Thursday, June 18, 2009


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I have been missing in action! My parents are out of town for their anniversary THEN my Dad is ill and they haven't been able to make it back. They are useless to modern technology and therefore they do not own a computer. Then is my first time on in what seems like forever but I only have a few moments before I have to leave so here we go:

5 Reasons I am ready for this week to be over!!!

5. My parents are out of town.....wait I already told you that! I am dogsitting for 5 baby Chihuahuas that my children are absolutely obsessed with but I hate that the dogs pee in the grass but poop on the patio.

4. The boys are driving me nuts since it has been extremely hot this week and they can't play on the patio due to the poop and they don't have friends in my Mom's neighborhood. Two cooped up boys leads to insanity!!

3. The main reason we have to actually stay at my parents' house is because I am also watching the babies that she watches everyday. One gets there at 6:45am and rather than have the boys up and ready AND to their house by 6:30am I decided not to wake them and just sleep at my parents' house. I thought dirty diapers, crying, napping, bottlefeeding, baby food feeding that smells like puke in a jar days were over. NOPE! It is hard to get used to again!

2. As soon as the babies are gone we have to leave to go to our house. We take care of our dogs and grab whatever else we need for the next day then load up to go to swimming lessons. THEN go back to my Mom's eat dinner then take baths and do the whole bedtime routine!! I am so worn out!


The number one reason I am ready for this week to end is......


Taking care of kids all day, making sure my children don't kill the dogs, running errands afterwards, running home, going to swimming lessons, going back to my parents, eating then the whole night routine is tiring but the worst part is....


They have one of those sleep number beds and it really is uncomfortable especially if a certain 4 yr old crawls in PLUS the side I am sleeping on has a leak. Even though I found a semi comfortable sleep number of 45 it is deflated to a 10 and I am on a board by morning. I keep thinking "this" will be the last night but my Dad isn't feeling any better and they keep adding nights. I decided tonight I am just going to have to sleep in another bed or one of the recliners. I just want my Mommy home so I can go home!! OH and they don't have is hard to realize you can't rewind or pause a tv show!! hahaha!

Angela's Adventures


  1. Good luck and I hope your dad is well soon (and you can get back to the routine)

  2. You are so busy! I don't know how you have the energy to get all that done. Hope you get rest soon:) I pray that your dad feels better very soon. I'm playing along today.

  3. This just sounds awful!!! I can't even tell you how glad I am this week is over for you! Your parents owe you big time!

  4. Stopping by from the link a thon, hello. I think everyone had a rough week last week. Im so happy to be moving into a new one. I do have to agree that your parents owe you.



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