey it is only 3:15! You obviously haven't been to an event run by black folk around here because this won't start until at least 3:30 if not 4 o'clock!!"

This was HILARIOUS TO ME especially if you know my in-laws AT ALL!! Sure enough the contest started at 3:35pm!!

4. Girl in the front row hollers as a car pulls into the cage, "Dat my baby daddy! Ooooo yea lets show them how to bounce baby. Let's go Jessie!" I truly believed this to be the truth! This particular car put on quite a disappointing show and I felt bad for her. She then says, "Oh dat not my baby daddy! My babies ain't ridin' in dat car! I need a ride home!" Then several cars later she says, "Oh here comes my baby daddy! Let's go Jessie! This car has some hops now baby!" Noticing this is a totally different driver and owner, I lean forward and say, "How many baby daddy's do you have and are they all named Jessie?" NOW DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME SINCE IT COULD BE OFFENSIVE AND GET YOU KILLED! Ha I'm exaggerated but you could easily get pummeled!! I was the lone white non-ghettofied girl on the bleachers and this could have been dangerous but luckily she knew I was kidding since we had been joking around and she laughed hysterically.

3. Funny African-American girl behind me says, "Man we all gonna be black as midnight when get outta here! This sun is hot!" My thought, "Yes the sun is always hot!" I said, "Well no not entirely true! I will not be black as midnight but instead I will be tomato red!" She laughs and says, "Now that's true honey! This is the one time it sucks to be white, huh?!" SO SO SO TRUE!! Tomato red was an huge understatement. The next day I was so red I was almost purple. Just call me Barney!! Oh the joys of being caucasian!!

2. Lone old white man starts to talk about sunburn relief. He tells me I should soak in vinegar then I don't remember anything after "soak in vinegar". Supposedly it takes the sting out of the burn but I will just trust that method since I cannot stand the smell of vinegar especially if it oozed from my pores!!
Anyhow he goes on and on about sunburn relief then tells funny African-American girl behind me to try it sometime to which she responds with, "Honey, black folk don't burn they just get blacker!" His reply, "Really?"

Funny front row girl from #5 gets in an argument with her real life baby daddy. After he walks off, she said, "I'll slap him Momma I swear I will!" I said trying to lighten the situation and be funny, "Well I am closer if you want me to accidentally swing my arm towards his face!" She says, "Yea that would be great! Wouldya?" I said, "Well would he hit me back!" She said, "Well only once since your husband is here!"
Yea alright I am going to go with no and I was just kidding!
Once is too much for me!!
I had to add another #1!
A gentleman and his wife about our age are standing in the shade watching people and cars drive up to the cages when the gentlemen says, "Wow did I look this stupid when I dressed up to go out to places? I thought I really looked good back then. These people look like idiots. You know they are sweatin' but at least they "think" they look good! These folks need mirrors! I am glad I don't dress to "impress" anymore because now I look much better!"
We all just laughed then made fun of various outfits until we had to go sit on the bleachers!!
Angela's Adventures

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As I told you last Friday, we spent a week at my parents' house. Housesitting, dogsitting and babysitting the baby girls' my Mother babysits while they went on an anniversary trip. Upon arrival last Monday night, I went to put our bag in my parents' room to find this strategically placed on my Father's pillow

Now I don't know what is more disturbing

  1. that my Father actually owns these underwear

  2. that he is considered a "sex instructor"

  3. that he "gives lessons"

  4. that his underwear took up about 3/4 the size of the pillow

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We got to watch Addison a few weeks ago. She is so stinkin' adorable it is sickening. It is hard to believe that this happy little girl is crawling now!!

Elijah was meeting up with some kids from the fooball team to play football so we all went. They played in the field by the splash pad and park that we frequent. I took Isaiah and Addison to the park to play for awhile. Addison got to swing for the very first time and SHE LOVED IT!! It was hilarious! Of course I had the camera in tow for her smiles and laughter so I just thought I would share!!! Imagine that, right!!

Isn't she cute!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Time once again for MamaKat's Writer's Workshop Wednesday and I picked a few prompts for this week.....

1.) Interview a child.(inspired by Quilao Triplets)

I had to do this one since I had so much fun interviewing them about me!! It was hilarious!! I didn't get as many funny answers on this one but it was still fun!

Answered by Elijah age 7:

Daddy is 35 years old. (buzzer sounding he is 33!)

His eyes are brown.

His favorite food is bananas oh and he loves peanut butter and jelly!! (So true although I would've gone with chicken!)

He's stronger than an elephant

His job is I don't know to work

He's really good at playing football on the playstation (funny since he doesn't play that much) oh and uh he is really good at buying ugly cars (this is hilarious to me since I hate the junkheaps he brings home to restore!) .....oh and driving! (NOTE: I TOTALLY DISAGREE WITH THIS ~ HE IS A HORRIBLE DRIVER!!)

What is Daddy not very good at? cooking (Very true but I would like to add ~ DRIVING!)

I love my daddy because he is my Dad and he likes to be my coach when I play sports and he taught me how to ride my BIG bike that I thought I would never be able to ride because it is SO big!!

What makes Daddy happy? me listening

How does Daddy make you laugh? tickling me

How tall is Daddy? 300 feet

What is Daddy's shoe size? uh I don't know......size that right? Quit typing everything I say!....Am I close?.....ugh quit (NO!)

What is Daddy's favorite thing to do? sleep, eat, talk on the phone and watch football

How are you and Daddy alike? We have brown eyes

How are you and Daddy different? He is black and I am brown

How do you know Daddy loves you? Cause he's my Dad

Answered by Isaiah age 4:

I shortened his significantly due to the amount of anxiety during the whole Mommy interview I didn't think he could handle much more!!

Daddy is 33 years old!! (Dingdingdingdingding ~ correct baby boy!)

His eyes are hoad on so I can go wook...........they are brown. (form of cheating but I will let it slide)

His favorite food "panatates" (pancakes)

He's stronger than me.

His job is to work and make money!!

He's really good at working, doing exercise and taking me everywhere!

What is Daddy not good at? he's not dood at dwiving (RIGHT ON!)

I love my Daddy because Daddy took me to the doctor when I was sick one time (one time is right!!)

How do you know Daddy loves you? Betuz I always say, "I wuv you buncha bunches!" and he always says, "I love you too son!" and he gets me baby donuts on Sundays

How tall is Daddy? let me show you! He hops off my bed then places one hand on the floor and stretches the other arm as high as he can basically the span of his little four year old arms. I said, "Wow that tall?" He replies with, "Yea I know he is weally tall. Taller than us and taller than you!" (I don't think Hubs and "really tall" have even been used in the same sentence before.....bwahahahaha!!)

2.) How do you stave off boredom?(inspired by Jenn's Pen)

computers, dvr, cleaning and small children who limit time with the first two until they fall asleep!!

4.) Describe a memorable interview or talk about your experience trying to find a job amidst this recession.(inspired by Lacey)

Wow I've been wanting to blog about this! I went to apply for a job a couple of weeks ago and couldn't get into the door of the building. I went back to my truck to look at the hours and couldn't figure out why I couldn't open the door. Back to the door where there are no buttons, no intercoms when a strange man comes to the door asking what I needed. I replied, "I am here to apply for a job!" He then lets me in and leads me through a dark room full of dining room tables nicely arranged and beautiful couches along the perimeter. He then took me down several flights of stairs. The building was completely dark aside from a few sconces and very very quiet besides the loud clangs of my heels on the hollow stairs. At this point, I thought he was going to murder me and I was thankful at least my sister-in-law would know where I was since I had to call her to mapquest the address since I forgot my GPS at home. At this point I begin to hear some distant rambling and some hollering but at least I knew I wasn't alone. He then leads me through another darkened room then through a glass door down a hall to another door with a piece of paper taped to it reading, "Human Resources"......classy I know! The lady at the desk promptly says, "How did you get in here?" My reply, "The door........" at which point she cuts me off with "all the doors are locked!" I said, "A man brought me down here. Am I not supposed to be here? The ad read "apply in person"!" She then hands me an application and leads me to a dimly lit room with just a table and chair. I wanted to run back up the stairs and leave right that second. Alas, I need a job so I did not plus they would hear the clanging of my heels. The application was about 10 pages long with a full page front and back asking if I possessed the ability to speak in tongues and if I was "fluent". I don't believe in that (not trying to offend anyone who is I just grew up in a church that did not speak in tongues). First of all, I didn't realize one could be "fluent" in tongues. Seriously, if someone is speaking in tongues I didn't think anyone could understand them let alone interpret or translate. I thought it was more of a "moving of the spirit" rather than an actual language. Secondly, isn't it discrimination to ask religious belief questions on an application! I guess maybe if I was declined the job because of my inability to be "fluent in tongues" then that could be discrimination. Not worried though since I don't want this job! Long story short..........the job is low paying and I would be sitting in a cave for eight hours a day FILING!! I HATE FILING!! She kept going on and on and on and on about the filing portion and how difficult the filing would be. I hate filing but it is not difficult as long as you know the alphabet. She kept going back to the difficult filing and all I could figure is maybe they write in tongues there and so I would have to file in tongues therefore possessing the need to be fluent. Again, I really know nothing of speaking in tongues but I am almost sure you can't write in tongues BUT I could be wrong. It has happened once before! Anyway I kept thinking do I need to read tongues so I can file in tongues because even though I hate filing it is one of the most basic office duties! The lady basically said I was over qualified (thanks!). My fear is she REALLY LIKED me and interviewed me for over an hour. She really was down to earth and sweet. With my luck THIS will be the job I am offered!! I found out the decorative first room was actually a television set used for television ministry and the people hollering were actually praying in tongues on the prayer hotline.....who knew?!?!
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Angela's Adventures

Time for Friday High Five!

Come join in the fun....please!Make a list of 5 things ~ ANY five things you want! 5 favorite things, Top 5 Vacation spots, 5 most embarrassing moments, 5 favorite pics, 5 reasons to not pick your nose......A LIST OF ANYTHING YOU WANT IT TO BE!
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Sounds complicated but it isn't too bad!
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Have fun!

I have been missing in action! My parents are out of town for their anniversary THEN my Dad is ill and they haven't been able to make it back. They are useless to modern technology and therefore they do not own a computer. Then is my first time on in what seems like forever but I only have a few moments before I have to leave so here we go:

5 Reasons I am ready for this week to be over!!!

5. My parents are out of town.....wait I already told you that! I am dogsitting for 5 baby Chihuahuas that my children are absolutely obsessed with but I hate that the dogs pee in the grass but poop on the patio.

4. The boys are driving me nuts since it has been extremely hot this week and they can't play on the patio due to the poop and they don't have friends in my Mom's neighborhood. Two cooped up boys leads to insanity!!

3. The main reason we have to actually stay at my parents' house is because I am also watching the babies that she watches everyday. One gets there at 6:45am and rather than have the boys up and ready AND to their house by 6:30am I decided not to wake them and just sleep at my parents' house. I thought dirty diapers, crying, napping, bottlefeeding, baby food feeding that smells like puke in a jar days were over. NOPE! It is hard to get used to again!

2. As soon as the babies are gone we have to leave to go to our house. We take care of our dogs and grab whatever else we need for the next day then load up to go to swimming lessons. THEN go back to my Mom's eat dinner then take baths and do the whole bedtime routine!! I am so worn out!


The number one reason I am ready for this week to end is......


Taking care of kids all day, making sure my children don't kill the dogs, running errands afterwards, running home, going to swimming lessons, going back to my parents, eating then the whole night routine is tiring but the worst part is....


They have one of those sleep number beds and it really is uncomfortable especially if a certain 4 yr old crawls in PLUS the side I am sleeping on has a leak. Even though I found a semi comfortable sleep number of 45 it is deflated to a 10 and I am on a board by morning. I keep thinking "this" will be the last night but my Dad isn't feeling any better and they keep adding nights. I decided tonight I am just going to have to sleep in another bed or one of the recliners. I just want my Mommy home so I can go home!! OH and they don't have is hard to realize you can't rewind or pause a tv show!! hahaha!

Angela's Adventures

Friday, June 12, 2009


Friday High Five will be up later this evening for anyone wanting to participate. I am leaving now for Missouri for the day to see my Grandmother who just got out of spending a month in a hospital and rehab facility for a broken pelvis. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Elijah is a nature boy!

He is always catching moths, butterflies, ladybugs, roly polies and frogs basically if it crawls, jumps, flies or hops and it is supposed to live outside, it ends up in his hands and into our home!

I hate fully support his love of all things nature even when he is uprooting the ugly railroad ties beautiful edging surrounding my flower beds in search of bugs to kill by taking them out of their natural habitat keep in one of his many bug houses!
One thing you can count on with Elijah is IF he isn't searching through dirt or bushes for random creatures then he is in a tree somewhere!!
Once spring starts this boy is outside more than he is inside. He catches hundreds of frogs insisting to keep each one. I totally manipulate the situation remind him that Steve Irwin would want him to release the creatures back into the wild and after quite an argument by him that this one will live he usually gives in.

He even trains them to do the ever elusive hop over my hand trick which coincidentally frogs are quick to learn after a little nudge on the rear!!

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I NEVER thought I would see the day when Hubs would willingly cook!!

He is a PBJ maker extraordinaire,

a professional nuker

and an "I burned the hot dogs on purpose" eater.

He has cooked two "meals" in our 8 1/2 years together neither of which was edible. One meal was...well it was supposed to be 'lil smokies; however, we had a lack of BBQ sauce so he just cooked them in water with some ketchup. *gag*gag* Bad is putting it nicely. One other time I was sick and he brought me breakfast in bed. I thought it was the sweetest thing ever so I have kept it a secret from him to this day that I had to flush the breakfast down our toilet to keep from barfing. I love pancakes and could eat them daily but his homemade pancakes can't even be called pancakes but rubber circles. He still doesn't know so let's not tell him because it was a very sweet gesture. I am thankful that it never repeated though!

Sunday night of Memorial Day weekend Chai stopped by and wanted to cook out with us. We made hot dogs and hamburgers when low and behold I eye Hubs.......

.....slicing a potato to make fried potatoes!


I think I may have been in shock for a moment or two
THEN I grabbed the camera!!

They were pretty good considering he NEVER EVER cooks besides the fact it was totally HOT that he was cooking!!

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After the splash pad, we came home to make alphabet crayons. I had seen them on many different blogs but finally found the molds on Let's Explore. I had bought the Letter Ice silicone molds aka alphabet ice cube trays MONTHS earlier with the intention of making them but I completely forgot. Now I see they also offer number molds and ideas for other uses for the molds. Guess I will be trying them too! After cleaning out Elijah's back pack the night before and organizing the left over school supplies I realized they have a ton of broken crayons.

What do you do with broken crayons?

Throw them away, right?


You make alphabet crayons!!

The night before we all sat on Elijah's bedroom floor and peeled the paper off of all the crayons. That part is the most tedious. I have a suggestion ~ once a crayon breaks peel the paper off and save them in a bowl or jar for later use that way you aren't spending tons of time peeling the paper off of tons of broken crayons at once!!
First you stick the broken crayons (NOTE: Do NOT use washable crayons!) into the Letter Ice silicone molds. We decided to make them multi-colored and just stuck random broken crayons into the molds breaking them if needed to fit properly.
Place the molds onto a cookie sheet and put them in the oven at 275 degrees.
The instructions say for 20 minutes but I did it for just 15 because of the nagging children and the crayons came out fine. I also ended up lowering the temperature a bit after several batches and they turned out fine too. It said to let them cool in the oven if you are doing the multi colored crayons so the colors won't mix and turn brown BUT again the nagging children would've sent me off running to the funny farm SO we just took them out VERY CAREFULLY and placed them in the refrigerator for about 10-15 minutes. Don't leave them in the refrigerator or freezer too long or they break easier during the take out process.
Finally the moment came and the crayons were removed!

Aren't they cool!!

Some of the letters were harder than others to remove without breaking. They do not stick at all but some are harder than others to get out of the grooves. It gets a little easier with each batch but some letters were impossible for ME. For instance, in about six batches of the complete alphabet (I said we had TONS of broken crayons!) I only managed to get one N, one S, no M and no H. Oh well we had plenty of other letters!!

What do you do with alphabet crayons?

Color with them like any other crayon

Display them in their room spelling out their name


use them as a little add on gift at a birthday party like we did when Elijah went to a birthday party the next day. We spelled out his friends' name and wrapped them separately. His friend thought they were cool and they thought I was crafty ~ win win if you ask me!!!

Needless to say we have tons of alphabet crayons now!

We sent some to his friend. Some went home with Avani. The rest I put in a jar so they don't get broke all at once and they look very colorful in the jar on their dresser until they use them all! I will probably give them away at parties too. They wanted to display their name on a shelf BUT since both the boys' have an "H" in their name and we broke every singe "H" this wasn't happening. Maybe next time!!


The day after school ended we went to a park with a splash pad. It was hot and I thought this would be a great idea to get even more sunburnt!!
Genius I know, right!!
My plan worked since I am still peeling.....great for my skin I know!!
Anyhow my friend Heather came with her two boys, Tucker and Maddox, so we could have adult conversations!! Woohoo love it!!

So where were my children and Avani.......
first they were on the playground,
the splash pad for two seconds,
in my face complaining because the water was apparently so cold,
the creek,
the playground,
back to the splash pad for ten seconds then back in my face complaining about the cold water

laying on a towel on the basketball court to catch some rays to keep them warm.
Chai showed up and Avani took her sunglasses. This pic cracks me up everytime I look at it b/c Avani's hair has a Tina Turner look!!
Needless to say my children were not their normal social butterfly-selves leaving Tucker in the splash pad that he loved!!
Maddox laid around then fell asleep! He is too cute!!


I went to a picnic with over 500 children!!
Just the idea made me think what you are probably thinking.....
I took Isaiah along for Elijah's end of school all school picnic. We took McD's to Elijah. Elijah didn't seem too interested in sitting with me at the picnic so I actually ate with some of the other abandoned Mothers!! I took Zay knowing some of his little friends were going to be there also. Zay ran off and when I went to find him I found this:

Elijah was leading Isaiah around the playground.
I thought I was going to cry!
I know they are VERY close but I also know that they have been fighting like crazy lately so this image warmed my heart. This is the best shot that I got since they were moving and I was trying to get closer. The picture I wanted didn't turn out but they were walking with Elijah's arm around Zay's shoulder and Zay's arm around Elijah's waist. It would've been an awesome pic but alas most of them were not in focus! ugh! I told Elijah I would keep an eye on Zay since this was the last time he would see some of his friends for a few months. He would run off and play then always come back to play with Zay who was happy as a clam! Aw they really do love each other!!
We were there for about two hours. It was cloudy but a very nice day ~ not too hot, good gusts of wind and yet sunny enough for ME TO GET SUNBURNT!! Ah the joys of being caucasian!!
It was really hard to get pics of Elijah with his friends' since they were among the over 500 children running wild but I did manage to get ONE..
I really had a great time but of course that could be b/c I had actual adult conversation!! I love talking with the other Moms!! Since they weren't doing any actual learning this day I checked Elijah and Avani out of school when I left then took the three of them to the park to play until it was time to pick Tez up from school. They loved this idea!
Avani and Elijah with their "The Thinker" fire power impression from Night at the Museum 2!

Elijah, Avani and Isaiah ~ aren't they a cute bunch!!
Avani ended up spending the night that night..... do I get myself into these things!!


I entered this giveaway in April!
I never expect to win because I never won anything until blogger came into my life!
I WON!!!
I did not realize I had won then I sent my mailing address to an invalid email address. Then when I turned my address into the correct email address it was a day late so I thought I wouldn't get my prize!
I received the book the end of last week!
This is an AWESOME book and it is huge!
The boys absolutely love it!
It is hard cover with sturdy pages chuck FULL of dinotastic information!
I would highly recommend this book if your kids' are dino lovers like mine!!

Thanks Momdot!


I've known since the day I laid eyes on him that he is amazing!

To his flipping around action in my belly during surgery while I was six months pregnant to his 82 yard touchdown


My theory of his amazingness (yes I know that is not an actual word) was proven during his school awards ceremony. Although I am proud of all his educational awards, the award I am most proud of is...

....his Citizenship Certificate because it honors his character and my skills as a parent or so I like to think!!

The Citizenship Certificate is given to the cream of the crop in recognition of exemplary behavior and valuable services rendered to the staff and classmates both in and ouside of class WITHOUT having to be told to do so.


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Joshua, Mikala's husband.............
ok wait.....
Mikala is my niece. Mikala is married to Josh. Now does this make Josh my nephew-in-law which sounds wierd to me or is he just my nephew????
One of those "things that make me go hmmm......".......are you singing?
Josh graduated and they have accepted a position in Indiana so they are moving. I have mixed emotions! Sad they will be further away especially since I see children in the not so distant future. Happy they found a position. Most of all I am PROUD they have the courage and faith to move oh so far away to begin the next chapter of their lives together.

Memorial Day weekend we went to Josh's ordination ceremony here in town.
This is my brother Curt, Mikala, Josh and my sister-in-law Karen.
It's funny to me when I refer to Karen while typing I always naturally type "sister" then I realize you might think my brother and sister are married SO I quickly fix that so the blogging world doesn't get confused ~ I laugh every time!!

The cake was awesome! It had Philippians 3:7-11 written in icing! Way cool and probably extremely tedious to do!!

Congrats Josh and take care of my girl!!
Wait....he doesn't even read this!
Oh well!
Love you guys!


Oh blogger and all my bloggy friends......I'VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!
The kids have officially been out of school for almost two weeks and I am going nuts!!
The last two weeks of school were crazy with activities plus my Dad's bday and Zay's bday plus friends' birthday parties scattered here and there. I haven't had much blogging time until now. Actually I should be cleaning or doing something productive around the house but I'M NOT!! Blogging is productive, right? RIGHT!!
Stay tuned many posts to follow!!!

Thursday, June 04, 2009


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Time for Friday High Five!

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