Thursday, June 11, 2009


Elijah is a nature boy!

He is always catching moths, butterflies, ladybugs, roly polies and frogs basically if it crawls, jumps, flies or hops and it is supposed to live outside, it ends up in his hands and into our home!

I hate fully support his love of all things nature even when he is uprooting the ugly railroad ties beautiful edging surrounding my flower beds in search of bugs to kill by taking them out of their natural habitat keep in one of his many bug houses!
One thing you can count on with Elijah is IF he isn't searching through dirt or bushes for random creatures then he is in a tree somewhere!!
Once spring starts this boy is outside more than he is inside. He catches hundreds of frogs insisting to keep each one. I totally manipulate the situation remind him that Steve Irwin would want him to release the creatures back into the wild and after quite an argument by him that this one will live he usually gives in.

He even trains them to do the ever elusive hop over my hand trick which coincidentally frogs are quick to learn after a little nudge on the rear!!

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  1. My son is not yet into bugs and frogs. He likes to look at them, but not pick them up...but i know he will before long and I'll be all grossed out too.

    I love your blog. The design is awesome!

  2. Maybe he will be a biologist when he grows up. My brother-in-law was always catching bugs, and animals and he is now a it isn't all bad! Great pictures of him and the frog!

  3. Your cross-outs were hilarious to read!! This reminds me of the time we mail-ordered tadpoles for the boys nature habitat and my son added tap water to the tube and shook the poor tadpole to death! We had him for maybe 30 mins! He was soooooo sad...sniff, sniff.


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