Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Well because of his new obsession, bugs, Elijah got a bug house for Easter. He has about twenty rolie polies and six caterpillars. Saturday he started yelling at me to come in his room because there was a fuzzy white thing growing on one of the leaves. I told him it was a cocoon and he was excited about the upcoming butterfly even though with our luck it will be a moth. I told him we needed to look on the internet to see if we needed to do anything special for the cocoon and his reply was "Yea we need to go to bug.com". Isn't that cute! He thinks you just type in whatever you want then "dot com". Anyway we searched the internet to no avail and found absolutely nothing about what to do just how to identify your caterpillar. So we went out to eat and when we returned the second caterpillar was starting to make his cocoon. It was very exciting for us so we filmed it. He called it "never before seen rare footage". I told him Animal Planet would love it which I never should've said because now he wants to go there with the video. It was very interesting we could actually see him making the cocoon! I eventually went cross-eyed and got tired of the 25 minute "exciting" footage so we stopped. I told my mom we taped it for two hours and she can't wait to watch the intriguing dvd I am preparing for her! Payback! Well we now have three cocoons and no idea what if anything we need to do with them and how long before they turn into a moth or butterfly but you all know I'll let you know unless Mommy gets tired of hearing about it!!!

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